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John Ericksson MP (1643 - 1691)

Notes for John Ericksson: 1680 PA Cebsus along the Delaware River Ericks, John. Feren Hook == "Aug. 10, 1676. Survey to John Erickson for 250 acres, for dau. Barbara, 30 acres, for dau. Annica 20...

2/11/2009 4/13/2012

Johan Thorsson Skagen MP (1620 - c.1658)

"Skagen /Schaggen / Scoggin"

6/5/2011 4/13/2012

Nils Nilsson MP (b. - 1670)

Mathas Nilsson (#72), Hendrick Nilsson (#73) and Nils Nilsson (#74) Finns From Värmland County, Sweden, Had arrived in New Sweden with their Farher Nils Nilsson, Sr., in 1656 and were the original 1663...

4/12/2012 4/13/2012

Matthias Matthiasson MP (b. - 1678)

a Finns From Värmland County, Sweden, arrived in New Sweden 1656. He moved, later in 1671, to settle at Boughttown in present Salem County, New Jersry, where he died about 1678

4/12/2012 4/13/2012

Måns Peterson Stake MP (b. - c.1698)

He came to New Sweden ( on the Delaware River) on the ship "Eagle" with Governor Rising in 1654 as the governor's provost marshal. After the surrender of New Sweden, he moved to New Amsterdam where he ...

11/29/2008 1/25/2012

Hendrick Hendricksson MP (c.1635 - 1680)


5/10/2008 12/29/2011

Knut Mårtensson MP (b. - c.1677)

1644: cultivating tobacco for the Company on the plantation at Christina ‧ 1648: a Freeman

3/26/2009 12/29/2011

Jöns Gustafsson MP (b. - c.1698)

12/28/2011 12/28/2011

John Wheeler MP (1630 - 1677)

4/10/2009 12/13/2011

Hans "Urian" Geörgen MP (b. - 1713)

Hans Geörgen from Brandenburg, Germany, came to the Delaware under Dutch rule, in 1662-1663. In 1674 he acquired a quarter interest in Calcon Hook and in 1678 married Bärtil's widow Elisabeth. He lived...

11/8/2011 12/13/2011

Johan Nommerson MP (1643 - c.1716)

"Ommersson", "Numbers"

Johan Nom-mers-son [later Numbers], who had been born in Sweden in 1643 and came to the Delaware River by 1664, as a servant for the Dutch colony of New Amstel. In 1665, after the English captured the ...

11/21/2011 12/13/2011

Pål Jönsson Mullica, the Finn MP (c.1611 - bef.1664)

Three and a half centuries ago, in 1654, the shp Eagle arrived in New Sweden, carrying many Finns. Among them was the large family of Pål Jönsson Mullica. Generally known as Pål Jönsson, his Finnish ...

2/2/2009 12/13/2011

Måns Pålsson MP (c.1610 - 1680)

He was also a Finn arriving on the Eagle in that year and initially settled in "Finland," the area just north of Naa-man's Creek in present Delaware County, This family is documented by Peter Craig...

4/1/2007 12/13/2011

Mats Hansson MP (b. - c.1653)

formerly Claus Fleming's servant Drawing no wages, only to be supplied with needful apparel because he committed an offense and must accompany the expeditioon for punishment; in 1644 a laboror, cultiva...

11/7/2011 12/13/2011

Henrick Johansson MP (1654 - c.1655)

9/26/2008 12/13/2011

Marcus Laurenson MP (1640 - 1689)

Markus Lourens or Marcus Laurenson or Markus Larsson Came on 1654 The Eagle (Örn) Laurenson = Larsson (Son of Lars), Markus = Marcus a Swedish immigrant; immigrated to the Dutch-controlled Delaware...

3/17/2009 12/10/2011

11/21/2011 11/25/2011

Peter Gunnarson Rambo MP (1611 - 1698)

See Peter Gunnarsson Rambo english Wikipedia article Rambo Family Tree Peter Gunnarsson chose the distinctive surname of Rambo from his place of origin, Hisingen, the northwestern section of ...

