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Regintrude of Austrasia MP (c.635 - 649)

8/7/2010 5/9/2017

Nantéchilde MP (c.610 - 642)

"Nantéchilde", "Nanthechilde", "Nantechildis", "Nanthild", "Nanthilde", "Nanthildis"

Nanthild (c. 610 – 642) (also known as Nantéchilde , Nanthechilde , Nanthildis , Nanthilde , or Nantechildis ) was the second or third of many wives of Dagobert I, king of the Franks (629-639). She w...

3/17/2009 7/29/2016

Chloebaud Merovingian MP (deceased)

7/11/2015 5/9/2016

Theudelinde Merovingian MP (deceased)

5/18/2011 4/9/2016

Sichilde MP (c.585 - c.625)


She was a sister of Gometrude, the wife of her step-son Dagobert I.

5/9/2007 4/5/2016

Andelfida Merovingian MP (deceased)

3/9/2015 4/5/2016

Theodoric "the Great," king of the Ostrogoths MP (454 - 526)

"Theodoric "the Great"", "Theoderic of Verona", "El Grande", "Flavius Theodericus", "Θευδερίχος", "Þeodric", "Dietrich von Bern", "Þjóðrekr", "Þiðrekr", ""The Great"", "King Teodorico of the /Ostrogoths/", "King of the Ostrogoths", "Theodoric", "Theoderich", "Théodoric", "Theuderic", "..."

MD's Note on picture: This mosaic in Ravenna, when discovered under plaster, was erroneously identified as being a portrait of Justinian, and currently (after restoration) carries a caption above it id...

3/8/2007 4/4/2016

Ingomer MP (494 - 494)

INGOMER (b and d 493). Gregory of Tours names Ingomer as eldest son of King Clovis and his wife Clotilde, recording that his mother insisted on having him baptised against the wishes of her husband, ...

5/30/2007 4/4/2016

11/11/2007 4/4/2016

Arnoaldus, Bishop of Metz MP (c.540 - c.611)

"Arnoald", "Arnoaldus", "Arnoldus", "Arnual", "Arnulf", "Arnold", "of Saxony", "van Saksen", "de Saxe", "Bishop of Metz", "Saint Arnoaldus XXVII De Schelde", "evêque de Metz", "Marquis de Schelde", "Arnoald Duc de Suave"

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Arnoald, also called Arnoldus or Arnual (ca 560 – ca 611), was a Bishop of Metz between 601 and 609 or 611, the successor of Agilulf, and a Margrave of Schelde. ...

1/25/2007 4/3/2016

Vultrogothe MEROVING MP (deceased)

12/12/2010 4/3/2016

Saint Clotilde of Burgundy MP (c.470 - 545)

"Chlotilde", "of France", "Chrotechildis", "Chlothilde", "St Chrotechilde de Bougogne", "Clotilda", "St.Clotilde", "Sainta Clotilde de Borganha", "Clothilde", "Clotild", "Rotilde or Chroctechildis", "Chlotilde “the Holy” de Bourgogne", "Clothilda", "the Burgundian Queen of Clovis I"

Saint Clotilde of Burgundy also known as Clothilde, Clotilda, Clotild, Rotilde or Chroctechildis Born: 475 Died: 545 Parents: King Chilperic II of Burgundy and Caretena Spoue: Clovis I King of the ...

3/8/2007 4/3/2016

Ansbert of Moselle MP (c.510 - c.570)

"Ansbert", "Ansbertus", "Ausbert", "Ausbertus (Ausbert) Meroving", "Ausberto d'Austrasia", "Duke of Moselle", "Senator Aethelberht or Ansbertus Ferreolus Von Schelde", "Mar de Schelde", "Senator of The Moselle", "of Scheide", "Ausbert de Moselle"

Ansbertus ' existence is open to doubt and his ancestry is conjectural. He is first mentioned in the much later Liber Historiae Francorum , as is his wife Blithilde / Bilichilde ("Ansbertus nobilissimu...

3/12/2007 4/3/2016

Chlodosinda, Queen of the Lombards MP (bef.546 - bef.567)


From the Prosopography of the Later Roman Empire, Vol. 3, pg. 297: Chlodosinda (Chlothsinda) 1. Frankish princess; wife of Alboin. M VI Daughter of Chlothacharius (PLRE II) and Ingundis 1, she ma...

6/12/2007 4/3/2016

Berteflede MP (deceased)

3/31/2012 4/3/2016

Chusène, Concubine 1 MP (513 - d.)

