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Cindy Walker MP (1918 - 2006)

Cindy Walker (July 20, 1918 – March 23, 2006) was a prolific American songwriter, as well as a country music singer and dancer. As a songwriter, Walker was responsible for many popular and enduring ...

12/11/2014 12/11/2014

Anna Lee Aldred MP (1921 - 2006)

Anna Lee Aldred (April 19, 1921 – June 12, 2006) was the first woman in the United States to receive a jockey's license. She was born Anna Lee Mills in Montrose, Colorado in 1921. She is the daughter ...

5/6/2014 5/6/2014

Mother Joseph of the Sacred Heart, S.P., (16 April 1823 – 19 January 1902) was a Canadian Religious Sister who led a group of the members of her congregation to the Pacific Northwest of the United St...

6/4/2013 6/4/2013

Mary Emma "May" Lillie MP (1869 - 1936)

Mary Emma Manning was considered to possess an untamed will, and married the famous Wild West showman and performer, Pawnee Bill, in 1886 who was nine years her senior. For her wedding gift she recei...

12/24/2012 12/24/2012

Lucille Agatha Mulhall MP (1885 - 1940)

Lucille was the best known Western performer of her era and was identified as a “cowgirl” before the term was widely used. She learned to ride and rope on her family’s Oklahoma ranch, and began her c...

12/24/2012 12/24/2012

Fannie Sperry Steele (1887 - 1983)

Fannie Sperry Steele (1887–1983), born Fannie Sperry, was an award-winning bronc rider and rodeo performer from Montana, one of the first women inducted into the Rodeo Hall of Fame, and the fir...

12/24/2012 12/24/2012

Hallie Marie Stillwell (1897 - 1997)

Born in 1897, Hallie lived the pioneer life. Adopting the cowboy’s pants, shirt and jacket, she ranched beside her husband while maintaining a dignity and femininity that earned her recognition as “Q...

12/24/2012 12/24/2012

Anne Burnett Tandy (1900 - 1980)

Anne grew up in Fort Worth and spent time on her father’s Triangle Ranch mastering the qualities of a top hand through her friendships with the cowboys. Heir to the Four Sixes and Triangle ranches, s...

12/23/2012 12/23/2012

A rider from early on, Jerry’s skill on a horse carried her far from her hometown of Seymour, Texas. Her trick riding and roping landed her jobs as a Pangburn Candy Girl, work with Tex Ritter in E...

12/23/2012 12/23/2012

Marie Tyler (1908 - 2002)

Known as the “First Lady of Beef Promotion,” Marie knew about cattle and horses from her youth on the family ranch. She brought the first Santa Gertrudis cattle to North Dakota and joined with oth...

12/23/2012 12/23/2012

Dora Waldrop (1911 - 2003)

From bringing in milk cows on horseback at age three to barrel racing at 76, Dora was a standout Texas horsewoman who consistently won on the horses she trained. A fierce promoter of barrel racing...

12/23/2012 12/23/2012

Judge Hortense Ward (1872 - 1944)

[ ]WARD, HORTENSE SPARKS (1872–1944).Hortense Ward, champion of women's rights, suffrage leader, admitted to the Texas bar, the daughter of Frederick and Marie Louise (LaBauve) Sparks, was born in Mata...

12/23/2012 12/23/2012

Mary Nan West (1925 - 2001)

Raised by her grandparents as heir to the Rafter S Ranch, Mary grew up shunning socials and other affairs for ranch work. The hard work and values she learned on the ranch made her into one of the mo...

12/23/2012 12/23/2012

Narcissa Whitman (1808 - 1847)

Narcissa Whitman arrived in the Oregon Terittory in 1836. Narcissa Prentiss Whitman (March 14, 1808 – November 29, 1847) was an American missionary in the Oregon Country of what would become the st...

4/4/2011 12/23/2012

Ernestine taught in schools for 33 years before retiring and starting a writing career. After a full life of teaching, farming and raising livestock in New Mexico, where her parents were early pio...

12/23/2012 12/23/2012

Fox Hastings (1898 - 1948)

"Fox Hastings"

In 1914, at age 16, Fox Hastings ran away from home in California and began her career bronc and trick riding for the Irwin Brother’s Wild West Show. By 1924, she was best known among few femal...

12/23/2012 12/23/2012

Nellie Irene Yost (1905 - c.1992)

"Nellie Snyder Yost"

Nellie Irene Snyder Yost (June 20, 1905 – January 16, 1992) was a historian and writer. She was an active member of the Nebraska State Historical Society, serving for many years as its presiden...

12/23/2012 12/23/2012

Nancy Jean Binford (1921 - 1998)

Nancy Binford, one of the country’s premier horsewomen, won many horse shows, races, and cutting horse championships, but she is be best remembered as co-producer, with Thena Mae Farr, of the Tri-Sta...

12/22/2012 12/22/2012

Esther Hobart Morris (1814 - 1902)

Esther Hobart Morris (August 8, 1814 – April 2, 1902), a Tioga County, New York native, distinguished herself as the first female Justice of the Peace in the United States. A mother of three boys, sh...

12/22/2012 12/22/2012

Alice Greenough Orr (1902 - 1995)

Alice Greenough Orr (March 17, 1902 - August 20, 1995), also known as Koo Ja-kyung (Hangul : 구자경, Hanja : 具滋暻) and has pen name Koo In-hwoi (Hangul : 구인회, Hanja : 具仁會) a rancher’s daughter in M...