11/5/2007 11/23/2011

Mårten Garretsson MP (1642 - 1680)

Mårtens Famely tree on rootsweb Mårten Gertsson of Christina Creek married Christina Lom c. 1663. he drowned out of his canoe in 1680, Lars Andersson Collinus and Sven Månsson Lom were named administ...

3/5/2009 11/22/2011

Anders Jöransson MP (1614 - c.1675)

See "Anders Joransson and His Anderson Family of New Castle County 1664-1787", Peter Stebbins Craig, privately printed,1998 Reference: Anders Joransson and His Anderson Family of New Castle County 16...

10/16/2008 11/21/2011

Samuel Petersson MP (c.1639 - 1689)


Came with the ship Örnen (the Eagle) arrived in New Sweden in 1654 A qualifying New Sweden Forefather.2 Samuel Petersson was christened circa 1629 at Fyrksände Parish, Värmland län, Finland. He was t...

8/25/2007 11/21/2011

Peter Månsson MP (b. - 1682)

11/21/2011 11/21/2011

Elias Johnsson Toy // Elias Jansen Tay MP (1664 - 1720)

"Elias Jansen Tay"

Elias Tay, alias Toy, had two wives. His first wife, Gertrude, died about 1706. To replace her household services, Elias hired Maria Gästenberg, born 18 January 1690, the daughter of the late Nils Gäst...

5/4/2009 11/21/2011

Bärtil Hendricksson MP (b. - 1684)

Bärtil Hendricksson and moved with her parents to Maryland. On the division of Pål Jönsson Mulli-ca's estate, it was agreed that she and her husband would receive 150 acres of "None So Good in Finland....

11/21/2011 11/21/2011

Hendrick Jacobsson MP (c.1630 - 1704)

120. Hendrick Jacobsson (Brandywine Creek, Christiana hundred, 238 acres) arrived in New Sweden as a soldier in 1654 and was stationed at Fort Christina in 1655. He married about this time and sett...

8/28/2008 11/21/2011

Anders Andersson Finne MP (aft.1587 - aft.1673)

"Finne", "The Finn"

Anders Andersson married Christina Goolbrant. This family were members of the crane hook Congregation Church. Anders Andersson, better known as Anders the Finn, was sent to New Sweden from the fortre...

4/21/2007 11/21/2011

Johan Anderson Sträng MP (1657 - c.1726)

12/21/2010 11/21/2011

Nils Mattson Andersson MP (c.1614 - c.1654)

The freeman Nils Andersson, his wife and at least four children were aboard the Eagle when that ship left Gothenburg for New Sweden on the 2nd of February 1654. From the burial records of two surviving...

9/22/2007 11/21/2011

Garret Enochson MP (1635 - 1696)

Confirmation of the death of Garret Enochson is to be found in Nils Larsson Frände's tax list of November 1677, naming all males sixteen and over within the jurisdiction of the Upland Court. The na...

9/7/2008 11/21/2011

Israel Helm // Israel Åkesson MP (1630 - 1702)

"Israel Åkesson"

Was a relative of Printz. In March 1643 he was stationed at Fort Elfsborg (during its erection) and conducted religious services for seven months. He was appointed by Printz as a regular preacher i...

8/2/2008 11/21/2011

Dr. Tymen Stiddem MP (c.1610 - 1686)

"Timothy", "Tim", "Timen"

Basic information: Birth: c. 1610, asserted in secondary sources either to be: Hammel, Gjern Herred, Åbosyssel, Kingdom of Denmark Hammel, unspecified "socken" (parish), Medelpad Landskap, Kin...

9/12/2007 11/21/2011

Thomas the Finn Jacobsson MP (b. - 1679)

Among the many Finns arriving in former New Sweden on the Mercurius in 1656 was the family of Thomas Jacobsson from Let­stigen, Värmland, which included his wife, three children and a maid. With them...

1/28/2011 11/21/2011

Captain Sven Skute MP (1623 - 1665)

Colonial Swedes Sven Svensson Skute, a veteran of the Thirty Years War (1618-1648), was the highest-ranking official to remain in New Sweden after its surrender to the Dutch in 1655. Prior to his c...

