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  • Alexander (deceased)
    III. DONALD GALLACH. He did not long occupy the position of Chief of Sleat, as he was murdered by his brother, Archibald Dubh, in 1506. He married Agnes, daughter of Sir John Cathanach Macdonald of Dun...
  • Ranald Collach (c.1506 - 1547)
    III. DONALD GALLACH. He did not long occupy the position of Chief of Sleat, as he was murdered by his brother, Archibald Dubh, in 1506. He married Agnes, daughter of Sir John Cathanach Macdonald of Dun...
  • John (deceased)
    III. DONALD GALLACH. He did not long occupy the position of Chief of Sleat, as he was murdered by his brother, Archibald Dubh, in 1506. He married Agnes, daughter of Sir John Cathanach Macdonald of Dun...
  • Angus (deceased)
    III. DONALD GALLACH. He did not long occupy the position of Chief of Sleat, as he was murdered by his brother, Archibald Dubh, in 1506. He married Agnes, daughter of Sir John Cathanach Macdonald of Dun...
  • Alexander McUisdean Gallach (aft.1523 - 1586)
    III. DONALD GALLACH. He did not long occupy the position of Chief of Sleat, as he was murdered by his brother, Archibald Dubh, in 1506. He married Agnes, daughter of Sir John Cathanach Macdonald of Dun...

All welcome and encouraged to collaborate - please go ahead and edit and add: it's going to rely on the Macdonald managers helping - over years - so not a one person job :-)

The Macdonalds of Sleat are descended from
1. HUGH, son of Alexander, Earl of Ross, and Lord of the Isles, by the daughter of O'Beolan, lay Abbot of Applecross, and are known patronymically as Clann Uisdein. Hugh Macdonald of Sleat died in 1498.

Hugh married, first, Fynvola, daughter of Alexander Maclain of Ardnamurchan, and had by her —

1. II. JOHN. It has been seen how he surrendered his whole patrimony to the King, by whom it was afterwards bestowed upon Ranald MacAllan of Clainranald and Angus Reochson MacKanald of Morar. This grant, however, never took effect. John died in 1502, and was succeeded by his brother, Donald Gallach

Hugh married, secondly, Elizabeth Gunn, daughter of the Crowner of Caithness, and had by her—

2. III. DONALD GALLACH. He did not long occupy the position of Chief of Sleat, as he was murdered by his brother, Archibald Dubh, in 1506. He married Agnes, daughter of Sir John Cathanach Macdonald of Dunnyveg and the Glens, by whom he had 4 sons—

a). IV. DONALD GRUAMACH, his successor. Donald Gruamach died in 1534.
Donald-Gruamach married, first, Catherine, daughter of Alexander Macdonald of Clanranald, and had a son —

