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Les Ducs de Normandie 911-1106

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  • William of Normandy, Count Of Talou & Arques (c.1025 - 1086)
    aka William Nicholas Darcy (D'Arcy) 1) ) This one possibly not related to Duke of Normandy **Still reseraching to determine either way.3) d'Arques, or William of Talou, b 1020-26 - d. after 1054.
  • Unknown mother of Guillaume Richard's Concubine Normandie (c.935 - 1017)
    The anonymous mother of Guillaume, comte d'Eu. She was Richard I's mistress. Richard I was known to have had several mistresses and produced children with many of them. Known children are:* Geoffrey, C...
  • Concubine of Normandie (b. - c.1033)
    The unknown mother of Geoffrey de Brionne. NOT Gunnora or Gunhild.Geoffrey or Godfrey was the illegitimate son of Richard I. his son Gilbert "Crispin" succeeded him as Count of Brionne. His mother was ...
  • Gunnor, Duchess of Normandy (936 - 1031)
    Parents unknown, but often pretended to be a fictitious Herbastus de Crepon. See Todd A. Farmerie, Robert de Torigny and the family of Gunnor, Duchess of Normandy (Dec. 1996). According to Robert de To...
  • Eleanore de Normandie (c.1011 - 1035)
    Eleanore de Normandie, Gravinne van Vloandern * Parents: Richard II 'le Bon' and Judith de Bretagne.* Spouse: Baudouin IV 'le Barbu' de Flandre Children: 1. Judith de Flandre, 2. One (uncertain) daught...

The Rulers of Normandie from Rollo in 911 to William who became King of England used the titles of Jarl and then Dux (Duke). This project includes the main line with all their various partners and children.

The project might be extended to include a few more generations as well.

This project is a sub-project of Norman Families of Normandy and England.

Ambiguity and Discrepancies

If there is doubt about relationships, we normally rely on the Medieval Lands database. This is the most well-researced source we have, referring to primary texts only, presenting discrepancies, and with little interpretation.


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