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Ranulf I d'Auvergne, Comte de Poitiers Duc d'Aquitaine MP (820 - 866)

"Rainulf", "Rainulphe", "Rannoux", "Rannulf", "Ramnulf", "Ranulph", "and Ranulph"

Ranulf I (also Ramnulf, Rannulf, and Ranulph; 820 – 866) was a Count of Poitiers (from 835) and Duke of Aquitaine (from 852). Ranulf is generally considered to have been the son of Gerard, Count of A...

6/3/2007 3/30/2011

Ranulf II, duc d'Aquitaine MP (c.855 - 890)

"Rainulf", "Rainulphe", "Rannoux", "Rannulf", "Ramnulf", "Ranulph", "and Ranulph"

Ranulf II (also spelled Rannoux, Rannulf, Ramnulf, and Ranulph; 850 – 5 August 890) was Count of Poitou from 866 and Duke of Aquitaine from 887 . On the death of Charles the Fat in 888, he styled himse...

6/3/2007 11/15/2010

Émilienne of Poitou MP (c.879 - c.935)

"Emilienne", "Emilianne", "Emiliana", "Emillane"

Emilienne married Ebles "Manzer" de Poitiers, but her parentage is not known or documented. Ebles was NOT married to a daughter of Edward 'the Elder' of England. Sources and Resources Ebl...

6/3/2007 11/15/2010

Adèle of Normandy MP (c.897 - 962)

"Geirlaug", "Adèle", "Gerlot", "Gerloc", "Gerlatta", "Gerlotta", "Gerlaug", "Adele (Gerloc) \\of Normandie\\", "of Normandy", "Gerloc of /Normandy/", "Adele /De Normandy/", "Gerloc (or Geirlaug)", "baptised in Rouen as Adela (or Adèle)", "Of Normandy /Adele/", "Princess of", "Adela ..."

Gerloc Adela Hrólfsdóttir de Normandie (c.897 - 962) was the daughter of Gange-Hrolfr 'Rollo' & Poppa De Valois. Her original name was Geirlaug or Gerloc, but she was baptised in Rouen as Adela (...

6/3/2007 11/15/2010

Ebles II Manzer, duc d'Aquitaine MP (c.872 - 935)

"Ebalus", "Eble", "Ebles", "le Bâtard", "the Bastard", "Bekart", "Mamser", "Mancer", "Manzer", "Manser", "Ebles Manzer or Manser", "van Aquitanie"

Ebles did NOT marry Eldgifa, an English princess [if anyone has proof to the contrary, please post.] Eble Mancer, Comte de Poitou, Duc d'Aquitaine Married: 1. Aremburgis (Erembourge), no children...

6/3/2007 11/15/2010

Engelberge de Provence MP (c.877 - c.917)

Engelberge de Provence daughter of King Boson of Provence & his second wife Ermengardis d'Italia betrothed to Carloman King of the West Franks married to Guillaume I "le Pieux" Duc d'Aquitaine ...

8/5/2007 10/13/2010

Ermengarde MP (b. - aft.883)

Ermengarde d'Auvergne 1 Alias: Ermengarde de Chalons Born: 845 in Chalons-sur-Marne, Marne, Champagne, France 2 Died: AFT JUN 881 2 Father: Bernard I Comte d'Auvergne b: 815 in Auvergne, France...

8/5/2007 10/13/2010

Bernard II Plantevelue Comte d'Auvergne 1 Alias: Bernard Comte d'Autun Born: 22 MAR 840/41 in Uzes, Languedoc, France 2 Died: 886 in Autun, Saone-et-Loire, Bourgogne, France 1 Father: Berna...

8/5/2007 10/13/2010

Odo (French: Eudes or Odon, Latin: Odonis; c. 1010 – 10 March 1039) was Duke of Gascony from 1032 and then Duke of Aquitaine and Count of Poitou from 1038. He was a member of the House of Poitier...

7/1/2008 10/9/2010

Pierre Guillaume 'l'Aigret' ou 'le Hardi' d'Aquitaine, VII Duc d'Aquitaine, V Comte de Poitou MP (1023 - 1058)

"William of Poitou", "William of Aquitaine", "'l'Aigret' ou 'le Hardi'"

Wilhelm VII. (Aquitanien) aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie Wechseln zu: Navigation, Suche Wilhelm VII. (getauft als Peter) genannt der Adler (Guillaume l’Aigret) oder der Kühne (le Hardi)...

2/6/2007 10/9/2010

Son of Guillaume and his first wife, Adalmode. One of THREE sons who became Guillaume Duke of Aquitaine. Foundation for Medieval Genealogy: GUILLAUME de Poitou ([1004]-15 Dec 1038, bur Maillezais, ...

7/4/2008 10/9/2010

Guillaume 'Tête d'étoupe' d'Aquitaine, III Duc d'Aquitaine, I Comte de Poitou MP (c.915 - 963)

"William 'Towhead'", "Guillaume III", "Guillermo", "Wilhelm Stryhode", "William I", "Tête D'Etoupes", "Duke D'aquitaine", "Towhead of /Poitou/", "Guillame", "Guillaume //", "Towhead (French: Tête /d'étoupe)/", "Towhead", "William III "Towhead" Count of Poitiers and Auvergne......"

Guillaume (William) III (915–3 April 963) was called Towhead (French: Tête d'étoupe, Latin: Caput Stupe) from the colour of his hair. Son of Ebalus Manzer and Emilienne. Married Gerloc (renam...