1. V. DONALD GORM, his successor.

Y. DONALD GORM. He married
daughter of Torquil Macleod of Lewis, and two sons —
i T^ u r< t,-
1. Donald Gormesou, his successor.
2. Alexander Og, who died without issue.
Donald Gorm was killed at Ellandonan in 1539, and was succeeded by his elder son,
VI. DONALD GORMESON, who was a child at the time of his father's death. He was known as Domhnull Gorm Sasunnach on account of his having spent part of his minority iri England. He married Mary, daughter of Hector Mor Maclean of Duart, with issue —
1. Donald Gorm Mor, his successor.
2. Archibald, the Clerk. He had—
(A) Donald Gorm Og Mac'illesbuig Chleireich, who suc-
ceeded his uncle.
(B) Alexander, who did not leave issue.
(c) Mary, who married, as her 1st husband, Ranald Mac- donald of Benbecula, and 2nd, James Macdonald, grandson of James of Castle Camus.
3. Alexander, who died without issue.
Donald Gormeson of Sleat died in 1585, and was succeeded by his oldest son,
VII. DONALD GORM MOR. He married, first, Mary, daughter of Norman Macleod of Dunvegan, whom he repudiated. He married, secondly, Mary, daughter of Colin Mackenzie, llth Baron of Kintail. He married, thirdly, Marjory, a daughter of Mac- kintosh of that ilk. In 1614 he makes provision for her by granting a charter in her favour of the lands of Terung Chaisteil and Terung Uachter, in Sleat. Donald Gorm Mor died, without issue, in 1617, and was succeeded by his nephew,
VIII. SIR DONALD MACDONALD, 1st Baronet of Sleat. He married Janet, daughter of Kenneth, Lord Mackenzie of Kintail, with issue —
1. James, his successor.
2. Donald, founder of the Castleton family. '"9
3. Archibald, a famous warrior and poet, known . in his
day as An Ciaran mabach. His expedition for the punishment of the Keppoch murderers has been already described. In 1654 he received a wadset of the lands of Borniskittaig, in Trotternish. The following year he married Janet, daughter of Colin Mackenzie. He died in 1688. By his wife he had a son, John, who succeeded him as wadsetter of Borni- skittaig. John held King James' commission as Captain in the regiment commanded by Donald of Castleton at the Revolution. In 1684 Captain John Macdonald of Borniskittaig married Catherine daughter of MacNeill of Barra. By her he had a
daughter, Janet, who married Donald Macdonald of Sarthill in 1709, which year he died, leaving no male issue.
4. Angus, who had the lands of Sarthill, and died without
5. Alexander of Paiblisgearry, in North Uist. In 1653 he
married Anne Mackay, sister of John, Lord Reay, and by her had issue —
(A) Captain Hugh Macdonald, who succeeded.
(B) Barbara, who married Lachlan Maclean of Torloisk.
Alexander died in or before 1657, as his wife appears on record as a widow in the course of that year. Hence in Sir James Macdonald's Deed of Entail, in 1658, his name does not appear along with the Baronet's other brothers. Captain Hugh Macdonald of Paiblisgearry suc- ceeded his father. He also appears on record as of Duistill, in Sleat. He was brought up evidently under the Reay influence, which was anti-Jacobite, and favourable to the Orange movement. He held the rank of Captain in the regiment of General Mackay, his relative, and had the freedom of Montrose conferred on him in 1692, Much of his military life was passed in Flanders, where he fought in the army of the States General in the war with France. He died before 1721, when he was succeeded by his son, John Macdonald of Paiblisgearry, who appears that year in an enumeration of the gentlemen of North Uist. We have no information as to the date of his death, but with him the descendants of Alexander of Paiblisgearry terminated in the male line.
6. Margaret, who married Angus, Lord Macdonald and
Aros, Chief of Glengarry, without issue.
7. Katherine, who married Kenneth Mackenzie, 6th of
Gairloch, without issue.
8. Mary, who married Sir Ewen Cameron of Lochiel, with
9. Janet, who, in 1655, married Donald Macdonald of Clan-
Sir Donald Macdonald of Sleat died in 1643, and was succeeded by his oldest son,
IX. Sir JAMES MOR, 2nd baronet of Sleat. He
married, first, in 1633, Margaret, only daughter of Sir John Mackenzie of Tarbat, by whom he had —
1. Donald, his successor.
2. Hugh of Glenmore, progenitor of Gleumore and Mugstot
family. 5^3
3. John, from whom the Macdonalds of Bernisdale and
Scalpay are descended. ^f^S
4. Somerled, of whom the Sartle family. ^ \
5. Roderick, who became a writer in Edinburgh. He
married Janet Ritchie, with issue — (a) John, of whom • the Macdonalds of Totamurrich and Knock; (b) James;
(c) Donald. *» 3*f
6. James. He got sasine of the lands of Aird, Sleat, in
1682. He fought under Dundee at Killiecrankie, and fell in the charge so fatal to the gentlemen of Sleat. John Lorn Macdonald, the Lochaber bard, composed an elegy to his memory, and in a similar effusion to Sir Donald, 3rd baronet of Sleat, he again refers to t • the death of James? at " Raon Ruairidh," as that
celebrated field is styled by the bards. From these poems we gather that James of Aird, whom John Lorn calls " Seumas Og," was a man of high courage and chivalrous bearing, the kind of man that the bards loved to celebrate in song. In 1661 he married Marion, daughter of John Macleod of Dunvegan, by whom he had an only sou, Donald, who succeeded him at Aird. Donald has, in 1717, a claim against the Estate of Sleat after the forfeiture which followed Sheriffmuir, and in 1723 is' served heir to his father as his only son. He died without issue.
7. Alexander.
8. Archibald.
9. Angus.
