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Moonshiners and Bootleggers

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  • Cassius Marcellus Clay "The Lion of White Hall", Gen. (USA) (1810 - 1903)
    ) Cassius Marcellus Clay (October 19, 1810 – July 22, 1903), nicknamed "The Lion of White Hall", was an emancipationist from Madison County, Kentucky, United States. He was a cousin of Henry Clay and...
  • Samuel Taylor Suit (1832 - 1888)
    Samuel Taylor Suit (1832–1888) was a Maryland politician and landowner. Suit was born in Bladensburg, Maryland, the son of innkeeper Fielder Suit. At age 14 he left home and traveled first to Keokuk, I...
  • Samuel Bronfman (1889 - 1971)
    Samuel Bronfman , CC (February 27, 1889 – July 10, 1971) was a Canadian business magnate and philanthropist. He founded Distillers Corporation Limited, and is a member of the Canadian Jewish family dyn...
  • James Irwin (c.1705 - 1778)
    In 1778, James Irwin the pioneer, closed his eyes upon a comfortable home, in the presence of his "beloved wife Jean", and his sons and daughters. He was buried in the White Stone graveyard at Church H...
  • Reverend William Kellar (1768 - 1817)
    Rev. William Kellar established four Baptist churches in Oldham county. Harrod's Creed Baptist Church, established by Rev. Kellar in 1797, is located just north of the village of Brownsboro in Oldham C...

Moonshine (also known as)

Hooch, White Lightning, Panther's Breath, Panther's P---, Mountain Dew, Kickapoo, Happy Sally, Ruckus Juice, Joy Juice, Hillbilly Pop, Skull Cracker, Bush Wisky, Stump, Mule Kick, Catdaddy, Cool Water, Old Horsey, Rot Gut, Wildcat, Rise and Shine and Splo


Beer, Ethanol and Whiskey are all created from the same process, but occur at different stages of the process

Did you know

Before the alcohol distilling process was illegal, George Washington (General and President) hired James Anderson to manage the Plantation at Mount Vernon.

On January 1st, 1797, James Anderson began his duties and later shared thoughts of creating a Distillery on the the grounds of the Mount Vernon Estate with George Washington.

James Anderson had prior experience as a Distiller of Alcohol in Scotland. He managed a Distillery, prior to the Mount Vernon site, at Salvington Plantation.

After Martha Washington's death, James Anderson went to work at White House Plantation for George Washington Parke Custis (Martha's grandson)


History in America


  • You could say Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton started the rucus with the Excise Tax Act of 1791 in an effort to raise money to be used toward the War. This tax demanded 7 cents per gallon of alcohol and the registration of all stills. (
  • The U.S. Senate proposes the 18th Amendment 12/18/1917. Ratified 1/16/1919 and effected into law 1/16/1920
  • The Wartime Prohibition Act took effect 6/30/1919 (a.k.a. "Thirsty Act" Ratified under the premise of saving/ rationing grain for the War effort ( This Law contradicted a world culture of whiskey production methods that date back possibly as early as the 2nd millenium BC.
  • The earliest certain evidence of alcohol distillation is in Italy in the 13th century Whiskey

more History

Moonshining activities occured in other Regions of America than the Appalachians, but this is the area most well known. (


Moonshiner: One who makes illegal distilled alcohol


One who smuggles illegal alcohol

Famous Moonshiners

include but not limited to:

Did NASCAR get its start from Bootlegging?

Fact or fantasy, you decide: