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Slave Traders

George J. Homs Today at 8:52 AM Actually, how about creating a project just between the two of us - without any explicit name. I'm saying 'not explicit', because we're not necessarily sure what we're going to find and how to name it. But, it should be some sort of 'bucket' for us where I can put all the so-called Dutch slave traders. Once we have them grouped in such a project, we could further examine their origins in terms of social-economic classes and religion. What do you think?

George J. Homs Today at 8:49 AM I'm fine, Kwame. you OK too? Perhaps you're seeing I'm concentrating on Amsterdam and Antwerp. Guess what, the slave traders are NOT escaping us :-) As I suggested on another thread, it's safe to say that tha vast majority of the traders involved where actually Flemish or French - not 'originally' Dutch. What I'm trying to discover now is whether there is a religious aspect related to it. Right now, I have the impression that again a majority of those southerners were 'opportunistic' immigrants in Holland, for business reasons (not religious reasons). It would be quite interesting to find that what is considered the 'Dutch protestant slave trade' might actually be driven by 'Flemish/French catholic' traders. Don't take my word for it. And, who knows, perhaps someone already researched this aspect (but I haven't found it). Who knows, we might be onto something quite new here :-)

New Amsterdam - Africans

Kenneth Kwame Welsh 7/22/2011 at 9:37 PM Sophie, what I have been saying is that I believe the main people of Jamaica and early New Amsterdam/New York were not just from "Angola," but Ashanti people from Ghana (Gold Coast).

Sophie Williams 7/22/2011 at 4:37 PM It would be great if we could pick up some West Indies, experst or Genealogist on the way to help. i have a lot of Powell and williams Facebook friends including Kwane who have issues finding Williams ancestry especially Grand and great grandparents not sur if its beause of the record keeping. it seems back them not too many knew how to read and write so names were misspelled. birth were not recorded etc.

Sophie Williams 7/22/2011 at 4:23 PM I do understand the point u are, and i dont mind what we do.ill put this on the table too. if u are talking connection for direct family. for me its connecting the West Indies to africa ( caribbean) that would make me most happy right now . I dont want to spent a lot of time on oher lineage if its not going to take me there.

Kenneth Kwame Welsh 7/22/2011 at 1:17 PM Thanks George. I did notice that several of the Blacks had appellations pertaining the Bantu region of west-central Africa.

I mentioned in previous posts and discussions, I had research and heard that early New York was populated by many Ashantis from Ghana.

George J. Homs 7/22/2011 at 12:15 PM If I may add... I added 'Van Angola' as the generic family name right now to the New Amsterdam - Living Descendants project page. That's the page where I want to activate living descendants. There must be so many descendants of Emanuel van Angola. I wonder under what name. Let's hope they come to Geni! Having said that, wouldn't it be a great advertisement for Geni? The place where we invite millions of people to work together to get history right!

George J. Homs 7/22/2011 at 12:11 PM Hello Sophie, Kwame, Sophie, you missed the few emails I exchanged with Kwame. Perhaps you saw that I launched a 'formal program' in New Amsterdam? The idea is that, all together, we encourage people to take ownership for the family lines they care about. I think we need to get the 'name-bearers' in the first place. If we get a few of them working actively, I'm sure that it will have a snowball effect. We all know that the Africans in New Amsterdam will be a HUGE challenge, for all the obvious reasons. Just to have a place to start, I think we have to consider them as one family and, no doubt, they will all be related over a few generations. So, what I did... I invited you both to take one the few 'disconnected' profiles I have created a few weeks ago. The 'key man' there is Emanuel van Angola, for the moment. He was one of the handful of Africans that got some form of rights in the early days. All these men had families. Kwame, I suggest that you make a master profile for Emanuel? At least, we have a place to start. They are IN THE PICTURE - and without them, the Ne Amsterdam project would be flawed. How wonderful it would be if we could ever get full genealogies together for them. An immense task! But hey, I think none of us here is shy of a challenge, right? :-)

Dutch Caribbean

I need some help with the history of the Dutch West Indies/Caribbean islands!

Dutch Brazil

Kenneth Kwame Welsh 8/25/2011 at 10:33 AM Report | Delete Back in the old days, they had slave-holding conferences. Most people don't beleive it, but it was so. They sorted out their agreements and policies at the meetings/conferences. They even waged war on the people that rose up to fight off the slave-holders, for example in the Palmares Republic in Brazil. Dutch armies were used along with 3-4 other European forces.