10. Catherine, who, in 1666, married Sir Norman Macleod of
Bernera, with issue.
11. Florence, who married, first, John Macleod of Duuvegan ;
secondly, John MacNaughton of that Ilk.
Sir James married, as his second wife, in 1661, Mary, daughter of John Macleod of Dun vegan, with issue—
12. John, for whom his father acquired the estate of Bal- conie, an ancient residence of the Earls of Ross — its name of old being Baile Comhnuidh Mhic Dkomhnuill, or Macdonald's town of residence.
John of Balconie married Alice, daughter of Alex- ander Mackenzie of Lentran, with issue —
(A) Donald, his successor.
(B) James.
(c) Mary, who married Archibald Macdonald of Sasaig in
1712. (D) Margaret, who married Alexander Mackenzie of
Lentran. (B) Elizabeth, who married Rev. Hugh Macdonald,
minister of Portree, with issue, (p) Isabel, who married Archibald Maclean of Boreray.
John of Balcouie died in 1707. He was succeeded by his son Donald, who died without issue.
Sir James Macdonald had a natural son —
1 3. Ranald, of whom the Macdonalds of Balishare. JJ ^^ His widow, Mary Macleod, married, as her second husband, John Moor, brother to Sir William Moor of Rowallan. Sir James died on 8th -December, 1678, and was succeeded by his oldest son,
X. Sir DONALD MACDONALD, 3rd baronet of Sleat. He married on 24th July, 1662, Margaret Douglas, second daughter of Robert, 3rd Earl of Morton, and had issue —
1. Donald, his successor.
2. James of Orinsay, who carried on the succession.
3. William, of whom the Vallay family. -
4. Isabel, who married Sir Alexander Bannerman, Bart, of
bv':', 5. Margaret, \rho married Allan Macdonald of Morar. 6. Barbara, who married Coll Macdonald of Keppoch. He had also a natural son, Angus.
Sir Donald died in 1695, and was succeeded by his oldest son,
XL Sir DONALD, 4th Bart, of Sleat. He was known in the Isles as Domhnull a Chogaidh — Donald of the War — he having taken part in the campaign of 1689, under Dundee, and that of 1715, under the Earl of Mar. He married Mary, daughter of Donald Macdoiiald of Castleton, by whom he had —
1. Donald, his successor.
2. Margaret, who married Captain John Macqueen, Royal
Regiment of Foot.
3. Mary, who married John Martin of Flodigarry, with issue
a daughter, Kate, who married Rev. D. Nicolso».
4. Isabella, who married Dr Alex. Munro, Professor of
Anatomy in Edinburgh. She died 10th Dec., 1774.
Sir Donald died in 1718, and was succeeded in the representation of the family by his only son,
XII. Sir DONALD, 5th Bart. He died young, in 1720, and leaving no issue, was for a very short time succeeded in the representation of the family by his uncle,
XIII. Sir JAMES, the 6th Bart. He married, first, Janet, daughter of Alexander Macleod of Greshornish, with issue —
1. Alexander, his successor.
2. Margaret, who married Robert Douglas of Scotscraig.
3. Isabel, who died young.
4. Janet, who married Sir Alexander Mackenzie, Bart, of
Sir James married, secondly, Margaret, daughter of John Macdonald of Castleton, with issue —
5. John. On 19th September, 1723, he was served heir
male and provision general to his father, but as there is no further record of him, we conclude that he died . young.
Sir James Macdonald of Orinsay died in December, 1720, a few months after his succession. He was succeeded by his older son,
XIV. Sir ALEXANDER, the 7th Bart. He married, first, on 5th April, 1733, Anne, daughter of David Erskine of Dun, one of the Senators of the College of Justice, and widow of James, Lord Ogilvie. By her he had—
1. Donald, who died young.
Lady Macdonald did not long survive, and Sir Alex- ander married, secondly, on 24th April, 1739, Lady Margaret Montgomery, daughter of Alexander, 9th Earl of Eglintoun, and by her had issue—
2. James, who succeeded.
3. Alexander, who succeeded James.
4. Archibald, who became Lord Chief Baron of the
Exchequer, of whom the family of East Sheen. ' s* Y o
5. Susan, who died unmarried in 1755.
Sir Alexander died in December, 1746, and was succeeded by his oldest son,
XV. Sir JAMES, 8th Bart., a most accomplished scholar, known in his day as the " Scottish Mar- cellus." He died in 1766 in Home, where he was buried. Leaving no issue, he was succeeded by his brother,
XVI. Sir ALEXANDER, 9th Bart., who was raised to the dignity of Lord Macdonald in the Peerage of Ireland in 1776. On 3rd May, 1768, he married Elizabeth Diana, eldest daughter of Godfrey Bosville of Gunthwaite, County of York, with issue —
1. Alexander Wentworth, his successor.
2. Godfrey, who succeeded his brother.
3. Archibald. He was Captain in the Prince of Wales'
Own Regiment of Light Dragoons. He married, in 1802, Jane, eldest daughter and co-heir of Duncan Campbell of Ardueave, Argyllshire, with issue —
(a) Archibald ; (b) Campbell ; (c) James ; (d) Nixon Alexander ; (e) Arthur ; (/) Mary ; (g) Elizabeth Diana.
4. James, who was a Lieut.-Colonel in the first regiment of
Foot Guards. He was killed at Bergen-op-Zoom, 9th March, 1814, leaving no issue —
5. Dudley Stewart Erskine, a Fellow of Trinity College,
Cambridge. He died, without issue, on 26th August, 1840.
6. John Sinclair.
7. William.
8. Diana, who married as his second wife, in 1788, the
Right Hon. Sir John Sinclair of Ulbster, Bart., with issue. Her son was the Rev. William Sinclair, Rector of Pulborough, Sussex, whose son is the Venerable William Macdonald Sinclair, Archdeacon of London.
9. Elizabeth. 10. Annabella.
Lord Macdonald died 12th September, 1795, and was succeeded by his eldest son,