11/5/2007 11/21/2011

Sven Swanson Gunnarsson MP (1610 - 1677)

pg. 33-34 Sven Gunnarsson's Sons [Swanson] Sven Gunnarsson, who was sent to America for punishment, arrived in New Sweden with his wife and several small children on the Kalmar Nyckel in 16...

4/22/2008 11/21/2011

Sinnick Broers, the Finn MP (c.1606 - 1672)

Orginal name is Sinikka Sinnick Broer, a Finn, arrived on the Delaware with his family during the period of Dutch rule, 1655-6 se Page 98 (outdated link as of June 26, 2017) Among the 92 Finns ...

12/30/2008 11/21/2011

Simon Johnson MP (b. - c.1700)

11/14/2011 11/21/2011

Peter Nilsson Lyckan MP (c.1640 - 1693)

"laican", "laicon", "Laicon", "Lycon"

Neither Peter nor Michel could write. They signed documents with a “P” or an “M.” Among literate Swedes their surname was spelled Laijkan, Laican, Leikan and Laikan. In deeds and wills, the English scr...

6/25/2007 11/21/2011

Peter Larsson was given his nickname, "Cock", meaning "cook," in Swedish because he served in this capacity in 1641 when he was sent to New Sweden (in America) on the ship "Charitas", which took him ...

4/21/2007 11/21/2011

Peter Jockim Jochimson MP (1620 - 1654)

Peter Jochimsson, born in Schleswig in Holstein, was enrolled in Gothenburg in September 1642 to serve as a soldier in New Sweden at a wage of ten guilders per month. He sailed to the colony on the...

5/9/2008 11/21/2011

Gunnar Mattson Mattson MP (1579 - 1640)

New Sweden in America By Carol E. Hoffecker pg 174 ....Per Gunnarsson Rambo, an ancestor of a very large family, also arrived with this expedition. We know that he came from Hisingen, outside Goteborg....

3/13/2008 11/21/2011

Peter Andersson "Långåker" MP (c.1620 - 1678)

He came to New Sweden in the Fall 1639 on "Kalmar Nyckel", returned to Sweden, married and returned to New Sweden with his wife Gunnila on the "Mercurius", landing at Fort Christina ( later New Castl...

4/21/2007 11/21/2011

Otto Ernest Cock MP (b. - 1720)

11/8/2011 11/21/2011

Olof G Thorsson MP (1601 - 1661)

Olof Thorsson, progenitor of the Delaware Tossawa or Tussey family, arrived in New Sweden on the second voyage of the Kalmar Nyckel in 1641 accompanied by his wife Elisa, sons Olof and Lars and a daugh...

10/16/2009 11/21/2011

Olof "Rawson" Rase MP (1669 - 1754)

Olof Rase, more commonly known as Olle or Wolla Rawson and finally as William Rawson. He had arrived in New Sweden as a soldier on the Eagle in 1654 and, together with Nils Larsson Frände had been li...

1/22/2007 11/21/2011

Olof Persson Stille MP (c.1610 - c.1684)

"Olaf Petersson Stille"

Wikipedia biography Olof Persson Stille & Hans Månsson To engange in agriculture, paid at the start 50 daler, copper money, drawing no additional wages, but to be paid for whatever work he does...

5/8/2008 11/21/2011

Olof Gästenberg // Olof Nilsson MP (1640 - 1692)

"Olof Nilsson", "Olof Gästenberg"

“A few years before the Dutch wrested the authority from the Swedes on the Delaware, Queen Christiana, of Sweden, was graciously pleased to grant a large tract of land in the colony to Capt. John A...

6/25/2007 11/21/2011

Nils Larsson Frände MP (c.1620 - 1689)

"/Friend/", "Nils", "Friend", "Larsson Frande"

Nils Larsson arrived in "New Sweden", a "Swedish Settlement" in Upland, Delaware Co. (in what is now Chester Co., Pennslyvania), aboard the ship "Swan" in either 1647 - 1648. "...By 1668 Nils Larss...

