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Ethel Kesselman (1908 - d.)

2/5/2017 2/5/2017

Bernard Kesselman (1909 - 1999)

Birth: Death: Profession:

10/8/2016 2/5/2017

Mary Beechy (1945 - 2014)

MEDINA -- Mary Beechy Pfeiffer died Sept. 12, 2014, at 1 a.m. She was born in Wooster on Oct. 5, 1945, to Orin and Marie (Ramseyer) Beechy. Her parents inspired her with a love of education, music,...

9/16/2014 2/4/2017

Neil Gorsuch MP

Boulder, Boulder County, Colorado, United States

Neil Gorsuch is a United States Circuit Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit. Gorsuch is a proponent of originalism, the idea that the Constitution should be interpreted ...

1/31/2017 1/31/2017

Abdulfattah "John" Jandali MP


Reno, Washoe County, Nevada, United States

There’s a popular saying about three apples that have changed the world: Adam’s apple, Isaac Newton’s apple and Steve Jobs “Apple”. As successful as the founder of Ap...

10/25/2010 1/25/2017

Jean Piaget (1896 - 1980)

"Jean William Fritz Piaget"

The Jean Piaget Society Jean Piaget Biography Jean William Fritz Piaget born (9 August 1896 – 16 September 1980) was a Swiss developmental psychologist and philosopher known for his episte...

5/23/2014 1/23/2017

Sir Nicholas Robert Hytner (born 7 May 1956) is an English theatre director, film director, and film producer. He was previously the Artistic Director of London's National Theatre. His major successes ...

1/27/2009 1/18/2017

Werner Moritz Feig was born in the house at Neudorffstrasse 84, the same house that originally belonged to his great grandmother Bertha Krambach.

9/22/2016 1/18/2017

James Schamus MP

New York, New York, United States

James Allan Schamus (born September 7, 1959) is an American award-winning screenwriter, co-founder of Good Machine production company, and the CEO of Focus Features, the motion picture production, fi...

1/29/2007 1/17/2017

Peter Birks (1941 - 2004)

Professor Peter Brian Herrenden Birks QC, DCL, FBA was the Regius Professor of Civil Law at the University of Oxford from 1989 until his death. He also became a Fellow of the British Academy in 1989, a...

1/17/2017 1/17/2017

Frederick Levi Attenborough MP (1887 - 1973)

Frederick Levi Attenborough (4 April 1887 – 20 March 1973) was a British academic and principal of University College, Leicester. Biography He was the son of Mary (née Saxton) and F...

7/12/2011 1/16/2017

Paul Klemens (1925 - 2012)

Emeritus physics professor to be honored with colloquium by Cindy Weiss - October 17, 2005 From Paul Klemens, emeritus professor of physics, celebrated his 80th birthday in May. The celebration will ...

3/25/2008 1/7/2017

Dr. Thomas Minter (1924 - 2009)

Thomas Minter was an education official who served in the United States government and the government of New York City. Minter was born on June 28, 1924 in the Bronx. Raised in East Harlem, he attend...

1/2/2017 1/2/2017

Archie C. Epps, III (1937 - 2003)

Archie C. Epps III was dean of students at Harvard College from 1971 to 1999. He was one of the first black administrators at Harvard. At his funeral service, Epps was summarized this way by the Rev....

1/2/2017 1/2/2017

Donald Ainslie Henderson MP (1928 - 2016)

Donald Ainslie Henderson (September 7, 1928 – August 19, 2016) was an American physician, educator, and epidemiologist who directed a 10-year international effort (1967–77) that eradicate...

12/30/2016 12/30/2016

Sherman Day Thacher (1861 - 1931)

Founder of the Thacher School in Ojai, California. I have several photos of Sherman and his family at Flickr:

1/1/2009 12/22/2016

Dr. Esther M. Wilkins MP (1916 - 2016)

NY Times Obituary Dr. Esther M. Wilkins, whose comprehensive textbook for the study of dental hygiene standardized how the field is taught worldwide, died on Dec. 12 at her home in Hudson, N.H. She w...

12/20/2016 12/21/2016

Amy Joy Casselberry Cuddy (born July 23, 1972) is an American social psychologist, author and lecturer known for her research on stereotyping and discrimination, emotions, power, nonverbal behavior, ...