3/24/2007 10/9/2010

Guillaume 'Fier-à-Bras' de Poitiers, IV Duc d'Aquitaine et II Comte de Poitou MP (937 - 995)

"William", "Vilhelm", "Fier-à-Bras", "Iron Arm", "Fierebras o Fierebrace", "Ironarm of /Poitou/", "/Fier-a-Bras/", "called Fierebras or Fierebrace (meaning "Iron Arm"", "from the French Fier-à-bras or Fièrebrace", "/Ironarm/", "IV Duc d'Aquitaine et II Comte de Poitou", "Fie..."

William IV (937 – 3 February 994[1]), called Fierebras or Fierebrace (meaning "Proud Arm", from the French Fier-à-bras or Fièrebrace, in turn from the Latin Ferox brachium), was the Duke of Aquitaine a...

6/10/2007 10/9/2010

Guillaume d'Aquitaine MP (1127 - 1130)

"Le Hardi"

died at the age of four Source: The book, 'Eleanor of Aquitaine' died at the age of four with his mother at Talmont died at the age of four with his mother at Talmont

3/5/2008 10/9/2010

Guillaume I the Pious, Count of Auvergne & Duke of Aquitaine MP (875 - 918)

"William", "Le Pieux", "o Piedoso", "The Pious", "Guillaume Ier d' Aquitaine d' Auvergne de Macon ( dit Le Pieux)"

William I "the Pious", Duke of Aquitaine marquis de Gothie, comte d'Auvergne, de Berry, de Limousin, de Lyon et de Mâcon, puis duc d'Aquitaine et abbé laïque de Saint-Julien de Brioude From Wik...

8/5/2007 10/9/2010

Eleanor d'Aquitaine, Queen Consort Of England MP (aft.1122 - bef.1204)

"Princess Eleanor of Aquitaine", "Queen Consort of England and France", "Aliénor d’Aquitaine", "Éléonore de Guyenne", "Countesse of Poitiers et Duchesse of Aquitaine", "Eleanor of Aquitaine", "Elbeonore Of /Aquitaine/", "Eleanora", "Que...", "Duchess of Aquitaine", "Queen ..."

--------------------------- Eleanor of Aquitaine (Aliénor d'Aquitaine in French), Duchess of Aquitaine and Gascony and Countess of Poitou (1122[1] – April 1, 1204) was one of the wealthiest and mos...

1/29/2007 10/9/2010

William V, duke of Aquitaine MP (c.969 - 1030)

"le Grand", "The Great", "William V", "Aquitaine", "Poitiers", "Guillaume V", "Vilhelm", "o Grande", "Guilherme", "the Great", "The Grand", "Duke D'aquitaine", "El Grande", "The /Great/", "Le Grand", "The /Grand/", "William the /Great/", "Guillermo V de Aquitania", "V Duc d'Aquitaine et I..."

Guillaume le Grand, William the Great, Duc d'Aquitaine V, Comte de Poitou III. Parents: Guillaume IV "Fier-à-Bras" Duc d'Aquitaine & Emma de Blois Spouses: Adalemode of Limoges 1. William, ...

6/10/2007 10/9/2010

Guillaume VIII Geoffroy d'Aquitaine, VIII duc d'Aquitaine et Vl comte de Poitou MP (1023 - bef.1086)

"William VIII of Aquitaine of Poitiers", "Guy Geoffroy", "The Fat", "William VI", "Comte de Poitiers Guy Guillaume d'Aquitaine VIII", "The Brave", "Duke D'aquitaine", "/Guido/", "Also called William VIII Duke of Aquitaine", "Guy-Geoffrey", "Gui-Geoffroi", "Gui", "Guido-Gottfri..."

GUY d'Aquitaine, son of GUILLAUME V "le Grand" Duke of Aquitaine [GUILLAUME III Comte de Poitou] & his third wife Agnès de Mâcon [Bourgogne-Comté] (1023-Chizé near Niort, Poitou 25 Sep 1086, bur ...

6/10/2007 10/9/2010

Guillaume IX le Troubadour, duc d'Aquitaine MP (1071 - 1126)

"le Troubadour", "o Trovador", "The Troubador", "William IX of Aquitaine", "of Poitiers", "de Peitieus", "the Troubador", "VII", "den Unge", "WILHELMSON", "Vilhelm", "William VII of Aquitaine V of /Poitiers/", "Guillaume or Guilhem /d'Aquitaine/", "The /Troubador/", "the Troubadou..."

NOTE: Please keep his name as Guillaume "le Troubadour" IX Duke of Aquitaine, VII Comte de Poitou From Foundation for Medieval Genealogy: GUILLAUME d’Aquitaine, son of GUILLAUME VIII Duke of Aquita...

6/9/2007 10/9/2010

William X, Duke of Aquitaine MP (1099 - 1137)

"Also known as William X of Poitiers Duke of Aquitaine", "Duke William X /Toulousan/", "Guillaume X /Duke Of Aquitaine/", "Guillaume X /Aquitaine/", "William VIII or X /D'AQUITAINE/", "nicknamed the Saint", "William X Duke of Aquitaine", "X Duc d'Aquitaine", "VIII Comt..."

Foundation for Medieval Genealogy: GUILLAUME d'Aquitaine (1099-Santiago de Compostela 9 Apr 1137, bur Santiago de Compostela). The Chronicle of Saint-Maxence records the birth in 1099 of "Willelmo co...

3/9/2007 10/9/2010