12/22/2012 12/22/2012

Margie Greenough Henson (1908 - 2004)

Margie began her rodeo career in 1929 with Jack King’s Wild West Rodeo. Growing up on a working ranch where she and her seven siblings learned to ride and rope as part of the daily chores, Margie bec...

12/22/2012 12/22/2012

Dale Evans MP (1912 - 2001)

Crowned "Queen of the Cowgirls," Dale Evans stands out as the most powerful female presence in cowboy culture throughout the 20th century. She starred with wholesome singing cowboy Roy Rogers in a seri...

7/26/2008 12/22/2012

Sacajawea "Bird Woman" MP (1788 - 1812)

"Sacagawea", "Sakakawea"

See In the early stages of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, at Fort Mandan on the Missouri River, an interpreter was engaged. This French-Canadian trader was named Toussaint Charbonneau. H...

3/2/2008 12/22/2012

Cynthia Ann Nocona MP (1827 - bef.1870)

"Naut dah", "Nautdah", "Nadua", "Naduah"

For info about Cynthia Ann Parker, see:

5/3/2007 12/22/2012

Annie Oakley MP (1860 - 1926)

"Little Sure Shot", "Little Missie", "America's Sweetheart"

Wikipedia Find-A-Grave Alt Grave with real name Find-A-Grave Sharpshooter. She was born Phoebe Mosey in Darke County, Ohio. She never attended a regular school and was introduced and taught to s...

5/9/2008 12/22/2012

Georgia O'Keeffe MP (1887 - 1986)

Georgia Totto O'Keeffe (November 15, 1887—March 6, 1986) was an American artist. She is associated with the American Southwest, where she found artistic inspiration, and particularly New Mexico, where ...

6/16/2007 12/22/2012

Wilma Pearl Mankiller (November 18, 1945 – April 6, 2010) was the first female Chief of the Cherokee Nation. She served as principal chief for ten years from 1985 to 1995. Wilma Pearl Mankiller was ...

3/4/2011 12/22/2012

Henrietta, the daughter of a Presbyterian minister, married Richard King, founder of the King Ranch. As the ranch matriarch, she was known for her hospitality and compassion, extending help to the ne...

8/5/2011 12/22/2012

Sandra Day O'Connor (born March 26, 1930) is a retired Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, serving from her appointment in 1981 by Ronald Reagan to 2006. She is the first woman...

5/28/2009 12/22/2012

Rose Wilder Lane MP (1886 - 1968)

In 1908, Rose moved to San Francisco, and lived with a reporter for the San Francisco Bulletin, Bessie Beatty. Living in the same apartment building was Claire Gillette Lane, who became Rose's husband ...

7/7/2007 12/22/2012

Patsy Montana (1908 - 1996)

"Patsy Montana"

Ruby Rose Blevins (October 30, 1908 – May 3, 1996), known professionally as Patsy Montana, was an American country music singer-songwriter and the first female country performer to have a million-sel...

10/15/2011 12/22/2012

Caroline L. Ingalls (Quiner) MP (1839 - 1924)

Caroline Ingalls, born Caroline Lake Quiner (December 12, 1839 – April 20, 1924) was the mother of Laura Ingalls Wilder, author of the Little House books. She was born in the town of Brookfield, W...

7/7/2007 12/22/2012

Caroline Celestia Swanzey MP (1870 - 1946)


Caroline Celestia "Carrie" Ingalls Swanzey (August 3, 1870 – June 2, 1946) was the third child of Charles and Caroline Ingalls, and was born in Montgomery County, Kansas. She was a younger sister ...

7/7/2007 12/22/2012

Mary Amelia Ingalls MP (1865 - 1928)

Mary Amelia Ingalls (January 10, 1865 – October 20, 1928) was born near the town of Pepin, Wisconsin. She was the first child of Caroline and Charles Ingalls. She was the older sister of author La...

7/7/2007 12/22/2012

Laura Elizabeth Wilder MP (1867 - 1957)

Laura Elizabeth Ingalls , second daughter of Charles Phillip Ingalls (1836 - 1902) and Caroline Lake (Quiner) Ingalls (1839 - 1924), was born 7 February 1867, in a little log house in the Big Woods of ...

7/7/2007 12/22/2012

Mary Ann "Molly" Goodnight MP (1839 - 1926)

Mary Ann (Molly) Goodnight was born Mary Ann Dyer on September 12, 1839, in Madison County, Tennessee.[2][3] In 1854, when she was 14, Goodnight's parents brought her to Belknap, Texas. Not soon after ...

12/24/2010 12/22/2012

Patsy Cline MP (1932 - 1963)


Patsy Cline (September 8, 1932 – March 5, 1963), born Virginia Patterson Hensley in Gore, Virginia, was an American country music singer who enjoyed pop music crossover success during the era of the ...

9/8/2011 12/22/2012

Willa Cather MP (1873 - 1947)

"William Cather", "Will Cather"

Wikipedia Biographical Summary: "... Willa Sibert Cather (December 7, 1873 – April 24, 1947) was an American author who achieved recognition for her novels of frontier life on the Great Plains, in wor...

1/5/2008 12/22/2012