"Chusène", "Chunsina", "Chunsia", "Gunsine", "Gunsinde"

6/12/2007 4/3/2016

Carloman of Landen MP (c.550 - 639)

"Carloman van Landen", "Mayor of the Palace / Carloman of Landen", "Carloman "Mayor" Merovingian De Landen"

According to the Wikipedia page on his son, Pepin of Landen: Pepin's father is named Carloman by the Chronicle of Fredegar, the chief source for his life. His byname comes from his probable birth...

2/8/2007 4/2/2016

Theudebert I, king of the Franks at Reims MP (c.505 - c.548)

"Teodeberto", "Thibert"

ID: I5518Th48a Name: Theudebert Merovingian , I Given Name: Theudebert, I Surname: Merovingian Sex: M Death: 0548A Note: TITLES: - #I - k. of Austrasia - SOURCES: - Wagner1975 ...

3/8/2007 8/14/2013

Ingunda de Metz MP (c.550 - c.585)

"Ingonde de Metz", "Ingundis de Metz"

She refused to abjure Catholicism when she married the Arian Leovigild. Instead, she converted her husband to Catholicism, and incurred the enmity of her father-in-law and his wife (who was also Ingund...

6/12/2007 5/30/2013

Theutbald of Metz MP (deceased)

7/6/2009 4/5/2013

Sigimaerus, bishop of Auvergne MP (c.419 - c.457)

"Sigimberus", "Sigimerus", "Sigermerus", "Gigermerus of Franks", "Gigermerus I Franks"

ID: I5419Si69a Name: Sigimerus Auvergne,bishop-of , I Given Name: Sigimerus, I Surname: Auvergne,bishop-of Sex: M Birth: abt 0419A Note: VERSIONS OF HIS NAME: - Sigimerus [Jordan1929] [...

6/7/2007 3/26/2013

Mummolin, Mayor of the Palace of Neustria MP (520 - c.566)

"(Nomble)", "Mumolin", "Mummolin des Francs Ripuaires", "Mummolene"

He was perhaps Mayor of the Palace of Neustria. Some sources call him Count of Soissons. He was a son or son-in-law of Mundéric . His wife was probably an unnamed daughter of Mundéric ,His wife...

2/7/2007 3/24/2013

Bodegisel I MP (c.530 - 581)

"Baudgise", "Baudgisel", "Bodegisel", "Bogosisel", "Borogiso"

Bodegisel I , formerly thought to have been the father of Bodegisel II , was brother to Gondolfus , the other possible father of Bodegisel II. Here is the explanation: The father of our presumed ancest...

4/14/2008 3/24/2013

Regintrud of the Franks MP (c.635 - c.649)

"Reginlind", "Regentrud"

He married Regintrude of Austrasia, daughter of Dagobert I and Regintrude. They had the following: 1. Daughter of Theodo, married Godefroy, Duke of Alamannia He also married Folchiade of Salzeburg....

5/25/2007 3/12/2013

Theudebald, king of Austrasia MP (c.536 - 555)

"Teodebaldo", "Théodebald"

Theudebald or Theodebald (in modern English, Theobald; in French, Thibaud or Théodebald; in German, Theudowald) (c. 535–555), son of Theudebert I and Deuteria, was the king of Metz, Rheims, or Austra...

3/8/2007 2/23/2013

Grimoald I, duke of Aquitaine MP (c.555 - 599)

"Grimoald de Metz; Grimoald Ier d' Austrasie d'Aquitaine."

3/8/2007 2/23/2013

Clodesinde MP (aft.575 - aft.594)

"Chlodeswintha", "Chlodoswinthe", "Clodosinde", "de Metz", "des Francs", "of Austrasia"

FUENTES: - - Chlodoswinthe des Francs1 b. 569 Father Sigibertus I, rex Austrasii1,2 b. 535, d. November 575 Mother Brunechildis the Visigoth1,2 b. 543, d. 13 October 613 Also called Chodo...

6/12/2007 2/21/2013

Chlodeswinthe (Verica) of the Franks MP (c.418 - c.449)

"Merira", "Meira", "Metina", "Vberica", "Verica", "Princess of Sweden"

ID: I5410Ve69a Name: Verica - Given Name: Verica Surname: - Sex: F Note: VERSIONS OF HER NAME: - Merira [Gardner1996] - Verica [wYoung] - SOURCES: - Gardner1996 - wYoung - P...