3/7/2007 11/21/2011

Mårten Mårtensson, Sr. MP (1610 - 1706)

"Martti Marttinen"

Mårten Mårtensson was swedish citizen born about 1610 in Finland. He emigrated in 1654 and arrived to America on the ship Örnen ("The Eagle") on 22 May 1654 at Fort Christina, Delaware, New Sweden. M...

3/7/2007 11/21/2011

Måns Swennson Lom MP (1580 - 1653)

"Måns Svensson Lom"

Although the surname of Lom died out by 1685, it is probable that Måns Svensson Lorn had more descendants than any other settler of New Sweden. He had nine children, fifty or more grandchildren and a...

4/21/2007 11/21/2011

Michael Nilsson Laican MP (c.1644 - 1703)

born c. 1644 in Sweden, married Helena Lom in 1670. She was the daughter of Måns Svensson Lom and step-daughter of Lars Andersson Collinus of Moyamensing. Michel moved with his brother Peter to Shackam...

2/19/2009 11/21/2011

Matts Hansson, immigrant MP (c.1620 - 1653)

Matts Hansson, who was hired to be a gunner at Fort Christina. They departed from Stockholm on the Charitas among a group of new settlers that included Hansson's brother, Anders Hansson. After five y...

11/25/2007 11/21/2011

Matthias Claesson Holstein MP (1642 - 1708)

"Matthias /Holstein/"

Matthias "Matts" Classen Holstein was born June 01, 1642 in Dithmarschen, Schleswig-Holstein Sweden. and died April 09, 1708 in Pennsylvania.   He married: Helena Cook 1672 in Passyunk, daughter of...

4/1/2007 11/21/2011

Lars Carlson Carlsson Lock MP (c.1624 - 1688)

Buried at Old Swedes Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Wilmington, DE. Pastor Lars Carlsson Lock, as was typical among Swedish ministers, generally used a Latinized version of his name Laurentius Caro...

10/28/2008 11/21/2011

Jürgen Kyn MP (1620 - bef.1693)

"Jöran", "Schneeweiss or White as Snow", "Keen", "Keene", "Joran Keen", "Joran Kihjn", "Joran Kijn"

The Descendants of Jöran Kyn, the Founder of Upland The history of Jürgen Schneeweiss prior to 1642 is unknown other than the fact that he came from Saxony. Undoubtedly, he was among the many Ger...

9/18/2007 11/21/2011

Jonas Nilsson MP (1620 - 1693)

Among the many soldiers accompanying Governor Printz on the Fourth Expedition to New Sweden was Joen Nilsson of Skåning hundred, Skaraborg län, who was later better known under the name of Jo...

2/6/2008 11/21/2011

Johan Van Culen MP (1621 - 1704)

Johan van Cöln (meaning from Cologne, Germany) arrived on the Delaware c. 1662, probably as one of the servants of Joost de la Grange from Leyden in the Netherlands who in that year purchased Tinicum I...

11/6/2009 11/21/2011

Johan Gustafsson MP (1618 - 1682)

Johan married Brita Mansdotter (1639-1724) about 1655, probably at Fort Trinity in New Sweden. Brita is believed to be the daughter of Mans Andersson and wife Brita. Mans and Brita came to New Sweden i...

1/22/2007 11/21/2011

Johan Grelsson // Johan Cornelius MP (1625 - 1683)

"Johan Grelsson"

Johan Grelsson, his wife Helena and their three children arrived in New Sweden on the ship Mercurius in 1656. He was described as a Finn from Fryksdalen, the valley of the Fryken Lakes in Värmland, S...

3/7/2007 11/21/2011

Among the passengers arriving in New Sweden in 1648 aboard the ship Swan was a soldier by the name of Johan Fisk. He soon became a freeman and was among the 22 settlers who signed the petition of gri...