12/21/2016 12/21/2016

Shawn Achor (born 1978) is an American happiness researcher, author, and speaker known for his advocacy of positive psychology. He authored The Happiness Advantage and founded GoodThink,Inc. His TEDx...

12/21/2016 12/21/2016

Abraham Cronbach (1882 - 1965)

Abraham Cronbach (February 15, 1882 – April 2, 1965) was an American Rabbi and teacher, known as a pacifist. He served as a rabbi for congregations in Indiana and Ohio. Cronbach was one of the...

8/21/2007 12/15/2016

Barbara Radding Morgan (born November 28, 1951) is an American teacher and a former NASA astronaut. She participated in the Teacher in Space program as the backup to Christa McAuliffe for the ill-fat...

5/24/2015 11/29/2016

Jeremiah Jenks (1856 - 1929)

Jeremiah Whipple Jenks (1856–1929) was an American economist, educator, and Professor at the Cornell University.

11/27/2016 11/27/2016

Edmund Beecher Wilson MP (1856 - 1939)

Edmund Beecher Wilson (19 October 1856 – 3 March 1939) was a pioneering American zoologist and geneticist. He wrote one of the most famous textbooks in the history of modern biology, The Cell....

3/18/2009 11/23/2016

William Preston Johnston (January 5, 1831 – July 16, 1899) was a lawyer, scholar, poet, and Confederate soldier. Biography Johnston was born in Louisville, Kentucky to General Albert Sidne...

2/24/2008 11/19/2016

Shing-Tung Yau 丘成桐 MP

Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States

Shing-Tung Yau (Chinese: 丘成桐; pinyin: Qiū Chéngtóng; Cantonese Yale: Yāu Sìngtùng; born April 4, 1949) is a Chinese-born American mathemat...

7/14/2008 11/17/2016

Amelia Earhart MP (1897 - c.1937)

From Wikipedia : Amelia Earhart was a noted aviation pioneer. Hilary Swank portrays her in the movie Amelia released October 23, 2009. Amelia Mary Earhart (pronounced /ˈɛərh&#x...

7/8/2007 11/4/2016

Wilma Pearl Mankiller (November 18, 1945 – April 6, 2010) was the first female Chief of the Cherokee Nation. She served as principal chief for ten years from 1985 to 1995. Wilma Pearl Mankil...

3/4/2011 11/2/2016

Kathleen Turner MP

"Kathleen Turner"

Kathleen Turner is an American film and stage actor and director. Turner came to fame during the 1980s, after roles in Body Heat (1981), Crimes of Passion (1984), Romancing the Stone (1984), and Priz...

10/26/2016 10/26/2016

Barack H. Obama, 44th President of the USA MP 100

"Barry", "Obie"

Washington, District of Columbia, District of Columbia, United States

Barack Hussein Obama II born August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii, United States Nickname: Barry Barack Obama served as the 44th President of the United States and is the first and only African Ameri...

11/13/2007 10/19/2016

Harry R. Lewis MP

Brookline, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, United States

Harry R. Lewis is a Gordon McKay Professor of Computer Science and the Director of Undergraduate Studies in Computer Science at Harvard University. He is also a Faculty Associate of the Berkman Center ...

10/18/2016 10/18/2016

Cyril Argentine Alington (22 October 1872 – 16 May 1955) was an English educationalist, scholar, cleric, and prolific author. He was the headmaster of both Shrewsbury School and Eton College. ...

3/2/2011 10/14/2016

Ninth President of the Greensboro Female College (Now Greensboro College)

10/10/2016 10/11/2016

Pnina Klein MP (1945 - 2014)

Bar-Ilan University Deeply Mourns the Passing of Prof. Pnina Klein Bar-Ilan University Prof. Pnina Klein, winner of the 2011 Israel Prize in Education Research, died yesterday following a battle with...

2/7/2016 10/10/2016

Fred Rogers Fairchild (1877 - 1966)

Fred Rogers Fairchild (1877–1966) was an American economist and educator. Fairchild was born in Crete, Nebraska. His father was Arthur Babbitt Fairchild, a descendant of Thomas Fairchild who s...

