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  • Sigurd "the Stout" Hlodvesson, earl of Orkney (960 - 1014)
    Sigurd 'Digri' Hlodvisson Orkneyjarl Parents: Hlodve Orkneyjarl and his wife Spouse: Olith ingen Mael Coluim meic Cinaeda or Donada [Med Lands' explanation for the 'daughter of Malcolm not li...
  • Brusi Sigurdsson, earl of Orkney (987 - c.1031)
    Brusi Sigurdsson, Earl of Orkney Jarl på Orknøy, sønn av Sigurd II Digre. Earl of Orkney Islands. På norrønt Brusi Sigurdsson, fornavnet i moderne tid fornorsket til Bruse. Brusi Sigurdsson (di...
  • Hlodvir Thorfinnsson, Earl of Orkney (aft.945 - c.988)
    Hlöðvir Þorfinnsson, Thorfinnarson Parents: Thorfinn Orkneyjarl & Grelaug (Grelod) Spouse: Eadna Children: 1. Sigurd Hlodvasson 2. Svanlaug (married Gille, Earl of the Hebrides) 3. (unkno...
  • Daniel Parker (c.1700 - c.1780)
    [hobgood.FTW] Danial Parker was born in Nancemond County, NC about 1710. He married Mary Sumners, daughter of Demsey Sumners about 1730. He lived in Gates county until his death about 1750. A deed,#20 ...
  • Ragnvald II Brusasson, Earl of Orkney (c.1000 - 1046)
    Ragnvald Brusasson (died 1046), son of Brusi Sigurdsson, was Earl of Orkney jointly with Thorfinn Sigurdsson from about 1037 onwards. His life is recorded in the Orkneyinga Saga. Parents: Brusi Sigur...

The PARKER family linages go centuries back to the Knights of England, the Earls of northern Scotland, the early Kings and Queens of Norway, Scandinavia, Sweden, and Turkey. The line comes from JUDAH of Israel who had children with TAMAR. ZARAH was JUDAH's son whose children had kingdoms in Turkey and over time they moved to Sweden.

Rognvald II Brusisson ,Earl of Orkney, Scotland, (of Norse decent) was murdered in 1046. Robert le Brus, his son, was in danger and deposed. Robert le Brus of Scotland went to Norway and Normandy, where he joined with William the Conqueror, who was his distant cousin. When Sir Robert, knighted by William, came to England with him at the Norman invasion in 1060, he and his family were surnamed LE PARQUIER.

LE PARQUIER means the guardian of the King's Park.

Sir Robert le Brus le Parquier son's name was Sir Robert Adam de Brusse le Paquier of Yorkshire, England.

They then went by le Parquier, La Parcar, Parks, de Parke, de Parkes, de Park, Parke, Parks, and PARKER.

Dr. Richard Parker I emigrated to the Colony of Virginia, Nasemond County, in 1647. The reason that he emigrated was due to a price being placed on his head by Oliver Cromwell for his support of Charles I and the Royalist Army.

The PARKER FAMILY CREST states in Latin: " For the Faithful, there will be Certain Reward."