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Audrey Hay (1942 - 1984)

3/18/2016 9/28/2016

Morggán mac Cathamal MP (c.880 - d.)


According to tradition : MacBethad was the *son of Findláech, *son of Ruadrí, *son of Domnall, *son of Morggán , *son of Domnall,*son of Cathamal, *son of Ruadrí, *son of Ainfcellach, King of Dal-Riada...

7/31/2008 6/3/2016

Duncan, Earl of Moray MP (c.1035 - c.1090)

"Duncan of Moray", "Donnchad (Duncan) MAC DONNCHADA Mormaer of Moray"

Duncan, husband of Ochtreda of Allerdale Sources # Medlands does not show him as a son of Duncan l, King of Scots Links*

5/29/2008 6/1/2016

James Duff (c.1893 - 1916)

DUFF, JRank: Driver Service No: 84305 Date of Death: 14/07/1916 Age: 24 Regiment/Service: Royal Field Artillery 85th Bty. Small Arms Ammunition Col. Grave Reference: VI. A. 3. Cemetery: STRUMA MILITA...

8/5/2008 5/19/2016

Magnus Brown (1894 - 1916)

BROWN, MAGNUSRank: Private Service No: S/11249 Date of Death: 18/07/1916 Regiment/Service: Gordon Highlanders 1st Bn. Panel Reference: Pier and Face 15 B and 15 C. Memorial: THIEPVAL MEMORIAL CWGC =...

4/28/2009 5/19/2016

Duncan I, King of Scots MP (1001 - 1040)

"Duncan I", "Donnchad mac Crínán", "the Gracious", "An t-Ilgarach", "the Diseased", "Donchadd l", "King of Alba", "He is the historical basis of the "King Duncan" in Shakespeare's play Macbeth.", "/Donnchadh/I", "King of Scotland", "King of Scots", "Duncan of Scotland", "Donnc..."

Donnchad mac Crínáin (Modern Gaelic: Donnchadh mac Crìonain) anglicised as Duncan I, (died 14 August 1040) was king of Scotland (Alba). Parents: Crínán 'the Thane', Mormaer of Atholl and Bethóc of...

3/8/2007 5/9/2016

Findláech mac Ruaidrí, thane of Angus, Mormaer of Moray MP (c.975 - 1020)

"Findláech of Moray", "Findláech mac Ruaidrí", "Finley", "Mormaer of Moray", "or Findláech mac Ruaidrí", "Findlaech /Mormaer/", "Finlay Mcruaidhri /Finlay/", "McRuaidhri /Finley/", "Findlaech /Macrory/"

Please see also Profiles: Thane Ruari McFinlay Findláech mac Ruaidrí, thane of Angus, Mormaer of Moray and Macbeth, King of Scots MacBeatha Mc Finlay, Thane of Cromarty as the original lineage wa...

2/25/2008 5/9/2016

Malcolm I, king of Scots MP (900 - 954)

"Maol Chaluim mac Dhòmhnaill", "Malcolm I", "An Bodhbhdercc", "the Dangerous Red", "King Malcolm I of /Scotland/", "o Perigoso Vermelho", "Mael Coluim mac Domnaill //", "Malcolm I // King of Scotland", "Malcolm /Macdomhnull/", "10968", "Máel Coluim mac Domnaill", "Máel Colui..."

Malcolm (1), the son of Donald ruled for 11 (2) years. With his army Malcolm proceeded to Moray, and slew Cellach. In the seventh year of his rule he raided the English as far as the River Tees (3), an...

3/8/2007 4/17/2016

6/30/2012 4/16/2016

Ruadhri & his wife had two children: 1. FINDLAECH MacRory (-[1018/20]). Thane of Angus, Mormaer of Moray. m --- Donada? . Mormaer Findlaech & [wife] had one child: a) MACBETH ([1005]-kil...

12/26/2007 4/16/2016

Alexander Milne (1858 - 1932)

2/25/2008 4/8/2016

Thomas Milne (1851 - 1922)


9/17/2009 4/8/2016

Grace Downie (1855 - 1917)

((5) Grace Rome, b at Port Gordon, 4 October 1855; m George Downie; d 11 September 1917, bur at Buckie, having had issue:-(1) Grace Rome Downie, b 1877; m James Mair, Cattledealer, (b 1875 d 26 January...

9/30/2008 12/17/2015