3/12/2007 2/21/2013

..., a Quinotaur (Fictitious Person) MP (deceased)

"Quintus Taurus"

Fredegar (7th century) says one of the two possible fathers of Mérovech was a " Quinotaur ", a sea-beast with five horns. Fredegar, Chronicles 3.9. Some modern genealogies try to rationalize the myth...

4/22/2009 2/20/2013

King Pharamond (Fictitious) MP (b. - bef.430)

"Faramund", "Pharamand", "Pharamond", "Pharamund", "Guermond", "Warmond", "Theodemin von Frank", "Theodemir King von Frank"

Pharamond or Faramund (c. 370 - c. 427) is probably legendary rather than historical. Although he is often called the first king of the Salian Franks, he was first mentioned in the anonymous 8th centur...

3/12/2007 2/20/2013

Ildégonde of the Franks MP (399 - 450)

"Hildegonde", "Ildégonde", "Ildegonde", "Iidegonde"

ILDEGONDE eller HILDEGONDE (född mot 400 , död i 450) Clodion Wifethe Hårig en ( kung Saliens Franks ) i ? Her ancestry is continued elsewhere on this tree. Ildegonde's father was Marcomir Franks a...

2/7/2007 2/12/2013

Chlodébaud, King of the Franks at Cologne MP (430 - aft.450)

"Chlodebald", "Chlodebaud des Frances Ripuaires", "the Catholique"

2/7/2007 2/12/2013

... d'Austrasie MP (c.633 - 700)

Info from Birth: unknown Metz Departement de la Moselle Lorraine, France Death: unknown, Belgium Birth:632 Death: Princess Family links: Spouse: Theodard Bishop de Liège d'...

8/23/2009 2/4/2013

Childébert I, King of Paris MP (c.496 - 558)

Childebert King of Cologne+ 1 Child of a Merovingian woman and Clovis "the Riparian" Frankish King of Cologne Sources Stuart, Roderick W. Royalty for Commoners, The Complete Known Lineage of John...

5/19/2008 2/2/2013

Adèle d'Austrasie, Abbess of Pfalzel MP (c.632 - 735)


Adèle d'Austrasie, Abbess of Pfalzel . There is some doubt whether she was a historical figure. She is frequently confused with the Addula who was mother of Albéric and grandmother of St. Gregory of Ut...

7/4/2007 1/7/2013

Saint Guntram, King of Burgundy MP (c.525 - 592)

"Gontram", "Gontran", "Gunthram", "Gunthchramn", "Gunther", "Guntram", "Guntramm", "Guntramn", "de Orleans", "of Burgundy"

Guntram From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Saint Guntram (c. 532, Soissons – 28 January 592) (also called Gontram, Gontran, Gunthram, or Gunthchramn) was the king of Burgundy from 561 to 592. He...

6/12/2007 1/4/2013

Théodéric IV, king of the Franks MP (c.690 - 737)

"Théodoric", "Theoderich", "Thierry"

Do not confuse him with Thierry I , comte d'Autun Théodéric IV was King of the Franks (721-737), as a puppet of Charles Martel , the Mayor of the Palace. After his death, the throne was vacant for se...

6/20/2008 5/28/2011

Marcomir I, King of the Franks at Cologne MP (c.347 - c.404)

"Marcomir", "Marchomir", "Marchomer", "Marchomeres", "Marcomeres", "Marcomer"

Marcomer (or Marcomir , Marcomeres , Marchomer , Marchomir ) (late 4th century), Frankish chief. In later legend he was the son of Chlodio IV , a fictitious person invented to give this family a desc...

2/7/2007 5/28/2011

Mérovech de Soissons MP (c.552 - c.584)

6/12/2007 5/28/2011

Chlodio "the Long-Haired", king of the Salian Francs at Cologne MP (c.395 - 448)

"The Great", "Clodio the Long-Haired", "Chlodégar"

Chlodio King of the Salian Franks Born c. 392/395[1] Died 445[1]/448 (~aged 50) Consort Basina (daughter of Wedelphus, an alleged king of the Thuringii) [1] Issue Merovech (disputed) Fath...

3/15/2008 5/28/2011

Chlodomir I, King the Franks at Orléans MP (c.495 - 524)

"Clodomer", "Clodomir"

Roi des Worms Clodomiro (◊ c. 495 † 21 de Junho de 524). Foi o segundo dos quatro filhos de Clóvis I, rei dos francos. Quando seu pai morreu em 511, ele dividiu o reino dos francos com seus três irmã...

