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Unknown Lott, Jr. MP (1724 - bef.1764)

"Elizabeth Bethany Joyner", "Elizabeth "Bethany" Joyner"

Name seen as Delilah, birth name unknown. Adding to . John Lott II (John1) was born abt 1722 probably at Isle of Wight County, Virginia (of Edgecombe County,33 North Carolina, later Duplin County, Nort...

7/13/2019 7/28/2021

Phillip L. Lightfoot (1760 - 1855)

Ydna Tester Sought. This profile is for Phillip L. Lightfoot of Burke Co, NC who hailed from Antiqua according to: From Generation16. Phillip L. Lightfoot was born about 1760 in Antigua. He married Rac...

11/15/2018 10/18/2020

N.N. Cade MP (deceased)

N.N. - - unknown. Given the name of Cade. Her chain bearer was Richard Cade. She was a native slave. Her downline were FPOC tithable in the community of Lightfoot (who was also tithable himself) and he...

4/19/2020 5/19/2020

Kateras (Brown) Jones MP (c.1622 - d.)

atDna 14 21 - - Brickwall no more due to autosomic endogamy with hundreds working on this for years and years; with location and trade appropriate name. We knew her Davenell maternal line descending we...

5/17/2020 5/17/2020

Margarette Caroline (Pounds) Lott MP (1838 - 1921)


Biography== Margarette Caroline Grace (Pounds) Lott' /Old Cheraw was born on April 4, 1838 in Was Marion, now Pearl River Co. Ford's Creek area, MS, United States. Her parents were Rev. Joseph Edward P...

9/14/2008 4/11/2020

Hon. / Col. Philip Lightfoot I MP (1643 - 1708)


Find A Grave Memorial Honorable Lieutenant Colonel Philip LightfootThe Honorable Philip Lightfoot came to the colony of Virginia before 1670 from England. He served as a Lieutenant Colonel of Militia...

8/19/2008 4/11/2020

NN Evans, Shakori MP (deceased)


Biography N.N. (Bnu) Evans / Shakori, Shakory aka "Shacanok" of Bwananay / Bwaan Eastern Siouan N.N. married Thomas Evans . Together they had the following children: Morris Evans ; Frances Parker ....

2/22/2020 2/22/2020

Fnu (Osmund) Tailor (deceased)

mtdna - - mom to mom to mom to mom, etc. This ancestor is adopted into the community of Shawnee/Xchilmachionan . Why? Because her mtdna is H1 and the Force Labor Group of this maternal brickwall is the...

6/29/2019 2/1/2020

John Lott of Citrus Co, FL MP (aft.1725 - aft.1820)

"John Lott"

Same exact ydna person as . Tide to the Barbados Trade across the Atlantic Seaboard of Durant and Hicks whose sailor man was Dorsey LIghtfoot's Lightfood kin. John Lott of Citrus Co, FL was born after ...

6/12/2019 9/29/2019

Martha Jane Lott MP (c.1758 - c.1862)

"Dorsey Lightfoot", "Patsy"

Parents also seen as Colonel Phillips Lightfoot & Susanah Lightfoot . Absalom3 Lott (John2, John1); born circa 1758 NC (He was apparently one of the three children in his father's household in West Flo...

2/3/2007 9/29/2019

Fnu (Jones) Lott (deceased)

This is a Floridian line. It is a brickwall that will take X matches on the 23rd chromosome to figure out. It will take atDna and it will take a lot of work in the AL Jones group tied to the Blackwater...

6/11/2019 6/11/2019

Mildred Lightfoot (born Howell)* Not the same as same named person of MyHeritage Family Trees Duckett Web Site, managed by Martha Duckett Birth: Circa 1723 - Charles City, Death: Nov 17 1783 - York, Vi...

5/27/2019 5/27/2019

Biography== John Powell of Bennett's Creek Reservation was born in 1650 in Bennett's Creek Reservation, Bertie Co, NC. His parents were Richard Powell and Elizabeth (Bolling) Ellis-Ferrabee- Powell . J...

5/15/2009 7/19/2018

7/9/2018 7/9/2018

Jennie Thompson MP (c.1767 - aft.1823)

"Ahniswakie", "Brown", "Ahniswakie Vann", "Ahnewake Sinee Vann", "Ann Mann"

a Cherokee woman who never left Georgia and had only one child, a son named William Thompson. Jennie is well documented in the Moravian Diaries. They had children Millie A. Thompson b. abt 1792 (th...

8/28/2008 7/9/2018

John A. Lott, founder of Marion, MS MP (c.1742 - 1808)

"Aaron", "Founder of Marion Co", "MS"

John and the unknown Mrs. Lott had eight children.4+ 8. i. JOHN A. LOTT III was born abt 1740 at Edgecombe County, North Carolina and died Jul 1808 at Washington County, Mississippi Territory. He was a...

8/29/2007 7/7/2018

Elbert Earl Adair (deceased)

Bro of George Washington Adair.

6/26/2018 7/7/2018

Carolus Lightfoot (1805 - 1852)

"Carolass Lightfort"

From Generation8. Carolus Lightfoot was born in 1805 in Burke Co, GA. He married Drusilla Carpenter. Francis Clark. ( (dead link)

2/7/2017 7/7/2018

Wills of this family are in the U of AL digital files for Isle of Antiqua, Edgefield, SC, Eutaw AL, and Pamaunky Neck property on opposite side of the river from Pamaunky Reservation, Va as neighbor to...

5/19/2008 7/7/2018

Moses Lott, Jr.,Choctaw (c.1800 - d.)

6/2/2018 7/7/2018

atDna 8 129 for Renee Hallman and Rod Daye triangulation abutting a super large cluster at 8 128 to Lightfoot cousins.

6/4/2018 7/7/2018

THIS is not the same John Aaron Lott who founded Marion Co, MS; but they are in the same general family. The profile picture is a caption of various Licking Creek soldiers'names who served with John Lo...

12/16/2008 7/7/2018

Kesiah (Moore) Lott MP (c.1720 - d.)

Biography== Kesiah Moore was born circa 1730 in Chowan Co,, Chowan County, NC, in the same community as the Moore of the Nottoway Cheraw. Kesiah married Nathan Gash Lott . Together they had the followi...

5/22/2018 7/7/2018

Thomas Lightfoot (deceased)

Not same as his nephew by same name.

6/26/2018 6/26/2018

Lillian A Violia (Smith) / Cherokee (1876 - 1922)

"Lilly", "Chief Red Bird's Line"

3/7/2011 6/25/2018

Mamie Bond (1907 - d.)

12/12/2008 6/25/2018

HIldridge Lott / Choctaw (1917 - 1976)

12/11/2008 6/25/2018

Dorcas Duncan, sister of Ga Ho Ga MP (c.1760 - c.1836)

"Benge/Duncan", "Dorcas (Lightfoot) Benge-Duncan. Gahoga Deer Clan", "Dorcas Benge Lightfoot"

DorcasDorcas MNU Benge Duncan (sister of Ga ho ga) was married to an unknown Benge, not “The Bench” , had son Edmond Benge, married second to Charles Duncan, no known connection to Bob Benge. Emmett St...

3/26/2009 6/24/2018

Sarah “Sallie” (Lightfoot) Lott MP (1748 - 1818)


Not descending from Mary Clack of the line of "Ho Ga" I which is not a Cherokee word; it's Arawak, like this progenitor line in multi directions to Robertson/Robeson, Grant, etc * Not the same as the a...

8/29/2007 6/24/2018