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Fred A Banducci MP (1894 - 1970)

Reference: Find A Grave Memorial - SmartCopy : Sep 27 2017, 18:03:32 UTC

9/27/2017 9/27/2017

Arthur Ashbie Green MP (1891 - 1957)

"Double A Green"

Known as "Double A," Arthur was the family bootlegger. He always said that liquid corn was more profitable. His biggest market was to sell to the county officials in both Crosby and Lubbock. However th...

7/14/2017 7/14/2017

William Pritts MP (1836 - 1922)

1900 U.S. Federal Population Census; Genealogical Society Number: 1241411; Line Number: 28; Sheet: A; Page Number: 3; Residence: Fayette, PA; Enumeration District: 0058; Birth Location: Pennsylvania; S...

10/12/2011 5/30/2017

Dutch Schultz MP (1902 - 1935)

Dutch Schultz (born Arthur Simon Flegenheimer; August 6, 1902 – October 24, 1935) was a New York City-area German Jewish-American mobster of the 1920s and 1930s who made his fortune in organized crim...

5/1/2017 5/1/2017

) Cassius Marcellus Clay (October 19, 1810 – July 22, 1903), nicknamed "The Lion of White Hall", was an emancipationist from Madison County, Kentucky, United States. He was a cousin of Henry Clay and...

1/5/2008 11/4/2016

Tony Cornero MP (1899 - 1955)

"Tony Cornero"

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Anthony Cornero Stralla also known as "the Admiral" and "Tony the Hat" (August 18, 1899 - July 31, 1955) was a bootlegger and gambling entrepreneur in Southern C...

5/8/2016 5/8/2016

William J Lawrence MP (1889 - 1974)

"Bill", "Grandpa", "Great-Grandpa"

Updated 6/21/2016(CLM):Find A Grave #121635585. William J Lawrence was a handyman, farmer, citrus worker, and moonshiner. The story is that the Doctor told William to go to Florida , and William said h...

6/24/2014 7/16/2015

Samuel Taylor Suit MP (1832 - 1888)

Samuel Taylor Suit (1832–1888) was a Maryland politician and landowner. Suit was born in Bladensburg, Maryland, the son of innkeeper Fielder Suit. At age 14 he left home and traveled first to Keokuk, I...

6/26/2008 7/2/2015

Gaston B. Means MP (1879 - 1938)

Gaston Bullock Means (July 11, 1879 – December 12, 1938) was an American private detective, salesman, bootlegger, forger, swindler, murder suspect, blackmailer, and con artist. While not involved i...

5/15/2014 6/22/2015

Moe Dalitz ("Mr. Las Vegas") MP (1899 - 1989)

Birth: Dec. 24, 1899 Boston Suffolk County Massachusetts, USA Death: Aug. 31, 1989 Las Vegas Clark County Nevada, USA Organized Crime Figure. Known to his contemporaries as "Moe". Born Boston, he...

3/23/2012 4/10/2015

Samuel Bronfman MP (1889 - 1971)

Samuel Bronfman , CC (February 27, 1889 – July 10, 1971) was a Canadian business magnate and philanthropist. He founded Distillers Corporation Limited, and is a member of the Canadian Jewish family dyn...

12/22/2008 4/9/2015

Reverend William Kellar MP (1768 - 1817)

Rev. William Kellar established four Baptist churches in Oldham county. Harrod's Creed Baptist Church, established by Rev. Kellar in 1797, is located just north of the village of Brownsboro in Oldham C...

1/18/2010 1/6/2015

Carlo Gambino MP (1902 - 1975)

Overview Carlo Gambino was an Italian-born American gangster, notable for being boss of the Gambino crime family , which is still named after him. After the 1957 Apalachin Convention he unexpectedly ...

9/28/2014 9/28/2014

Rufus Ford Barton MP (1881 - 1924)

10/31/2013 10/31/2013

James A. "Jim" Oxendine MP (1889 - 1923)


Find a Grave Birth: Aug. 12, 1889 Robeson County North Carolina, USA Death: Apr. 11, 1923 Carmichael Crossroads (Dillon County) Dillon County South Carolina, USA Jim was the son of Asbury and R...

9/29/2013 9/29/2013

Neil A. Oxendine MP (1875 - 1927)

Find a Grave Birth: Feb. 28, 1875 Robeson County North Carolina, USA Death: Feb. 14, 1927 Rowland Robeson County North Carolina, USA Neil was the son of Alexander, Sr. and Amy Hunt Oxendine. ...

