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Berta de Rouergue MP (c.1030 - 1065)

Bertha (died between 1063 and 1065) was the Countess of Rouergue and Gévaudan from 1054 to her death. She was the daughter and heiress of Hugh of Rouergue and Fides. In or before 1051, she married Ro...

8/8/2008 1/31/2011

Gersenda de Tolosa, comtessa consort de Barcelona MP (b. - c.962)

"Garsinde de Narbonne"

Gersenda de Tolosa, esposa de Wifredo II Borrell

9/11/2007 1/31/2011

9/11/2007 1/31/2011

9/11/2007 1/31/2011

Letgarda, comtessa consort de Barcelona MP (c.950 - c.980)

"Luitegarde", "Letgarda de Tolosa", "Ledgarda", "Letgarda", "Letgarde", "Lethgarde", "Leutgarde", "Liutgarda", "Louitgarde", "Luidgarde"

LEDGARDE ([950/53]-after 16 Apr 980). Comte Borrell donated property to the monastery of San Saturnino de Urgell, for the souls of "…uxoris meæ Letgarda vel prolis meæ, que de me et illa procreata est,...

7/31/2007 1/31/2011

Riquilda de Tolosa, comtessa consort de Barcelona MP (b. - aft.954)

"Infanta de Toulouse y Condesa Consorte de Barcelona"

RICHILDE, daughter of --- (-after 954). Bofarull states that she is named as wife of Sunyer in 917 in a donation to the monastery of San Cucufáte del Vallés by "los hermanos Ermenardo y Udalardo" but d...

8/24/2007 1/31/2011

SUNYER de Pallars, son of LOPE de Pallars & his wife Gotruda de Cerdanya m firstly as her second husband, his sister-in-law, ERMENTRUDE, widow of BORELL [I] Conde de Pallars According to Europäische ...

2/27/2008 1/31/2011

Raymond I, comte de Toulouse MP (c.815 - c.865)

"Raimond I of /Rouergue/"

Raymond I (died 865) was the Count of Limoges (from 841), Rouergue and Quercy (from 849), and Toulouse and Albi (from 852). He was the younger son of Fulcoald of Rouergue and Senegund, niece of William...

6/24/2007 1/31/2011

Fredelon, Freddon, or Fredol (died 852) was the first Count of Toulouse (844 – 852) of the dynasty of Rouergue. Son of Fulcoald of Rouergue and Senegund, daughter of Alda, sister of William of Gellon...

12/11/2007 1/31/2011

Fulcoald of Rouergue From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Fulcoald, Foucaud, Fulguald or Fulqualdus is sometimes called the Count of Rouergue and founder of that dynasty of counts which ruled Toul...

9/7/2007 1/31/2011

Gilbert, count of Rouergue MP (c.790 - c.820)

Sigebert ou Gilbert, comte de Rouergue. Quartiers · Patronyme ... Enfants du mariage 1. Foucaud (ou Fulgaud), comte de Rouergue. Sénégonde de Rouergue .

10/20/2007 1/31/2011

Hugues, comte de Rouergue MP (c.1000 - 1053)

Hugh (died 1054) was the Count of Rouergue and Gévaudan from 1008 to his death. He was the son and successor of Raymond II and he inherited suzerainty over neighbouring counties (Agde, Béziers, Uzès) a...

7/3/2008 1/31/2011