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Lightfoot - Lott - Van - Duncan Ruffin - Powell SNP CIRCLE STUDY GROUP Results (updated as the circle grows).

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  • unknown wife of John Lott (1720 - bef.1764)
    Name seen as Delilah, birth name unknown. Adding to . John Lott II (John1) was born abt 1722 probably at Isle of Wight County, Virginia (of Edgecombe County,33 North Carolina, later Duplin County, Nort...
  • Phillip L. Lightfoot (1760 - 1855)
    Ydna Tester Sought. This profile is for Phillip L. Lightfoot of Burke Co, NC who hailed from Antiqua according to: From Fifth Generation 16. Phillip L. Lightfoot was born about 1760 in Antigua. He...
  • N.N. Cade (deceased)
    N.N. - - unknown. Given the name of Cade. Her chain bearer was Richard Cade. She was a native slave. Her downline were FPOC tithable in the community of Lightfoot (who was also tithable himself) and he...
  • Kateras (Brown) Jones (c.1622 - d.)
    atDna 14 21 - - Brickwall no more due to autosomic endogamy with hundreds working on this for years and years; with location and trade appropriate name. We knew her Davenell maternal line descending we...
  • Margarette Caroline "Grace" (Pounds) Lott (1838 - 1921)
    Biography== Margarette Caroline Grace (Pounds) Lott' /Old Cheraw was born on April 4, 1838 in Was Marion, now Pearl River Co. Ford's Creek area, MS, United States. Her parents were Rev. Joseph Edward P...
 9-17-18  120 helped and at farther levels back to tell the 9th generation story.  The progress is entered into the various profiles.  4-11-20   500 on 23andMe with 6 having full genomic and 7th generation tree accounting for all endogamy and all possible primary sourcing and where not available, signature SNP in clusters by 23andMe identified and cross checked to Tier 1 on Genesis' gedmatching, where anyone can vet anyone's work with putting in a third parties' numbers into a group chrome browser.   Patterns we see in pile up areas are being tracked according to family circles, then put into a chromosome map test following known ydna lines of closest to farthest cousins. 


  • Ruffin - Lott M319398; A794921- Tyrone Powell (also Ruffin, Lightfoot) A794921. A607107
  • Ruffin to Lightfoot Circle Main SNP 13 27M for claimants of Phillip Lightfoot 3 and Powell family.
  • Phillip LIghtfoot 3 Circle: #M306717 Renee , #M590613 Bellinda, circle grew in perfect triangulation to Beverly Bentley kit (M970485) at 7 95M. All claim the Phillip Lightfoot 3 Cluster, 2 with paper trail. Martha Dorsey Lott to Antiqua Eutaw Lightfoot - - run also to kits claiming Sarah Lott and ( no matches for the Sarah Lightfoot decendants x 12 kits, does not match Capt John Lightfoot; meaning Sarah Lott is not direct to Capt Lightfoot ). Marthat Dorsey Triangulation is at (7 156M ) for those of Martha Dorsey Lightfoot Lott's descendants who claim Philip Lightfoot 3, meaning Martha Dorsey Lightfoot is child of Phillip LIghtfoot 3 and not Capt/Councilman Lightfoot. .
  • Vann of the Savananna Community of Poplarville, MS - Qualla-self terming descendants hailing from Van's Ferry, Ga and Chief Nimrod Smith of Swan with the contingient of Duncan of Oak Hill Road in Poplarville, MS is slowly unfolding. We found one more very isolated Duncan group near the Pearl River on the MS side in the Pearl River area south of Crossroads . Summary of pencilled in placement of who fits with whom: . - Lightfoot of the Isle of Antiqua Circle - SNP 9 126M and 9 129M or the line of Terry Smith back Chief Nimrod common to @Margaret Rodkey and Bellinda Myrick Barnette which lines up more in the plus boxes to known Lightfoot cousins than for the Smith counts, on the chrome 9 SNP.
  • Van of same family group for Margaret Rodkey match other other Van at 9 on two segments 26 and 29M.
  • Sarah Lightfoot Lott & Bernard/ "Gahoga and Arawak Name" Circle - Alicia Carnes paper direct to Gahago. (the carded one of the Adair line) and Riana Carver Palacio direct to Bernard 2x and direct to Sarah Lightfoot Lott. 1x perfectly triangulate on 4 segments sharing 2 sets of grandparents on the X or maternal side, or Rachelle Roby's side and those segments are LIGHTFOOT signature clusters. and the
 segment are consistent with 11 other first cousins 1x removed and an additonal 2 2nd cousins.  The markers are at 2 133M,  7 80M, 11 35M, 21 34M. for     Riana''s kit is M319398; ;T. Markum  M560625; S. Bell  M249040; M. Mc  M580971  but all segment on the ch''' 9 at 38 mil. = Lott cousins.'''   By 2020, these circles have grown as more people are maxing out 23andMe and we have chromosome mapped back with the endogamy picture clearly showing on the Are Your Parents Related App. 


