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Patawomeck Piscataway Trade Relations

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  • Fig Figuier / Chickasacomac Hateras (deceased)
    Biography== Fnu Chickasacomac, Hateras (WIth a name like Figrow, there are ties to La Louisianne. The wild horses still out on the Hateras Island were from the Spanish being there. Unfortunately, the S...
  • Kateras (Brown) Jones (c.1622 - d.)
    atDna 14 21 - - Brickwall no more due to autosomic endogamy with hundreds working on this for years and years; with location and trade appropriate name. We knew her Davenell maternal line descending we...
  • Fnu Kearsey (c.1692 - d.)
    atdna - Bryant / Elkins / Williams Cluster 9 89- 99m
  • Capt. Robert Hicks, Indian Trader (c.1658 - c.1739)
    concerns== Do not confuse this Robert with Robert Hicks, of Chowan County biography and family==The origin of Robert Hicks, Indian trader of colonial Virginia, is not known. He is first identifiable fr...
  • Thomas Matthews / Servant in Aquia (deceased)
    Servant to FitzHugh Briand / Bryant's widow Livingston FitzHugh Briand/Bryant was a royal tied illegit tied to Royal interest of the UK but he sure had ties to La Louisianne given all the resulting tra...

Piscataway married Regans. Some went to Robeson Co, NC in Guildford Community and some went to Marion CO, MS. Some went to Oklahoma.

In the location of the current Widewater State Park, 40 minutes south of DC, is the Old Indian Lane and is still named that to this day south of the Brent Point location of the Patawomeck Core Member Founder Lines of mother of Giles Brent's Bryant neighbors, relations. Another significant transfer of former Piscataway, MA area transfer community were Folsoms but they went to the Yadkin Valley and there is a Yadkin area in the Tidewater, named for the same; but, in the back country, it was called Powell Valley.'

  '' Richard Brent, Lord of Stoke and Admington  her son → Richard Brent, Lord of Stoke and Admington his son → Giles Brent, Lt. Governor of Maryland and 


THEIR  son → Giles Brent''  Father Andrew White, a Catholic priest who arrived with Calvert in 1634 on the Ark and the Dove, baptized Kittamaquund, chieftain of the local Piscataway Indians, and his wife and daughters. in 1640. One daughter, who took the name of Mary at her baptism, went to live with Margaret Brent and married Margaret’s brother, Giles Brent. Brent used the marriage to claim lands that had belonged to the Piscataway, including lands in Virginia on Aquia Creek. Father White spent several weeks with the Patawomeck Indians in the winter of 1641-2. In his annual letter to his superiors for 1642 he wrote: “During a detention of nine weeks at Potomac town, his spiritual gain in souls fully compensated for the delay. For, during that time, there was an accession to the church, of the chief of the town, with the principal inhabitants. Also a chief of another tribe, with many of his followers; a third, with his wife, son and one of his people, and a fourth chieftain, with a companion of high rank among his own people. “ Father White's letter is the only documentation for the events with the Patawomeck and you will note that there are no names given for any of these people.


Mary married Giles Brent, brother of Margaret Brent, before January 9, 1644/5.[v] A band of Parliamentarians led by Richard Ingle and William Claiborne attacked St Mary’s City on February 14, 1644/5, and carried Giles Brent, Father Andrew White, and others in chains to England. (INSERT EDITORIAL - Jealous neighbors of New Colony burned it to the ground when its founder, Col Claiborne was in England; so, this could have been a case of repayment). Upon his arrival in London, Giles brought suit against his captors and returned to Maryland before June 19, 1647.[vi] Mary and Giles moved to present day Aquia, Stafford County, Virginia, after November 8, 1648, and before August 20, 1651.[vii] Mary died probably after April 18, 1654, and before September 4, 1655.[viii] Giles Brent died in Middlesex County, Virginia, on September 2, 1679.[ix]

Scholars disagree about the number of children born to Mary and Giles Brent. Some list only three children named in the 1663 and 1671 wills of sister and brother Margaret and Giles Brent.[x] Margaret appointed her brother Giles “and his children Giles Brent, Mary Brent, and Richard Brent” executors of her estate.[xi] Giles left bequests to his son Giles Brent and daughter Mary Fitzherbert.[xii] Other historians, such as Dr. Lois Green Carr, Maryland Historian at the Maryland State Archives, on the basis of information gleaned from provincial court records, probate records, and quitrent rolls, identify six children of Mary and Giles, including Katherine Brent (who married Richard Marsham), Giles Brent (who married his cousin Mary Brent), Mary Brent (who married John Fitzherbert), Richard Brent (who died after December 26, 1663), Henry Brent (who died young), and Margaret Brent (who also died young).[xiii]

Recent DNA analysis, however, reveals six descendants of Katherine and Richard Marsham and three descendants of Mary and Charles Beaven, representing six separate lineages, inherited at least sixteen matching segments of Native American DNA on chromosomes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 13, 15, 16, 20, and 22. ...Considering this DNA evidence in light of contemporary records, it now seems certain Mary and Giles Brent were the parents of Katherine, wife of Richard Marsham, and Mary, wife first of John Fitzherbert and second of Charles Beaven.


'Dr. Richard Bryant, of Stafford County

is Giles Brent's ex-wife's (was Patawomeck and doubt there was a divorce, more like polygamy) third cousin once removed's husband's nephew's wife's father.Giles Brent  →  Mary Brent his ex-wife →  Marianna Brent  her mother →  Sir John Peyton, MP, 1st Baronet Peyton of Isleham her father →  Elizabeth Peyton his mother →  Etheldreda "Audrey" Drury 

her sister → Sir William Drury, Kt., MP for Suffolk her son → Frances Wray his daughter → Frances Ayscough her daughter → Elizabeth Ashton her daughter → James Ashton her husband → Col. Peter Ashton his father → Mary Francis Elkins his daughter → Richard Elkins her son → Elizabeth Elkins his wife → Dr. Richard Bryant, of Stafford Co / Patawomeck on State Recognized Tribal Records.


' Anne Meese

was the mother of Elizabeth (Bryant} Elkins and also of Dr Richard Bryant Jr. (at least half siblings to Silent Bryant).  Anne Meese was married to Dr Richard Bryant of Stafford who was the son of Richard Bryant that was transported Keziah (Wahanganoche) Bryant. 

Anne Meese was the daughter of Henry Meese & Mary Wahanganoche (Keziah's sister). Anne Meese & Dr Richard Bryant of Stafford were cousins.

Elizabeth Elkins

→ Dr. Richard Bryant, Jr. her brother → Margaret Owens  his daughter → Leah Monteith her daughter → Enos Monteith her son → Parthenia Monteith his daughter → Seymour Monteith Hudson her son → Fielding Bruchion Hudson his son → Leonard Madison Hudson his son → Margaret Jeane Deyo  his daughter → William Leonard Deyo, Jr. her son and Hisorian of Patawomeck State Recognized Tribe''.