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Claudio Samaco MP (1873 - 1949)

11/29/2016 2/10/2018

Toribio Samaco MP (1871 - d.)

11/29/2016 2/10/2018

Espiradiona Bonifacio-Distrito MP (1875 - 1956)


Citations: "Bernal, Buena. "The Agony Of Lola Nonay, The Supremo's Sister." Rappler. 2017. . Accessed: 13 Dec. 2013.

3/15/2012 12/12/2017

Gregorio H. del Pilar MP (1875 - 1899)

Gregorio was one of the youngest generals during the Philippine Revolution and the Philippine-American War. He died defending retreating Philippine forces during the Battle of Tirad Pass. It was in t...

3/6/2015 5/18/2016

José Tagle MP (1854 - 1902)

Jose Santarin Tagle served as Municipal Captain of the Imus in Aguinaldo's Revolutionary Government -- in recognition of his leadership and victory at the Battle of Imus. Read more:

3/24/2015 7/7/2015

Miguel Malvar MP (1865 - 1911)

Miguel Carpio Malvar was elected as capitan municipal of Sto. Tomas, Batangas. He was a Filipino general who served during the Philippine Revolution and subsequently during the Philippine-American War....

8/27/2008 3/24/2013

Tomas Baloy Aguinaldo MP (deceased)

Tomas Baloy Aguinaldo was among the first recruits of the Magdalo faction of the Katipunan.

12/3/2007 3/2/2013

Manuel Mitra Luz MP (1858 - 1942)

Manuel came from a wealthy chinese mestizo family in Lipa. He was described to be of towering height (six footer), aristocratic in his ways, strict yet considerate. He was engaged to marry his niece, S...

1/24/2009 3/2/2013

Ladislao Nocon Diwa MP (1863 - 1930)

Ladislao Diwa was a Filipino patriot who was among the founders of the Katipunan that initiated the Philippine Revolution against Spain in 1896. He worked as a curial del juzgado in Quiapo (1892) and...

10/4/2007 2/14/2013

Briccio B. Pantas MP (b. - c.1930)

Briccio B. Pantas served as the Secretary of Justice of the Katipunan and took on the alias "Bungahan". He worked as the Secretario del juzgado de Quiapo. He was a member of La Liga Filipina; and was p...

2/13/2013 2/13/2013

José Turiano Santiago MP (1875 - c.1942)

José Turiano Santiago was a Filipino patriot who was among the leaders of the Katipunan that sparked the Philippine Revolution against Spain in 1896. He and his fiance Marina Dizon witnessed the weddin...

2/13/2013 2/13/2013

Marina Bartolome Dizon MP (1875 - 1950)

Marina Dizon-Santiago was a Filipino revolutionary and was the head of the Women's Division of the Katipunan. She was the keeper of the organization's documents. Reference: "Marina Dizon". Wikipi...

2/13/2013 2/13/2013

Jose Matanza Dizon MP (b. - 1897)

Jose Matanza Dizon was a Filipino patriot who was among the first members of the revolutionary Katipunan. He worked as an engraver in the mint in Manila. He was a Freenmason who founded the Taliba Lodg...

2/13/2013 2/13/2013

Emilio Jacinto MP (1875 - 1899)

Emilio D. Jacinto was a Filipino revolutionary. He dropped out of his law studies at the University of Santo Tomas, to join the revolution. He joined the Katipunan and took the name "Pingkian". He se...

2/13/2013 2/13/2013

Deodato Arellano MP (1844 - 1899)

Deodato Arellano was a Filipino patriot who was among the founders of the Katipunan that started the Philippine Revolution against Spain. He also served as the secretary of the La Liga Filipina, founde...

2/13/2013 2/13/2013

Roman Esteban Basa MP (1848 - 1897)

Roman Basa was a Filipino patriot who was the second Supremo or leader of the Katipunan. He was referred to as “Liwanag” in the Katipunan. As a member of the Liga Filipina, he took the name “Baesa bata...