10/3/2016 10/3/2016

Dr. Jill Biden, Second Lady of the United States MP

"Jill Stevenson", "Jill Jacobs-Biden"

Washington, District of Columbia, District of Columbia, United States

Jill Biden is an American educator who is married to the 47th and current Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden, making her the Second Lady of the United States since 2009. She was born in H...

11/11/2008 10/3/2016

Penelope Fitzgerald (1916 - 2000)

Penelope Fitzgerald (17 December 1916 – 28 April 2000) was a Booker Prize–winning English novelist, poet, essayist and biographer. In 2008, The Times included her in a list of "The 50 g...

2/26/2014 10/3/2016

Philippa Ruth Foot (1920 - 2010)

Philippa Foot obituary A 'grande dame of philosophy', she pioneered virtue ethics Jane O'Grady, Tuesday 5 October 2010 13.23 EDT Philippa Foot ‘Virtuous’, for Phil...

6/4/2009 10/2/2016

Mary Bennett (1913 - 2005)

Mary Letitia Somerville Bennett (9 January 1913 – 1 November 2005) was a British academic, best known for her tenure as Principal of St Hilda's College, Oxford between 1965 and 1980. Mary Benn...

3/30/2011 10/2/2016

Rudolf Steiner MP (1861 - 1925)

German philosopher, founder of the Antroposophy esoteric spiritual movement and the Waldorf school system. Wikipedia (English) Wikipedia (German)

5/3/2013 9/27/2016

Jean-Martin Charcot (1825 - 1893)

Jean-Martin Charcot (/ʃɑrˈkoʊ/; French: [ʃaʁko]; 29 November 1825 – 16 August 1893) was a French neurologist and professor of anatomical pathology. He...

11/29/2014 9/22/2016

Felix Gilbert was one of my history professors at Bryn Mawr College in the 1950s and an inspirational teacher. His brilliance, eloquence, and modesty in teaching about about the the influence of French...

2/7/2009 9/22/2016

Arnold J. Toynbee, CH (1889 - 1975)

Arnold Joseph Toynbee CH (14 April 1889 – 22 October 1975) was a British historian whose twelve-volume analysis of the rise and fall of civilizations, A Study of History, 1934–1961, was...

7/9/2009 9/19/2016

Lou Halsell Rodenberger (1926 - 2009)

Molcie Lou Halsell Rodenberger (September 21, 1926 – April 9, 2009) was a Texas author, educator, professor, and journalist. Early years Molcie Lou Halsell was born in rural Eastland Count...

8/16/2015 9/16/2016

Herbert Somerton Foxwell MP (1849 - 1936)

Herbert Somerton Foxwell (17 June 1849 – 3 August 1936) was an English economist. Biography Foxwell was born in Somerset, the son of an ironmonger and slate and timber merchant. He receive...

9/4/2016 9/6/2016

Emily James Smith Putnam (1865 - 1944)

Emily James Smith Putnam (born Canandaigua, 15 April 1865; died 1944) was a United States author and educator Biography She was the daughter of Justice James C. Smith. She graduated from Bryn...

11/18/2010 9/5/2016

Randolph Greenleaf Adams (1892 - 1951)

Randolph Greenfield Adams (November 7, 1892 – January 4, 1951) was American librarian and historian, director of the William L. Clements Library at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Mic...

12/9/2015 8/31/2016

Christopher Lasch (1932 - 1994)


Robert Christopher (Kit) Lasch (June 1, 1932 – February 14, 1994) was an American historian, moralist, and social critic. Mentored by William Leuchtenburg at Columbia University, Lasch was a...

8/31/2016 8/31/2016

James Barr Ames (1846 - 1910)

James Barr Ames (June 22, 1846[1] – January 8, 1910)[2] was an American law educator, who popularized the "case-study" method of teaching law. Biography Ames was born in Boston, Massachuse...

6/23/2015 8/29/2016

Charles Fayette Taylor (1894 - 1996)

"Fay Taylor"

Charles Fayette Taylor (1894-1996), took an early interest in internal combustion engines and aviation, worked for the Wright brothers, and, after a long career in engineering, may be best remembered...

8/28/2016 8/28/2016

John Pierce Brace (1793 - 1872)

8/27/2016 8/27/2016

James Luther Adams (1901 - 1994)

James Luther Adams (November 12, 1901 – July 26, 1994), an American professor at Harvard Divinity School, Andover Newton Theological School, and Meadville Lombard Theological School, and a Uni...