5/10/2009 5/28/2011

Clovis I the Great, King of the Franks MP (c.465 - 511)

"Chlodovech", "Chlodovechus", "Magnus", "Ludovicus", "Clovis", "Clovis Magnus", "Clovis the Great", "Chlodio", "Clodio", "Clodion", "Chlodion", "Chrlodwig", "the Old (le Vieux)", "King of the Franks; the Merovingian dynasty", ""The Magnificent"", "Clovis I", "The Great King"

Settipani (1989) is the main authority on the genealogy of the Merovingian and Carolingian Kings of France, and the pedigree shown here in Lineage 1, is from his work. Settipani's research was preceded...

3/8/2007 5/28/2011

Chlothar II the Young, King of the Franks MP (584 - 629)

"Lothair Merovingian King of Neustria and King of the Franks", "Lothair 'the Young'", "Chlotar", "Clothar", "Clotaire", "Chlotochar", "Hlothar", "the Young", "the Great", "(Lotharius II)", "Le Jeune", "Clothaire /Meroving/", "King of All Franks", "King Clotaire I of the /Franks/..."

Chlothar (or Clotaire , Chlothachar ) (584-629), King of Soissons (Neustria) (584), King of Metz (Austrasia) and Orléans (Burgundy), and sole King of the Franks (613-629). He was born shortly after h...

5/9/2007 5/28/2011

Dagobert I, king of the Franks MP (603 - 639)

"Dagoberto da Néustria I", "Dagobert I King Of /Francec/", "King of All Franks", "King Dagobert I of the /Franks/"

Dagobert I (c. 603 – 19 January 639) was the king of Austrasia (623–634), king of all the Franks (629–634), and king of Neustria and Burgundy (629–639). He was the last Merovingian dynast to wield an...

5/9/2007 5/28/2011

Clovis II "the Lazy", King of the Franks MP (635 - 657)

"Chlodovech", "Clodoveo", "Clovis"

Notice some uncertainty in his dates. French Wikipedia says he was born in 635 and died on 31 October 657. German Wikipedia says he was born 634 and died on 11 October 657. English Wikipedia sa...

5/28/2007 5/28/2011

Theodoric III, king of the Franks MP (652 - 690)

"Thierry", "Theuderic", "Theodoric", "/Theodoric/ III", "King of Neustria and Austrasia", "Also known as ‘Theuderich’ ‘Theoderic’ ‘Theodoric’ ‘Thierry’", "(Diederik)", "King Thierry III of the /Franks/", "Theuderic III (or Theuderich", "Theoderic", "or Theodoric; in French"

Theuderic III (or Theuderich, Theoderic, or Theodoric; in French, Thierry) (654 – 691) was the king of Neustria (including Burgundy) on two occasions (673 and 675 – 691) and king of Austrasia from 679 ...

3/17/2007 5/28/2011

Dagobert III (699-715) was Merovingian king of the Franks (711-715). He was a son of Childebert III and Edonne. He succeeded his father as the head of the three Frankish kingdoms—Neustria and Austras...

5/28/2007 5/28/2011

Koning Childebert III (koning van 695 - 711), ook Childebert IV genoemd om hem te onderscheiden van Childebert de Geadopteerde, was de zoon van Theuderik III. Hij volgde zijn broer Clovis IV na diens...

5/28/2007 5/28/2011

Clovis IV (sometimes Clovis III if the other Clovis III is considered a usurper) (682–95), son of Theuderic III, was the sole king of the Franks from 691 until his death. Although Clovis IV is called "...

7/30/2007 5/28/2011

Chlothar III, King of the Franks MP (c.650 - 673)

"Clotaire", "Clothar", "Chlotar", "Chlothar", "Chlotochar", "Hlothar", "Lothair"

Chlothar III (or Chlotar, Clothar, Clotaire, Chlotochar, or Hlothar, giving rise to Lothair; 652–73) was the eldest son of Clovis II, king of Neustria and Burgundy, and his queen Balthild. When Clovis ...

6/29/2007 5/28/2011

Théodéric of the Franks MP (c.725 - 792)


10/11/2008 5/28/2011

He was King of the Franks (743-deposed 751). He was the last of the Merovingian kings. His parentage is uncertain, but he is thought to have been a son of Chilpéric II. He was raised to the throne and ...

7/31/2008 5/28/2011

He was raised as a monk under the name Daniel, but became King of Neustria (715), and sole King of the Franks (719), succeeding Dagobert III. He was the last Merovingian king to exercise independent au...