XVII. Sir ALEXANDER WENTWORTH, 10th Bart, and 2nd Lord Macdonald. He died, unmarried, 9th June, 1824, and was succeeded by his next brother,
XVIII. Sir GODFREY MACDONALD BOSVILLE, as llth Baronet and 3rd Lord Macdonald. He had assumed his mother's name of Bosville after that of Macdonald, but dropped it on succeeding to his brother. He married Louisa Maria, daughter of Farley Edsir, and by her (who died 10th February, 1835) left issue —
1. Alexander William Robert Bosville, who succeeded, in
terms of a special Act of Parliament, to the English estates of Thorpe.
2. Godfrey William Wentworth, who succeeded to his
"- t 3. James William. He was a Lieut.-General, C.B., Knight ;;ZJLI.^.. - of the Legion of Honour, A.D.C., Equerry and Private -- Secretary tqH.R.H. the Duke of Cambridge. He
had a distinguished military career, having served in the Crimea, on the staff of the Duke of Cambridge, and at the battles of Alma and Inkerrnan respectively had a horse shot undor him. He married, on 26th September, 1859, Elizabeth Nina, 2nd daughter of Joseph Henry, 3rd Lord Wallscourt, with issue, a son, George Godfrey, who was Page of Honour to Her late Majesty Queen Victoria, and two daughters.
4. William, an officer in the army, died, unmarried, llth
May, 1847.
5. Louisa, who, on 4th June, 1826, married John Hope, 5th
Earl of Hopetoun, with issue, an only son, John Alex- ander, 6th Earl, the father of John Adrian Louis, the present Marquis of Liulithgow.
6. Elizabeth Diana Bosville, who married Duncan Davidson
of Tulloch, with issue —
(A) Duncan H. C. R. Davidson, who married Georgina
Elizabeth, daughter of John Mackenzie, M.D., of Eileanach, with issue.
(B) Godfrey Wentworth, died unmarried.
(c) Caroline Louisa, who married Captain George Wade, Commissioner of the Sceychelles, with issue.
(D) Julia Bosville, who married the Hon. Henry Chet-
wynd, R.N., with issue.
(E) Adelaide Lucy, who married Colonel George William
Holmes Ross of Cromarty, with issue. A daughter of this house is Louisa Jane Hamilton, the present Lady Macdonald of the Isles.
(F) Ida Eleanora Constance, who married Captain the
Hon. Godfrey Ernest Percival Willoughby.
(G) Matilda Justina, who married Lieut.-Colonel Craigie-
Halkett of Cramond, with issue. (H) Diana Bosville, died unmarried, (i) Louisa Maria, died unmarried, (j) Elizabeth Diana, who married Patrick A. Watson
Carnegy of Lour. The Hon. Elizabeth Diana Bosville Davidson died in 1839.
7. Julia, who married Rev. Charles Walter Hudson, rector
of Trowell, Notts.
8. Susan Hussey, who married Richard Beaumont, Captain,
R.N., with issue — (a) Godfrey, Captain in the Guards; (b) Richard; (c) Dudley; (d) Cecil W., R.N.; (e) Diana,
who married Count Gourowski Wichde ; (/) Averil, who ' married Hussey Vivian, M.P., with issue ; (g) Gwin- daline. The Hon. Susan Hussey Beaumont died 5th November, 1879.
9. Diana, married Colonel John George Smyth of Heath Hall, Yorkshire, late M.P., with issue — (a) George John Fitzroy ; (I) Henry Edward ; (c) Diana Eliza- beth, who married the Earl of Harewood ; (d) Louisa ; (e) Mary ; (/) Eva.
10. Jane Bosville.
11. Marianne, who married Henry Martin Tumor, Captain
1st King's Dragoon Guards, with issue — (a) Archibald Henry, late Lieut. R.N., who died unmarried ; (6) Charles, Captain Life Guards ; (c) Henrietta Minna, who married John Scott, 3rd Earl of Eldon, with issue ; (d) Florence ; (e) Mabel.
12. Octavia-Sophia, married William James Hope- Johnst one
of Annandale, with issue — (a) John James, late M.P. for Dumfries-shire ; (b) Percy Alexander ; (c) Wentworth William ; (d) Alice Minna.
Lord Macdonald died 18th October, 1832, and was succeeded by his son and heir,
XIX. Sir GODFREY WILLIAM WENTWORTH, 12th Bart, and 4th Lord Macdonald. He married, on 21st August, 1845, Maria Anne, daughter of Thomas Wyndham of Cromer Hall, Norfolk, with issue—
1. Somerled James Brudenell, who succeeded.
2. Ronald Archibald Bosville.
3. Godfrey Alan, who died in infancy.
4. Eva Maria Louisa, who married Captain Algernon Lang-
ham, Grenadier Guards.
5. Flora Matilda, who died unmarried.
6. Lillian Janet, who married (1st) Francis Viscount Tar-
bat, second son of the Duke of Sutherland, who afterwards succeeded his mother, the Countess of Cromartie, in the title and estates, with issue — (A) Lady Sybil Mackenzie, who succeeded on her father's death to the title and estates as Countess of Cromartie. She married Major E. W. Blunt, R.H.A.
(B) Lady Constance Mackenzie, who married Sir Edward Stewart-Richardson, Bart, of Pitfour, Perthshire. Countess Lillian married, secondly, Mr Cazenove. 7. Alexandrina Victoria. She married Anthony Charles Sykes Abdy, Captain, 2nd Life Guards, second son of the late Sir Thomas Neville Abdy, Bare. Two other children died in infancy.
Lord Macdonald died on 25th July, 1863, and was succeeded by his eldest son,
XX. Sir SOMERLED JAMES BRUDENELL, 13th Baronet and 5th' Lord Macdonald. He died, unmarried, on 25th December, 1874, aged 25, and was succeeded by his next, and only, surviving brother,
XXI. Sir RONALD ARCHIBALD BOSVILLE, 14th Baronet and 6th Lord Macdonald. He married, on 1st October, 1875, Louisa Jane Hamilton, second daughter of Colonel George William Boss of Cromarty, with issue —
1. Somerled Godfrey James.
2. Godfrey Evan Hugh, Lieutenant, Scots Guards.
3. Archibald Ronald Armadale, Lieutenant, Scots Guards.
In December, 1900, he joined his regiment in South Africa, and gallantly met his death at the head of his troop while storming a kopje near Eelenburg, Orange River Colony, on April 17th, 1901.
4. Ronald Ian.
5. lona-Marie-Adel aide-Hope.