8/26/2016 8/26/2016

Andy Griffith MP (1926 - 2012)

"North Carolina Birth Index, 1800-2000," database, FamilySearch ( : 8 December 2014), Andy Samuel Griffith, 07 Jun 1926; from "North Carolina, Birth and Death Indexes, 1800-2000," database and images, ...

12/4/2010 8/26/2016

Arthur Ira "Art" Garfunkel (born November 5, 1941) is a Grammy Award-winning American singer, poet, and Golden Globe-nominated actor best known for his partnership with Paul Simon in the folk duo Sim...

11/6/2014 8/25/2016

J. K. Rowling MP

"J. K. Rowling", "Joanne Kathleen Rowling", "Jo"

J.K. Rowling - Wikipedia J.K. Rowling - Harry Potter Website Joanne "Jo" Rowling , OBE ( born 31 July 1965 ), better known as J. K. Rowling is a British author best known as the creator of the Ha...

3/2/2008 8/25/2016

Gene Simmons (born Chaim Witz; Hebrew: חיים ויץ‎; August 25, 1949) is an Israeli-Hungarian rock bass guitarist, singer-songwriter, record produ...

3/2/2014 8/25/2016

Dave Brubeck MP (1920 - 2012)


Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia David Warren "Dave" Brubeck (born December 6, 1920 - died December 5, 2012) was an American jazz pianist. He has written a number of jazz standards, including "In You...

12/7/2007 8/25/2016

Elmer Ellsworth Brown was an American educator, publisher, and author who served as the U.S. Commissioner of Education and founded the NYU Press. Born at Kiantone in Chautauqua County, New York, he s...

7/9/2008 8/25/2016

Kenneth Merle Brinkhous (1908 - 2000)

Kenneth Merle Brinkhous, M.D., Distinguished Alumni Professor Emeritus and Chair Emeritus of the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, died...

1/27/2007 8/25/2016

Ebenezer Adams (1765 - 1841)

Ebenezer Adams (22 October 1765 – 15 August 1841) was an American educator. He was born to Ephraim Adams and Rebecca Locke Adams in 1765. He graduated with honor from Dartmouth College in ...

1/4/2009 8/25/2016

Dr. Alfred Appel, Jr. MP (1934 - 2009)

Dr. Alfred Appel (uh-PELL) was a famed Jewish-American professor of English and scholar of modernism, best known for being the foremost authority on his former instructor Vladimir Nabokov. Early Life...

10/25/2010 8/25/2016

George Foot Moore (1851 - 1931)

George Foot Moore (October 15, 1851 – May 16, 1931) was an eminent Asian scholar, historian of religion, author, Presbyterian minister, 33rd Degree Mason of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish R...

7/15/2016 8/25/2016

Daniel Clement Dennett III (born March 28, 1942) is an American philosopher, writer, and cognitive scientist whose research centers on the philosophy of mind, philosophy of science, and philosophy of...

8/22/2016 8/22/2016

Francis Miles Finch (1827 - 1907)

Francis Miles Finch (June 9, 1827 – July 31, 1907) was an American judge, poet, and academic associated with the early years of Cornell University. One of his poems, "The Blue and the Gray", i...

8/18/2016 8/18/2016

Robert C. Snyder (1919 - 2011)

Robert Craven Snyder, Sr. (April 30, 1919 – June 8, 2011), was a professor and professor emeritus of English at Louisiana Tech University in Ruston in Lincoln Parish in north Louisiana. He was...

7/27/2015 8/18/2016

Karl* Ernst Haushofer (1869 - 1946)

2/7/2009 8/15/2016

James Alfred Van Allen (1914 - 2006)

James Alfred Van Allen (September 7, 1914 – August 9, 2006) was an American space scientist at the University of Iowa. The Van Allen radiation belts were named after him, following the 195...

2/18/2009 8/11/2016

James Sheridan Muspratt (1821 - 1871)

James Sheridan Muspratt (8 March 1821 – 3 February 1871) was a research chemist and teacher. His most influential publication was his two-volume book Chemistry, Theoretical, Practical and Anal...

