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Samuel Congo (1787 - 1858)

(also search under Attleboro Pa., Langhorne's prior name) Samuel is shown as "Mulatto" in the 1850 census Mount Olive was established when the cemetery behind the Bethlehem AME Church became full. ...

7/15/2020 7/15/2020

Solomon Dee of Hackinsack (bef.1706 - c.1780)

"Salomon Dee", "Salomon Day"

baptism record 1706 May 12; Samuel Dey, Celia Salomons; Salomon ; Barnardus Janse, Elizabeth Dee • • (Billard baptism list) marriage In the marriage record (banns entered at Paramus), they are ...

12/10/2015 10/9/2017

Susanna Hammond of Pompton (1718 - d.)

"Susanna Hammon", "Susanna Hamon", "Susanna Hammin"

possible parents ? (Note: this was a white family... but the names and dates match for Solomon and Susanna see also: ---children of Solomon Dee & Susannah Hammond: • William Dee (twin), bp. 13 Au...

12/10/2015 10/9/2017

Emanuel Trompetter (bef.1630 - bef.1663)

"Manuel Trumpeter"

1645 Feb 18; Emanuel Trompetter ; Christina; Claes Van Elslandt, Bastayen, Captyn van de Negers, Geertruyd Roelofs, Mayken Van Angola "A more ambiguous, but nevertheless intriguing case revolved arou...

2/14/2016 2/14/2016

Anthonya (b. - bef.1663)

2/14/2016 2/14/2016

Aree Van Genee (aft.1669 - bef.1751)

"Aree Van Guinea"

One of the seminal figures of freed slaves in early New York and New Jersey, Aree (of Guinea) provided the land for the Zion Evangelic Lutheran Church. (see below) van Genee is a variant of van Guine...

12/10/2015 12/11/2015

Pernante d'Angole MP (1640 - d.)

7/24/2011 12/8/2015

This profile holds together all the Company Slaves of New Amsterdam, all in one pseudo-tree, in order to look at their descendants as a group. Please do not break this arrangement by splitting the ...

7/5/2011 12/6/2015

Possible wife 1642 28 Sep; Andries van Angola, Neger; Anna van Angola , wid Francisco van Capo Verde Possible child= * based on baptism • 1645 Feb 05; Andries Van Angola; Tryntie; Pieter Van Camp...

3/31/2015 12/3/2015

• characterized as "negro" in an un-sourced reference to her husband's will; possibly name = Fortuyn ^ see Abraham's profile for this account

11/30/2015 11/30/2015

This woman's child Lucretia, whom we might label a half "concubine", married the issue of another couple of mixed race > the van Salee couple. • * This Anna Maria, after the death of her (1) {'first ...

3/14/2015 11/30/2015

Laurens d'Angola (b. - bef.1641)

death ascertained by the subsequent marriage of his widow: d. before 5 May 1641 Lucie, widow of Laurens d'Angola, m. (2) 5 May 1641 NYC Ref Ch, Anthony Van Angola. ---Sources: Dickenson, Richard, "...

7/27/2011 11/29/2015

Catalina van Angola (b. - bef.1641)

May 5, 1641, Anthony van Angola, the patentee, who was then the widower of Catalina van Angola , married Lucie D'Angola, widow of Laurens D'Angola. — Marr. in Re/. Dutch Church, 10. note Don't hesi...

7/27/2011 11/29/2015

Maria d'Angola (deceased)

possible marriage in Dutch Reformed Church 1654 01 Feb; Anthony Mattheuszen; Maria Anthony, Negres Slaves had many names assigned to them. I do not have total conviction about this reference {~• MMvB...

7/27/2011 11/29/2015

(Unk) van Angola (deceased)

If we read between the line in the New Amsterdam African Immigrants project, we see that black women started arriving in New Amsterdam in 1628. We don't seem to have sources that confirm which came on ...

1/5/2015 11/29/2015

Christina van Angola (bef.1630 - d.)

• Marriage: 1644 27 Nov; Emanuel de Angola; Christina de Angola ~• child born the next spring • Governor Richard Nicolls in 1667 confirmed all the house-and-garden patents (previously granted) to the...

1/5/2015 11/29/2015

Dorothy Creole (deceased)

"First names: Etoria and Retory"

WiLLEM Kieft, Director, etc., to Cleyn Antonio, a free negro. Ground-brief dated Dec. 30, 1644. Not found of record: recited below in confirmation made to Cleyn Antonio, his son. This negro has been ...

7/27/2011 11/29/2015

based on witnessing of a baptism, SImon Congo's wife might be Isabel D'Angola 1640 Jul 22; Jan van't fort Orangien; Maria ; Simon Congoy , Isabel D'Angola (Negers) but ... then there's this bap...