4/6/2009 11/21/2011

Johan Andersson // Stålkofta (Steelcoat) // Stalcop MP (1627 - 1685)

"Stålkofta (Steel jacket)", "Jan Stalcop", "John Anderson"

Progenitor of the Stalcup line in America. A qualifying New Sweden Forefather.3 Also called Johan Andersson von Strengnis. Gunner Johan Andersson Stalcop was born in 1627 at Strängnäs, Södermanland, ...

8/25/2007 11/21/2011

Hendrick Matthiason MP (b. - 1685)

a Finn

11/9/2011 11/21/2011

Capt. Hans Jonathan Mansson MP (1612 - 1691)

Eligible for membership in the Swedish Colonial Society --------------------------------------------------------- Hans did come to New Sweden on the ship Charitas, arriving at Fort Christina, now Wil...

5/8/2008 11/19/2011

Hans Hoffman MP (1630 - 1693)

"Hans Hopman"

Hans Hopman, a resident of New Sweden as early as 1656, was one of the s ix Swedes and Finns who obtained the Patent dated March 28, 1676 from Gove rnor Andros for the thousand acre tract of Marretie...

11/13/2011 11/19/2011

Hans Block MP (1639 - 1676)

10/28/2009 11/19/2011

Christina Ollesdotter MP (c.1642 - 1699)

Timon's second of three wives, and the mother of his surviving children.

3/7/2007 11/19/2011

Catharina Jane Johansdotter MP (c.1639 - 1720)

"Catherina Brassert"

Among the passengers on the Golden Shark when it left Göteborg on 15 April 1654 was a young woman named Catharina who expected, like the other passengers, to go to the New Sweden colony. The ship had...

4/2/2008 11/19/2011

Bertil Eskilsson MP (c.1620 - c.1677)

Bertil Eskilsson, the first husband of Elisabeth Johansdotter, was a Finn from Värmland who had been sent to New Sweden in 1641 as punishment for forest-burning. By his first wife, he had children Ma...

3/7/2007 11/19/2011

Anders Svensson Bonde MP (1620 - 1694)

Bonde (pronounced Boon-de in Swedish) means "farmer" and was adopted as a surname by Anders Svensson, born in 1620, one of the farmers hired by Cornelius Van Vliet of Gothenburg in 1639 to work in th...

11/8/2011 11/19/2011

Anders Larson Dalbo MP (1620 - 1670)

Anders Larsson Dalbo from Dalsland, Sweden who had been sent to the New Sweden colony on the Kalmar Nyckel in 1640 as punishment for a minor crime. After seven years of servitude, he secured employment...

1/15/2008 11/19/2011

Anders Bengtsson MP (1640 - 1705)

Anders Bengtsson, born in 1640 near Gothenburg, was a lad of 16 when he arrived in former New Sweden on the Mercurius in 1656. On 22 November 1668, he married Gertrude Rambo, the 18-year-old daughter...

5/2/2008 11/19/2011

Alexander Sander Boyer // Sander Boyer MP (1618 - 1661)

"Sander Boyer"

See The Swedish American Genealogist (1998) ISSN 0275-9314, New Sweden Settlers, 1638-1664, Part 6 (1654, continued), p. 140: "Alexander Boyer, also called Sander Boyer, served as the Dutch quarterma...

7/3/2009 11/19/2011

Anders Andersson Homman MP (1620 - c.1700)

THE HOMMAN OR HOMAN FAMILY 66 Anders Andersson Homman (Repaupo Creek, 450 acres): Born December 1620 in Sollentuna Parish, Stockholm lan, Anders Andersson Homman came to New Sweden on the "Swan...

3/21/2009 11/19/2011

Olle Matthiasson // Olof Isgrå // Oliver Calk // Oliver Caulk MP (c.1638 - 1685)

"Olle Matthiasson", "Olof Isgrå", "Oliver Caulk"

Ships name Eagle (Örnen) Olle Matthiasson, alias Olof Isgrå, alias Oliver Caulk and his Caulk/Calk Descendants by Dr. Peter Stebbins Craig Fellow, American Society of Genealogists Fellow, G...

4/10/2009 11/19/2011