11/28/2012 8/8/2016

Rasmus Bjørn Anderson (1846 - 1936)

"Rasmus Bjørn Anderson"

Norway in America Bibliographic Collections by Thor M Andersen American Institute University of Oslo (1982) Rasmus B Anderson Collections page 44-50. From "Find A Grave": From Store Norske Leksik...

8/21/2008 8/5/2016

Mary Catherine Bateson (born December 8, 1939) is an American writer and cultural anthropologist. Graduate of the Brearley School Daughter of Margaret Mead and Gregory Bateson. Noted author i...

2/9/2009 7/30/2016

Dr. Jill Stein MP

Lexington, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, United States

Jill Ellen Stein (born May 14, 1950) is an American physician, activist, and politician. She has been described as the Green Party's presumptive nominee for President of the United States in the 2016 e...

7/19/2016 7/20/2016

Rev. Bennet Tyler MP (1783 - 1858)

Rev Bennet Tyler Birth: Jul. 10, 1783 Middlebury New Haven County Connecticut, USA Death: May 14, 1858 South Windsor Hartford County Connecticut, USA fifth president of Dartmouth College (1822-18...

11/18/2011 7/17/2016

He is an Irish-American actor, comedian, writer, and director. He is known for his often biting comedic style and his chain smoking. Leary is the star and co-creator of the television show Rescue Me, w...

12/4/2009 7/14/2016

Sutton Foster is an American actress, singer and dancer. She is known for her work on the Broadway stage, for which she has received two Tony Awards for Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Music...

7/11/2016 7/11/2016

Robert Coldwell Wood (September 16, 1923 – April 1, 2005) was an American political scientist, academic and government administrator, and professor of political science at MIT. From 1965 to 19...

7/11/2016 7/11/2016

Harold Hongju Koh (born Dec 8, 1954) is an American lawyer and legal scholar. He served as the Legal Adviser of the Department of State. He was nominated to this position by President Barack Obama on...

7/2/2016 7/4/2016

Abraham Flexner (1866 - 1959)

Abraham Flexner (November 13, 1866 – September 21, 1959) was an American educator, best known for his role in the 20th century reform of medical and higher education in America and Canada. Aft...

5/14/2013 6/26/2016

Joža Karas MP (1926 - 2008)

"Joža Karas"

Josef "Joža" Karas (May 3, 1926 – November 28, 2008) was a Polish-born, Czech-American musician and teacher who located and made public music composed by inmates who worked at the Nazi co...

10/24/2009 6/24/2016

Frederick Matthias Alexander (20 January 1869 – 10 October 1955) was an Australian actor who developed the educational process that is today called the Alexander Technique: a form of education...

1/11/2009 6/22/2016

Johannes Reuchlin, Prof. MP (1455 - 1522)

Johann Reuchlin (sometimes Johannes) (29 January 1455 – 30 June 1522) was a German humanist and a scholar of Greek and Hebrew. For much of his life, he was the real centre of all Greek and Hebre...

5/19/2010 6/21/2016

Hermanus Boerhaave MP (1668 - 1738)

Herman(us) Boerhaave (Voorhout, 31 december 1668 – Leiden, 23 september 1738) was een Nederlands arts, anatoom, botanicus, scheikundige, humanist[bron?] en onderzoeker. ~• An account of...

7/18/2008 6/20/2016

Philipp Melanchthon, Prof. MP (1497 - 1560)

"Praeceptor Germaniae"

Philipp Melanchthon (February 16, 1497 – April 19, 1560), born Philipp Schwartzerdt, was a German reformer, collaborator with Martin Luther, the first systematic theologian of the Protestant Ref...

2/24/2007 6/19/2016

Norman Holmes Pearson (1909 - 1975)

Norman Holmes Pearson (April 13, 1909 – November 5, 1975) was an American academic at Yale University, and a prominent counterintelligence agent during World War II. As a specialist on America...

6/14/2016 6/14/2016

Kip Stephen Thorne, (born June 1, 1940) is an American theoretical physicist, known for his contributions in gravitational physics and astrophysics. A longtime friend and colleague of Stephen Hawking...

6/8/2016 6/8/2016

United States Navy Admiral. A graduate of the United States Naval Academy in 1833, he distinguished himself during the Mexican American War in siege of Vera Cruz, March 1847. Promoted to Commander in...