2/13/2013 2/13/2013

Teodoro de Jesus Plata MP (c.1866 - 1897)

Teodoro Plata was a Filipino patriot who was among the founders of the Katipunan. He worked as an escribano del juzgado in Mindoro and an oficial de mesa del juzgado in Binondo. He was a Freemason un...

2/13/2013 2/13/2013

Aniceto Ledesma Lacson MP (1857 - 1931)

Aniceto Lacson was a sugar farmer, a revolutionary general and a businessman. More here:

9/8/2008 5/6/2012

Emmanuel Gomez Almeda MP (deceased)

Emmanuel Gomez Almeda was a pharmacist by occupation, and was known for his formula for the relief of asthma. His eldest daughter Natividad was said to have assisted him in preparing this medicine, and...

1/11/2010 5/6/2012

Baldomero Baloy Aguinaldo MP (1869 - 1915)


Baldomero Baloy Aguinaldo was a statesman and general during the Philippine revolution in 1896. References "Baldomero Aguinaldo". Wikipedia. . Date published: 08 April 2013. Date accessed: 26 May...

12/3/2007 5/6/2012

Felipe Encarnacion Agoncillo MP (1859 - 1941)


Felipe Agoncillo was the Filipino lawyer-representative to the negotiations in Paris that led to the Treaty of Paris (1898), ending the Spanish–American War and achieving him the title of "outstanding ...

4/6/2012 5/5/2012

Mariano Nolasco Limjap MP (1856 - 1926)

Mariano Nolasco Limjap was a prominent businessman, a patriot, and a philanthropist. He financed the activities of the revolutionary Katipunan, served as a member of the Revolutionary Congress and was ...

2/12/2011 4/12/2012

Paciano Alonso Mercado MP (1851 - 1930)


Paciano Rizal Mercado was a revolutionary general and gentleman farmer. The oldest brother of Jose Rizal, he supported his brother financially by sending him to Europe to study. He was also a big influ...

3/17/2009 4/12/2012

Vicente Lukban MP (1860 - 1916)

Vicente Rilles Lukban was a Filipino officer in Emilio Aguinaldo's staff during the Philippine Revolution and the politico-military chief of Samar and Leyte during the Philippine-American War. More her...

8/18/2008 4/12/2012

Emilio Aguinaldo MP (1869 - 1964)


Emilio Famy Aguinaldo was the first president of the Philippines. Aguinaldo was rushed to Veterans Memorial Medical Center in Quezon City on October 5, 1962, under the care of Dra. Juana Blanco Fernand...

11/17/2010 4/12/2012

Roman Ongpin y Tanbensiang MP (1847 - 1912)

"Don Roman"

Roman Tanbensiang Ongpin was a Chinese-Filipino businessman, philanthropist, nationalist, and civic citizen in the late 19th century. He served as "primer teniente de mestizos" of Binondo from 1883 to ...

8/18/2008 4/12/2012

Antonio Urquico MP (deceased)

Capital Antonio Urquico was a rich rice merchant from Tarlac and one of the province’s first Katipuneros in the fight for freedom from Spanish rule.

3/28/2012 3/28/2012

Gregoria Francisco Nakpil MP (1875 - 1943)


Gregoria de Jesus was the founder and vice-president of the women's chapter of the Katipunan. Code named "Lakambini", she was the custodian of the organization's documents and seal. Reference: "G...

1/27/2009 3/15/2012

Procopio de Castro Bonifacio MP (c.1873 - 1897)

Procopio de Castro Bonifacio was a Katipunero who fought the Spaniards under the leadership of his brother, Andres. With Pio Valenzuela, Candido Tirona, Emilio Jacinto and Andres Bonifacio, they founde...

3/15/2012 3/15/2012

Andrés Bonifacio MP (1863 - 1897)

Andres Bonifacio was a Filipino nationalist and revolutionary. He worked as a warehouseman (bodeguero) of Fressel y Cia, a German-owned cement, brick and tile company on Calle Nueva, Binondo. He also m...

1/27/2009 3/15/2012