  • Dialect -- "GaHoGa [Arawakan for people of the deer}" = Gahoga Nancy Lightfoot claimants vetted paper trail Angela Carnes matching all vetted Lott claimant kits on the Sally Lott and Martha Dorsey for Mary Clack mom. This resynced on Ancestry DNA and on We're Related App as common Mary Clack, dtr of James Clack but Ancestry replaced We're Related with what all the professional atDna services are using with Codex, and those happen to pop up in the Tier 1 App choices that you pay $10/month to see in a beautiful pattern; but, you have to make contact and know your cousin's trees for it to make sense. Therefore, we can know that the father of Martha Lightfoot is not indicating a direct line to Capt/Councilman Lightfoot claimants but is via a Phillip Lightfoot match in the same way as 3 claimants. Which Phillip Lightfoot is the goal for 2020. Taking time is ferreting out for the cousins of the Moravian Diaries of St Thomas Island and Alamance Co, NC 3 territorial areas of Zinzindorf workers married in St Thomas, Alamance Co, NC and Sharp Co, Ar,k as did the Moravian Van Ferry village, Ga on the eastern edge of then Cherokee Lands. All of these communities were community wise connected with Paumanky Neck in King and Queen Co, Va via Capt Lightfoot, DuRant,and Hicks families of Antiqua and Eutaw, AL.

The circle of testers 1st is Michael Taylor Claims Sarah Lightfoot Lott M165058 + A892272, Ancestry MICHAELTAYLOR1956 and 2nd cousin to Rachelle Roby who is 2nd to Michael Taylor; T016316, FTDNA kit #80625 Stephanie Baylis A321644, 3rd is Baylisgirl; 4th is Luke Landtroop : AncestryDNA; 5th is Lloyd Maulden : A575006, Ancestry storm4449; 6th is Sandy Cottingham : A543617, FTDNA kit #B15608; 7th is Riana Carver Ana Palacios kit number M319398 who is 2x1R cousin to Michael Taylor and they triangulate on the 13 103M, 9 108

---LIGHTFOOT - VAN ...Morovian DIaries: According to the Moravian diaries, Peggie Scott had a Cherokee half-brother, Richard Scott, who she had not seen for over 10 years. Other sources suggest that Richard's full-blood mother, the second Cherokee wife of Walter Scott, may have been names Gosaduisga, and also the mother of Nancy Scott who married a white man names John Thornton. Betsey Scott was the mother of children by James Vann, Edward Springton (white), John Shepherd (white), Edward Adair (white), Pleasant Rose White and a white man named Vogt who may have built the Vann House for James in Spring Place. Jerry Clark is a descendant of John Adair a white man and brother of Betsey Scott's Edward Adair. John Adair married a 1/2 blood Cherokee named Gahoga Lightfoot who by a previous marriage had a daughter Jennie Foster, another wife of James Vann. Polly Scott married James Vann, William campbell (white) and Eliphus Holt, white man. Elizabeth Hicks may also have been another wife of James, Richard Fields and possible Chief Doublehead. Peggy Scott married James Vann, Joseph Crutchfield, James Vann's first cousin and a white man.

THOMAS CARPENTER OF THE ISLANDS - “Moytoye” as he signed his name as a Piqua Shawnee, Lightfoot & Van Cousins. SNP 9 36M and also 9 129M

Margaret Ann - descendant of Principal Chief Nimrod Tsaladihi Jarrett Smith, CSA, NC Cherokee Principal Chief


Bellinda Myrick-Barnett descendant of Capt John Lightfoot, "Younger" of Antiqua & Eutaw, AL

THIS is their segment of for those ALSO MATCHING CARPENTER ...specific to Thomas Carpenter of the Islands. Common gramps in the Van and Lightfoot and Carpenter Islander Traders from the Pamunky Neck deeds to the Eutaw, AL deeds to the Antiqua land of Hicks.


Profession Consultant from 2016-2017 Summary: 8 on the Lott side match to Capt John Lightfoot group on Chromosome 2 Segment Triangulations at 95-100 mil by more than 6

Participant: Test Takers willing to give their name put into Avatar who match in exact overlap of perfect triangulation to the Testers' Claiming daughter of Capt John Lott Ancestry and claimant of Phillip Lightfoot 3, brother of Capt John Lightfoot.

Lightfoot - Benge Circle: Chr. 7, Seg 91-100 mil for upline of Dorcas (Lightfoot) Benge-Duncan at a distance that is 2 generation back abutting the Lightfoot-Lott segment at levels that would be in the direction of Wur teh's or Benge line.