8/7/2010 6/7/2016

John George Kemeny (1926 - 1992)

"Kemény János György", "John G. Kemeny"

John G. Kemeny, computer pioneer and President of Dartmouth College from 1970-81. John George Kemeny (Hungarian: Kemény János György ; May 31, 1926 – December 26, 1992) wa...

11/4/2011 6/6/2016

Eugene Calvin Coulter (1859 - 1942)

He was headmaster of University School in Chicago, Illinois. Eugene Calvin Coulter, born at Hartford, Ohio, June 8, 1859, the son of son James Calvin and Harriet Elia (Clark) Coulter. Education. ...

6/6/2016 6/6/2016

Louise Keyes was born in Nice, France in 1897. In 1899, she was orphaned by the accidental deaths of both of her parents. She grew up in the loving care of different relatives, and received an outstand...

6/1/2016 6/4/2016

David Lewis Phares (c.1817 - 1892)

David Phares was one of the first department heads at Mississippi State University. A noted scholar, he wrote several articles and books on medicine and agriculture. Phares was also a leading figure in...

6/23/2009 5/27/2016

George McLean owned and directed the Tupelo Journal and founded several community development programs in northeast Mississippi.

5/26/2016 5/26/2016

Andrew Kincannon, an educator, served as superintendent of Meridian City Schools and state superintendent of education. He was president of the Mississippi Industrial Institute and College for the Ed...

5/26/2016 5/26/2016

James Leonard Cooper (1830 - 1915)

James Cooper founded the Carolina Academy in Neshoba County to educate Confederate veterans shortly after the Civil War. The school was later moved to Lauderdale County and renamed Cooper Institute.

5/25/2016 5/25/2016

William Porcher DuBose (1836 - 1918)

William Porcher DuBose (April 11, 1836 – August 18, 1918) was an American priest and theologian in the Episcopal Church in the United States. He spent most of his career as a professor at the ...

5/25/2016 5/25/2016

Frances Modena Berry MP (1850 - 1942)

"Frances", "Modena"

Birth: 1850 Death: 1942 Note: Co-founder of Blue Mountail Burial: Blue Mountain Cemetery Blue Mountain Tippah County Mississippi, USA Edit Virtual Cemetery info [?] Created by: Verlon...

2/16/2009 5/24/2016

Dale Carnegie MP (1888 - 1955)

Dale Carnegie was a legendary author, educator and self-development pioneer. He began his career as a salesman in the Midwest after being educated at what is now the University of Central Missouri ...

8/20/2015 5/23/2016

Loren Eiseley (1907 - 1977)

Loren Eiseley (September 3, 1907 – July 9, 1977) was an American anthropologist, educator, philosopher, and natural science writer, who taught and published books from the 1950s through the 19...

5/22/2016 5/22/2016

Roscoe Pound (1874 - 1964)

Nathan Roscoe Pound (October 27, 1870 – June 30, 1964) was a distinguished American legal scholar and educator. He was Dean of Harvard Law School from 1916 to 1936. The Journal of Legal Studie...

5/22/2016 5/22/2016

Edith Abbott, PhD, Dean Social Service Admin (1876 - 1957)

"Social Reformer"

Miss Abbott was born to a family of activists in Grand Island, Nebraska, in the shadow of the Overland Trail. Her father, fresh from the Union army, served as the fledgling state's first lieute...

1/19/2015 5/22/2016

Paulina Kellogg Wright Davis (August 7, 1813 – August 24, 1876) was an American abolitionist, suffragist, and educator. Paulina Kellogg was born in Bloomfield, New York, to Captain Ebeneze...

2/26/2012 5/18/2016

Arabella Mansfield (1846 - 1911)

"Arabella", "Mansfield"

Arabella Mansfield (May 23, 1846 – August 1, 1911), born Belle Aurelia Babb, became the first female lawyer in the United States in 1869, admitted to the Iowa bar; she made her career as a col...

5/17/2016 5/17/2016

Charles Gide (1847 - 1932)

Charles Gide (French: [ʒid]; 1847–1932) was a leading French economist and historian of economic thought. He was a professor at the University of Bordeaux, at Montpellier, at Universit&#x...

11/25/2007 5/16/2016