2/21/2015 11/29/2015

Lare (or Hilary) Criolyo MP (bef.1627 - aft.1683)

"Hilary Criolyo", "Lare Criolje", "Hilary Creole", "Elara", "Swartine"

• Lare Criolyo was born a black or 1/2 black Creole slave (half Caribbean Euro/Portuguese/Spanish, & half black). Capt. Jan de Vries came to New Netherland in 1644 and brought Hilary with him. He had b...

7/5/2011 3/12/2015

Lucie d'Angola (b. - bef.1643)

d'Angola Laurens Laurens d'Angola d. before 5 May 1641 •Lucie, widow of Laurens d'Angola, m. (2) 5 May 1641 NYC Ref Ch, Anthony Van Angola. ---Sources: Dickenson, Richard, "Abstracts of Early Black M...

7/27/2011 7/27/2011

Jan Primero (b. - 1641)

An early casualty among the DWIC slaves: His widow waited a year and remarried

7/5/2011 7/27/2011

Marie Grande (deceased)

her 2nd marriage to Jan Fort Orangien 1641 24 Nov; Jan Fort Orangien, wid Magdalena van Angola; Marie Grande , wid Jan Premier both she and he had lost their first spouses. Jan Premier was murdered

7/5/2011 7/27/2011

Antonio Cleyn (b. - c.1648)

"Little Anthony", "Cleyn Anthony Van Angola"

a connection has been made between Antonio Cleyn and people living today: read the discussion : Antonio Cleyn connected to the 21st century IMPORTANT NOTICE: The brothers of this profile are not ...

7/26/2011 7/27/2011

Jan Francisco (deceased)

? related weddings ? 1642 26 Feb; Francisco van Angola, jm; Palassa van Angola, wid Francisco Angola 1642 28 Sep; Andries van Angola, Neger; Anna van Angola, wid Francisco van Capo Verde ! two Fran...

7/26/2011 7/27/2011

Peter Santomee (aft.1600 - d.)

"Pieter St. Anthony", "Pieter Santomee"

manumitted slave: see I.N. Phelps-Stokes page 75 for land grant by Kieft... He had the south end of the old Wouter Van Twiller grant... along with other former slaves IMPORTANT NOTICE: The brothers...

7/26/2011 7/27/2011

Anthony Fernando Portugis, (Gratia d'Angola) (b. - bef.1656)

"Gratia d'Angola", "Anthony Portugies", "Anthony Portuguese", "Anthony Mattheuszen"

marriage 1654 01 Feb; Anthony Mattheuszen; Maria Anthony, Negres • tentatively identified as (aka) Fernande the father of Dominicus. IMPORTANT NOTICE: The brothers of this profile are not necessa...

7/26/2011 7/27/2011

Simon Congo, immigrant slave MP (aft.1600 - aft.1667)

"Simon Congoy; Simon Congoy Augustyn; Symon Congo"

One of the DWIC freed slaves who was granted a larger parcel of land (20 morgens), part of a section of Manhattan that was once owned by DWIC Director Wouter Van Twiller Indeed, Simon most probably wor...

7/26/2011 7/27/2011

Manuel de Gerrit de Reus, "swager van Angola" (deceased)

"Emanuel Swarger", "Emanuel gerrt de Rous van Angola"

modern page about his life related individuals Van Angola, Emanuel Swager (Swager = brother-in-law) Emanuel Swager Van Angola ---children of Emanuel Swager Van Angola 1• Dominicus , bp. 27 Jan ...

7/26/2011 7/27/2011

Manuel Pietersen Minuit (deceased)

"Little Manuel", "Emanuel Pietersen", "Emanuel Pieters", "Emanuel Petersen"

• Notable in that he and his wife Dorothy adopted a young orphan who retained the property rights of his natural father. IMPORTANT NOTICE: The brothers of this profile are not necessarily family . Th...

7/26/2011 7/27/2011

Magdalena van Angola (b. - bef.1641)

7/5/2011 7/27/2011

Paulo Angola (b. - c.1653)

• The slave of Captain Jan de Vries ; served with Hilary Creole , another 'slave' who bore de Vries a son. • 30 Dec 1644 Paulo D'Angola (free neg.) granted 3 morgens on Manhattan [O'Callaghan, Hi...

7/26/2011 7/27/2011

Jan Fort Orangien (deceased)

his wedding 1641 24 Nov; Jan Fort Orangien , wid Magdalena van Angola; Marie Grande, wid Jan Premier baptized a child in the Dutch Church of New Amsterdam in July of 1640 (quite early among Black b...

7/5/2011 7/27/2011

Big Manuel (b. - bef.1648)

"Emanuel de Angola", "Groot Manuel"

marriage in DRC New Amsterdam 1644 27 Nov; Emanuel de Angola; Christina de Angola baptism of "Big" Manuel's son 1645 Jul 09; Groot Emanuel, neger; Philip; Sebastiaen IMPORTANT NOTICE: The broth...

7/26/2011 7/27/2011