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Military awards and decorations

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  • Lubbert Rozeboom (1918 - 1940)
    Lubbert Rozeboom 1918 1940, Sergeant Boordtelegrafist Posthuum met de Militaire Willemsorde 4e klasse onderscheiden. Oorlogsgravenstichting
  • Sgt. Larry Eugene Keaffaber (1961 - 2023)
    I was in Army from 1981-!992. I am married with 4 children and several grandchildren. I love playing video games and playing with grandchildren, I love going out with my wife and sharing in her hobbies...
  • N.N Cordus (1813 - d.)
  • Nicolaas Roestenburg (c.1791 - 1857)
    Nicolaas Roestenburg 1791 Nederlandse militairen in het leger van Napoleon, 123e Regiment Infanterie van Linie Als sergeant in 1813 getekend zonder handgeld voor 6 jaren, bij de infantrie. Heeft ...

Many of our ancestors have a military past. Veterans often received awards or decorations for their efforts or accomplishments.

You can easily add these awards to someone's profile. Just create a new event (you can find the dates in the service records) and add a picture of the medal, ribbon, .... (and even a comment). It will appear in the timeline of that person. Under media you'll find an overview of all the awards and decorations.

Some examples (click on 'timeline' and/or 'media'):

To make it easier, we give you some links.



List of more than 200,000 soldiers of Napoleon who received the Medal of St Helena: search engine