Donald-Gruamach married, secondly, a daughter of Macleod of Lewis, and had 3 sons —

2. John Og, who married a daughter of Alastair Crotach Macleod of Dunvegan, without issue.
3. Archibald, the Clerk. He had two sons —

(A) Hugh. He had a son, Alexander, who appears on record.
(B) Donald.

4. James of Castle Camus, known as Seumas a’ Chaisteil, progenitor of Kingsburgh and other families. See Macdonalds of Castle Camus

Donald-Gruamach had 4 other sons said to have been natural. None of these appear to have left traceable posterity. —

5. Alexander.
6. John Dubh.
7. Angus.
8. Alexander.

b). Alexander, whose sons fought in Ireland on the side of their kinsman, Sorley Buy.
c). Angus, who had a son, John.
d). Ranald Collach, who had a son, Alexander.

Hugh married, thirdly, a daughter of Macleod of Harris, by whom he had—

3. Donald Herrach, from whom Clann Domhnuill Herraich.

Hugh had also 3 more sons , whose claims to legitimacy do not seem to have been admitted even by the social canons of the time, viz. : —

4. Archibald Dubh, by a daughter of Torquil Macleod of Lewis.
5. Angus Collach, by a daughter of the Laird of Coll.
6. Angus Dubh, by a daughter of Maurice Vicar of S.Uist,


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