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Angel S. Nakpil MP (1914 - 1980)


Angel S. Nakpil was a Harvard-trained architect. He served as the City Planning Commissioner of Manila during the post-war reconstruction years, from 1947 - 1949. He was a charter member of the United ...

5/26/2010 2/11/2013

Gregoria Francisco Nakpil MP (1875 - 1943)


Gregoria de Jesus was the founder and vice-president of the women's chapter of the Katipunan. Code named "Lakambini", she was the custodian of the organization's documents and seal. Reference: "G...

1/27/2009 3/15/2012

Miss Philippines 1926 Anita Mariño-Agoncillo Nakpil MP (1979 - 1979)

"Miss Philippines 1926"

Anita Agoncillo Noble-Nakpil was the 1st Miss Philippines of the Manila Carnival. More here: .

3/16/2007 2/27/2011

Julio García Nakpil MP (1867 - 1960)

Julio Garcia Nakpil was a talented music composer and a revolutionary who served under Andres Bonifacio. More here: . Sources: Julio Nakpil's Death Certificate: Julio Nakpil's Death Register (P...

1/27/2009 2/17/2011

Juan F. de Jesus Nakpil was named the National Artist for Architecture in 1973. More here: .

1/27/2009 2/17/2011