5/20/2013 5/20/2013

French Locklear MP (1896 - 1923)

Find a Grave Birth: May 18, 1896 Robeson County North Carolina, USA Death: Oct. 8, 1923 Lumberton Robeson County North Carolina, USA French was the son of Madrick and Catherine Jones Locklear. ...

9/16/2012 5/10/2013

Dean Charles O'Banion MP (1892 - 1924)

"Deanie", "Dion", "Charles Dean O'Banion"

Irish-American Gangster. He was the head of the North Side Gang in Chicago during the bootlegging wars of the 1920s. Until his death he was the leader of the gang that was the chief rival of the South ...

1/7/2013 2/16/2013

James Irwin MP (c.1705 - c.1778)


In 1778, James Irwin the pioneer, closed his eyes upon a comfortable home, in the presence of his "beloved wife Jean", and his sons and daughters. He was buried in the White Stone graveyard at Church H...

4/25/2007 2/8/2013

Charlie "Lucky" Luciano MP (1897 - 1962)

""Lucky Luciano"", "Lucky Luciano"

in WIKIPEDIA Charlie "Lucky" Luciano (born Salvatore Lucania; November 24, 1897 – January 26, 1962) was an Italian mobster born in Sicily. Luciano is considered the father of modern organized crime i...

12/24/2010 1/22/2013

Charles "Barney" Barnwell MP (1952 - 2011)


Charles "Barney" Barnwell

1/22/2013 1/22/2013

Andrew Jackson Bondurant, Sr. MP (1910 - 2000)

"Jack", "A.J."

Bondurant Brothers; Howard, Forrest and Jack, were bootlegging brothers during the Prohibition Era. They are the main characters in the 2012 film Lawless and in Matt Bondurant's novel, The Wettest Co...

12/4/2012 1/22/2013

James Forrest Bondurant MP (1901 - 1965)

Bondurant Brothers; Howard, Forrest and Jack, were bootlegging brothers during the Prohibition Era. They are the main characters in the 2012 film Lawless and in Matt Bondurant's novel, The Wettest Co...

12/4/2012 1/22/2013

Howard Bondurant MP (1898 - 1968)

Bondurant Brothers; Howard, Forrest and Jack, were bootlegging brothers during the Prohibition Era. They are the main characters in the 2012 film Lawless and in Matt Bondurant's novel, The Wettest Co...

12/4/2012 1/22/2013

Robert Glenn Johnson, Sr. MP (1904 - 1968)

A lifelong bootlegger, spent nearly twenty of his sixty-three years in prison, as their house was frequently raided by revenue agents Find a Grave Birth: Jan. 21, 1904 North Carolina, USA Death:...

1/21/2013 1/21/2013

Junior Johnson MP


Charlotte, Mecklenburg, North Carolina, United States

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Robert Glenn Johnson, Jr. (born June 28, 1931), better known as Junior Johnson, is one of the early superstars of NASCAR in the 1950s and 1960s. He won 50 NASCAR...

1/21/2013 1/21/2013

"My Grand Daddy, little Mitch Sutton, sold a man a case of likker on the credit. It went on and on and the man wouldn't pay Grand Daddy for the likker so Grand Daddy thought the debt was an honest debt...

1/18/2013 1/21/2013

Alphonse "Scarface Al" Gabriel Capone MP (1899 - 1947)

"Snorkey", "Scarface", "Scarface Al", "Al"

"I came to Chicago with forty dollars in my pocket...My son is now twelve. I am still married and I love my wife dearly. We had to make a living. I was younger than I am now, and I thought I needed mor...

5/28/2008 1/19/2013

Mahala Mullins MP (1824 - 1898)

Mahalla Collins Mullins (1824-1898) from Tennesee ladies with a checkered past 2007 Mahala Mullins is touted as the “most famous Melungeon.” Because of this, it is hard to separate truth from...

12/24/2011 1/18/2013

Marvin "Popcorn" Sutton MP (1946 - 2009)

"Popcorn Sutton"

Marvin "Popcorn" Sutton (October 5, 1946 – March 16, 2009) was an American Appalachian moonshiner originally from Maggie Valley, North Carolina. He wrote a self-published autobiographical guide to moon...

1/18/2013 1/18/2013