6/29/2007 5/28/2011

Childeric II (c. 653 – 675) was the king of Austrasia from 662 and of Neustria and Burgundy from 673 until his death, making him sole King of the Franks for the final two years of his life. He was ...

6/29/2007 5/28/2011

Mérovech MP (c.611 - 612)

Mérovech (c611-612). After his father defeat, Fredegar records that " filius eius…Merovius parvolus " was murdered on the orders of his victorious uncle King Theuderic by a soldier "who took him by the...

5/28/2011 5/28/2011

Mérovech de Soissons MP (b. - c.604)

The Chronicle of Fredegar says he led an invasion of the kingdom of Burgundy in 604, where he was defeated and taken prisoner. If so, he must have been only a child. His father was born in 584, so Méro...

5/19/2008 5/28/2011

Theuderic II, King of Burgundy & Austrasia MP (c.587 - 613)

"Thierry II"

Theuderic (or Theodoric ) (587-613). He was King of Orléans (Burgundy) (596) and Metz (Austrasia) (612). He succeeded his father in 596 as King of Burgundy, with his capital at Orléans. In 597, he and ...

2/19/2009 5/28/2011

His great grandmother Brunehaut tried to establish him as King of Orléans and Metz in 613 as successor to his father. However, he was captured and murdered by his cousin Chlothar II , who thereupon bec...

12/21/2008 5/28/2011

Corbus d'Orléans MP (c.604 - 613)

After his father's death, he was captured and killed by his cousin Chlothar II. Theodoric II at Foundation for Medieval Genealogy, visited Aug. 23, 2013.

5/28/2011 5/28/2011

Mérovech d'Orléans MP (c.607 - d.)

After his father's death, Mérovech and his brothers were captured by their cousin Chlothar II, who had two of the brothers killed. However, Chlothar had a great affection for Mérovic, whom he had recei...

5/28/2011 5/28/2011

Childébert d'Orléans MP (c.603 - aft.613)

After his father's death, he was captured by his cousin Chlothar II, who had two of Childébert's brothers killed. However, Childébert escaped. The chronicler says he "mounted a horse and fled, never to...

11/26/2008 5/28/2011

Childebert II (570–95) was the Merovingian king of Austrasia, which included Provence at the time, from 575 until his death in 595, the eldest and succeeding son of Sigebert I, and the king of Burgundy...

6/12/2007 5/27/2011

Charibert I, King of the Franks at Paris MP (c.517 - 567)

"de Neustria", "de Neustrie"

Charibert I (c. 517–November or December 567) was the Merovingian King of Paris, the second-eldest son of Chlothar I and Ingund. His elder brother was Gunthar, who died sometime before their father's d...

6/12/2007 5/27/2011

Siegbert I, King of Austrasia MP (c.535 - c.575)

"Segisberto", "Sigisbert", "Sigebert", "Sigebert I", "Charles De Brabant"

[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 14, Ed. 1, Tree #3302, Date of Import: Jan 26, 1999] Sigebert I (535-575) was the king of Austrasia from the death of his father in 561 to his own death. He was the third survi...

6/12/2007 5/27/2011

Chilpéric I, King of the Franks at Soissons MP (539 - 584)

"Chilpérico da Néustria", "King of Soissons", "King Chilperic I of the /Franks/", "Chilperich", "/Chilperic/", "Chilperic King /De Burgundy/", "King of Burgundy"

Chilperic I (c. 539 – September 584) was the king of Neustria (or Soissons) from 561 to his death. He was one of the sons of Clotaire I, sole king of the Franks, and Aregund. Chilperic I's first marr...

3/8/2007 5/27/2011

Chlothar I the Old, King of the Franks MP (c.497 - 561)

"Chlotar", "Clotario", "Chlothachar", "Chlothar", "Chlotochar", "Clothaire", "Clothar", "Clotaire", "Hlothar", ""The Old"", "Chlotar I", "Chlodomir II", "King of the Franks", "The Old Merovian King"

Relationships: Parents: Clovis/Chlodovech I (446/467 - 511), King of the Franks (482-511) Clotilde/Rotilde/Chrotechildis (c480-544/548), Queen of the Franks (492-511), nun at St. Martin at To...

3/12/2007 5/27/2011

Childéric I, King of the Franks MP (c.436 - c.481)

"Childeric", "Childerich", "Childéric I", "roi des Francs", "King of the Salian Franks"

Childeric I (c. 440– c. 481) was the Merovingian king of the Salian Franks from 457 until his death, and the father of Clovis. He succeeded his father Merovech as king, traditionally in 457 or 458. W...

