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Military awards and decorations

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  • John Lind (c.1924 - 2018)
    John Joseph Lind Appleton - John J. Lind of Appleton, WI, passed away in his home on October 5, 2018 in Fairfax, VA at the age of 94. He is survived by his brother Walter "Pete" Lind of Appleton, WI ...
  • Johannis Kartner (c.1779 - 1857)
    De oudst bekende voorvader is Jean Baptiste (Johan) Kartnar (ook wel genoemd Kärtner, Gernerd of Gernard - mogelijk afgeleid van het Duitse woord voor tuinder), huzaar in het 7e regiment, derde compagn...
  • Dr. Jacob Einthoven (1825 - 1866)
    DR. JACOB EINTHOVEN , geb. Groningen 26-2-1825, student te Groningen, arts, officier van gezondheid 3e klas (KNIL) (1845), 2e klas (1850), arts en stadsgeneesheer (1858) van Semarang, onderscheiden met...
  • Albert Hoeben (1920 - 2014)
    Albert Hoeben, 1920 2014 Stamproy, Marinier, drager van de Ridder MWO.4e klasse Ereteken voor Orde en Vrede, twee gespen Source: Wiki
  • Giovanni Narcis Hakkenberg (1923 - 2013)
    Giovanni Narcis Hakkenberg (Soerabaja, 6 december 1923 – Ede, 15 februari 2013) was een Nederlands marinier (kapitein der mariniers b.d.) en ridder der Militaire Willems-Orde. Onderscheidingen: Mi...

Many of our ancestors have a military past. Veterans often received awards or decorations for their efforts or accomplishments.

You can easily add these awards to someone's profile. Just create a new event (you can find the dates in the service records) and add a picture of the medal, ribbon, .... (and even a comment). It will appear in the timeline of that person. Under media you'll find an overview of all the awards and decorations.

Some examples (click on 'timeline' and/or 'media'):

To make it easier, we give you some links.



List of more than 200,000 soldiers of Napoleon who received the Medal of St Helena: search engine