Comparison of our Participants in T- gene group study of the DNA Consultants 3x Qualla Boundary Participant studies, (outcome cluster in a large (over 200 participants)studies which have been in for a few years now. The Lightfoot-Lott of descendants from Sarah Sallie Lott circle shows solid cM cousin distance to both Lumbee and Qualla populations upwards of 17 cM at the lowest, for those with Chavis and Moore ancestry in in the Lumbee comparison and for those claiming Sarah Sallie Lott in the Qualla comparison.

Yet to be tested are the Duncan family descendants of those passed on in Oak Hill Cemetery in Poplarville, MS who claim native lines, are tight grouped Pentecostals who have family bibles with the Dorcas Benge connection over to the Savannah community of the same county neighbors, the Baptist portion of the same Cemetery descending people to Sarah Sallie Lightfoot Lott have a 200 year history, in their Bibles, that Sallie was sister to Dorcas Lightfoot Benge-Duncan and were in early Baptist circuit preaching ministry to the whole of the Florida Parish.

Other transfer communals from Swain co, NC in Qualla Boundary besides the Savannah community of Viola Duncan Smith, direct to Chief Jarrett Nimrod Smith, is the Bond family via the lines who brought the Vann families in the Marion Co who were claimants in Spanish land claims, from Chief Nimrod Jarrett Smith and his Duncan daughter and also the Vann in the Trader Joseph Vann interpretor line that married Col Bond's family. If anyone needs to see those Spanish records, we have them from the Pro Consultant who got them out of Tulane U's library. When discounting endogamy by using these participants results and compared to any number of triangulation from any number of angles and lists and projects, our consultant and our member our studies can run our own triangulations as we did and check against our professional consultant who consulted with us back in 2016 and 2017.

After the 12 matches from the Lott to the Lightfoot side, we disbanded the study because we could keep going but we would get the same results. We are open to keep going in 2018 if anyone else out there is wanting to run the triangulations with us.

No one in the study identifies as Cherokee or Qualla. It is simply descendants from Phillip Lightfott 3, Capt John Lightfoot, and Sallie (Lightfoot) Lott descendants in the results.

Bellinda' line:

1 John LOTT, Sr = Elizabeth Joyner, b. 1720 Isle of Wight Co, VA had
2 John LOTT, Jr. (Spanish West Floridan) had 3 Absalom LOTT, b. c1758 in Edgecomb Co, NC = Martha Jane Dorsey LIGHTFOOT, born: Abt. 1763 in, perhaps, Virginia or in Antigua or on board a ship to Antigua if, indeed, she is the daughter of the Philip LIGHTFOOT who was in Antigua from abt. 1763-1773. Martha Jane Dorsey LIGHTFOOT. Sis of Mrs John Lott 3/Mrs Sallie Lightfoot. 4. Frances Lucretia "Patsy" LOTT was the daughter of Absolom = William HATTEN, (1st wife,) d. cMay 01, 1840 during or immediately after the birth of her last son of 8 children as the family traveled from Mississippi to Ouachita Parish, LA, (part of it is now Jackson Parish) residing under Chief TUSQUAHOMA, Choctaw. 5. Frances Lucretia "Patsy" LOTT, born: Abt. 1802 in Alabama/MS Territory, married William HATTEN, born: January 01, 1800 in Tar River, Nash County, NC, (formerly Edgecomb Co, NC,) who was the son of Lewis Lamkin HATTEN and 1st wife, Sarah "Sally" Lightoot-Underwood.

  1. 5 above potential tester: Jerry Lee Patterson, same line as number 5 above.

Tester- descendant of Phillip Lightfoot 3 Beverly with deed work from land passed down, matches with Bellinda (above) on ch 2 at seg 95 -100 mil.

Re running triangulation on a matrix to the group in the avatar. We have to do the matrix view all run together against each other and not separate as before. Results due 6/26/18.

Claimants with kits: 23andMe has the 500 closest cousins who have chromosome mapped backwards to Generation 7. as of 2020 there are fullgenomic 32 first cousin kits to 6 of participants, of whom have a 7 generation complete tree with all brickwalls figured out on the maternal side where this claimed ancestor is in the tree. Comparing to the double and sometimes triple cousins a few different ways, leanning all their lines, and relying on the known 23andMe clusters is the mode. Taking that information and going to Gen 6-10 on the Tier 1 with the 10,000 matches at the Segments App for the known chromosomes and then comparing to the most distant with paper primary trees to those on the same triangulations identified from the lowest parts of the tree who match, in part with: Michael Taylor : M165058 A892272, T016316, Stephanie Baylis : A321644, Luke Landtroop : Lloyd Maulden : A575006, Sandy Cottingham : A543617,