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Majestic 12 (alleged UFO committee)

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Majestic 12 (alleged UFO committee)

In UFO conspiracy theories, Majestic 12 (or MJ-12) is the code name of an alleged secret committee of scientists, military leaders, and government officials, formed in 1947 by an executive order by U.S. President Harry S. Truman to facilitate recovery and investigation of alien spacecraft. The concept originated in a series of supposedly "leaked" secret government documents first circulated by ufologists in 1984. Upon examination, the FBI declared the documents to be "completely bogus", and many ufologists consider them to be an elaborate hoax. Majestic 12 remains popular among some UFO conspiracy theorists and the concept has appeared in popular culture including television, film, and literature.


Earlier mentions

According to journalist Howard Blum the name "Majestic 12" had been prefigured in the UFO community when Bill Moore asked National Enquirer reporter Bob Pratt in 1982 to collaborate on a novel called MAJIK-12. Because of this, Blum writes, Pratt had always been inclined to think the Majestic 12 documents a hoax.

The Majestic 12 stories inspired the television series Dark Skies and have appeared as a plot element in The X-Files.

Alien abduction claimant Whitley Strieber wrote a novel called Majestic in 1989 which focused on the origins of MJ-12.

Alleged members