3/8/2007 5/27/2011

Chlodio I Long-Hair, King of the Franks MP (c.395 - c.448)

"Clodian", "Chlodio", "Chlodion", "Clodio", "Clodion", "Clodius", "Le Chevelu", "the Hairy", "Long Hair", "the Long-Haired", "le Chevelu", "The Hairy", "Clodion /Cologne/", "Clodius (Clodion) "le Cheveleu"", "/Archadius/", "met de lange haren", "the longhaired", "Clogio (Clodion `the Ha..."

Clodion le Chevelu (c390-c450) is the earliest king of the Merovingian dynasty whose existence is certain. He is known only by two brief mentions, which makes it difficult to establish a biography. His...

2/7/2007 5/27/2011

Mérovech I, King of the Salian Franks MP (c.415 - c.456)

"Merovaeus", "Meroveo", "Mérovée", "Merovech", "Mérowée", "Mérovech", "Merowech", "Meroveu", "Meroveus", "Merovius", "Merowig", "Maerovaee", "Mberovbee", "Merewig"

Merovech From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Merovech (Latin: Meroveus or Merovius; ) is the legendary founder of the Merovingian dynasty of the Salian Franks, that later became the dominant Fran...

3/8/2007 5/27/2011

Theudebert II Theodebert II 596-612 at Foundation for Medieval Genealogy, visited Aug. 22, 2013. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Theudebert II (French: Thibert or Théodebert; 586 – 612)...

6/12/2007 5/26/2011

Bodegisel II, duke of Aquitaine MP (c.550 - 584)

"Baudgise", "Baudegisel", "Bodegiesel", "Bodogisel", "Boggis", "Bohggis", "Borogiso", "d'Herstal", "d'Aquitaine", "of Aquitaine", "Duque Gobernador de Aquitania", "van Aquitanie", "Bodegiesel II", "duke of Aquitaine"

Bodegisel II (Borogiso II of Aquitaine, Bodegiesel II, Governor of Aquitaine) was born 565 C.E. in Aquitaine, France. He was the Governor of Aquitaine. He died about 610 C.E. in Carthage, Africa, being...

2/7/2007 5/26/2011

Blithildis MP (c.513 - 580)

"of Sassons / Blithilda", "Blithildes", "Blithildis", "Blithilt", "Blithilde", "Bilichilde", "Bilichildis", "Blithildiso", "Britilde", "Briquilda"

Blithildes or Bilichilde (c538-c603). Her ancestry is unknown (Weis, Ancestral Roots 180:5). However, the earliest sources, which tried to connect the Carolingians to the Merovingian dynasty they displ...

1/25/2007 5/26/2011

Saint Deuteria (Doda), abbess of Saint Pierre de Reims MP (c.495 - 530)

"Deuteria", "Doda", "Dode", "Chlodereia", "Saint Deuteria (Doda)", "Abbess of Saint Pierre de Reims"

Deuteria (or Dode ), called Chlodoreia (daughter of Chloderieus) in some older genealogies. From the English Wikipedia page on Dode, Abbess of St-Pierre de Reims: Saint Dode (born before 509) was a...

3/5/2007 5/26/2011

Saint Gondolfus, bishop of Tongres MP (c.545 - 607)

"Gondulf", "Gondolfus", "Gondon", "Gundulfus", "Gundulphus", "of Soissons", "of Maastricht", "of Tongeren", "Bishop of Tongres"

Saint Gondulphus of Maastricht (also Gondolfus, Gundulfus, Gondulf, Gondon; born c. 524, died c. 6 July 607) was the Bishop of Tongres and Bishop of Maastricht in the sixth century. His predecessor, ...

4/10/2007 5/26/2011

Mundéric, lord of Vitry-en-Perthois MP (c.495 - c.532)

"Munderic", "Mundéric", "de Cologne"

Munderic (c495-c532), Lord of Vitry-en-Parthois. He claimed to be son of Clodéric "the Parricide" but there is room for doubt. He was very young in 509 when his father was killed. He claimed the throne...

2/7/2007 5/26/2011

Chlodéric, king of the Franks at Cologne MP (c.478 - 509)

"Clodereius", "Clodoreius", "Chlodwig", "Chlodowech", "Clodoveu", "Chlodovech", ""the Parricide""

Chlodoric (or Chloderic ) the Patricide (died c. 509) murdered his own father, Sigobert the Lame, in order to take his kingdom. Chlodoric acted upon the instigation of Clovis I a rival king of the Sali...

2/7/2007 5/26/2011