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Pembrokeshire - Monumental Inscriptions, Cemeteries & Graveyards

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Monumental Inscriptions, Cemeteries and Graveyards of Pembrokeshire

Image Right - Cwm yr Eglwys, Pembrokeshire. This is all that remains of Cwm yr Eglwys Church and churchyard after it was engulfed by a great high tide and storm in the 18th century.

The aim of this project is to gather together information regarding cemeteries and graveyards in the county which either have available transcriptions or have been photographed and transcribed.

Please update the project by adding links to any available monumental inscriptions or pages where images of the graves/cemeteries can be seen - mostly Billion Graves or Find a Grave.

Those links with records have no ✘ (blank, or the number of entries in some instances).

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List of Towns

This list will need refining - not all places listed necessarily have graveyards


Aberbach [place], Granston

Abercastle - Mathry

Abercych - Manordeifi

Aberdaugleddau (Milford Haven), a parish

Abergwaun (Fishguard), a parish

Abereiddy - Llanrhian

Ad Vigesimum [Roman station], Ambleston

Aenon [Baptist chapel in Sandy Haven], St Ishmaels

Albert Town - Haverfordwest, St Thomas

Albion Sq/Pembroke Dock, St Mary

Allan river, St Davids

Ambleston, a parish

Amroth, a parish

Amroath, Amroth

Amroath Castle, Amroth

Angle, a parish and village

Antioch [Independent chapel near Crymych village], Llanfyrnach

Arberth (Narberth), a parish


Bateman's Hill - Cosheston

Bayvil, a parish

Begelly, a parish

Begelly Hall[mansion], Begelly

Beifil Y - Bayvil

Bengal - Llanstinan

Bentlass - Monkton

Berea [Independent chapel on road to Fishguard], St Davids

Beracah [Calvinistic Methodist chapel in Goodwick], Llanwnda

Berllan [seat], Eglwyswrw

Berry Hill Camp[site], Nevern

Bethabara [Baptist chapel], Whitechurch

Bethania [Calvinistic Methodist chapel in Trelethid fawr], St Davids

Bethany [Baptist chapel in High St/Pembroke Dock], St Mary

Bethany [Calvinistic Methodist chapel in Saundersfoot], St Issells

Bethel [Independent chapel in Wolfsdale village], Camrose

Bethel [Independent chapel in Middle Hill], Freystrop

Bethel [Independent chapel], Llandewi Velfrey

Bethel [Independent chapel in Moylegrove village], Moylegrove

Bethel [Baptist chapel], Mynachlogddu

Bethel [Baptist chapel in Bush St/Pembroke Dock], St Mary

Bethel [Calvinistic methodist chapel in Westgate], St Mary

Bethel [Calvinistic Methodist chapel in Puncheston village], Puncheston

Bethel [Baptist chapel in Treteio], St Davids

Bethel [Wesleyan Methodist chapel in St David's town], St Davids

Bethel [Independent chapel in St Florence village], St Florence

Bethel [Independent chapel in Saundersfoot village], St Issells

Bethel [Calvinistic Methodist chapel in Thorne], St Twynnells

Bethesda [Baptist chapel in Haverfordwest town], St Martin

Bethesda [Independent chapel], Llawhaden

Bethesda [Baptist chapel in Narberth village], Narberth

Bethesda [Calvinistic Methodist chapel], St Issells

Bethlehem [Baptist chapel in Newport town], Newport

Bethlehem [Baptist chapel in Newton Pants], Rudbaxton

Bethsaida [Baptist chapel in St Dogmaels town], St Dogmaels

Beulah [Baptist chapel], Little Newcastle

Bicton - St Ishmaels

Bishop and his Clerks[rocks], St Davids

Bishop's Palace, Lamphey

Blackpool Mill, Slebech

Black Bridge - Steynton

Black Horse Inn/Bridge St, Haverfordwest

Black Pool [iron works], Newton North

Black Tar - Llangwm

Blaenbylan [place], Manordeifi

Blaenffos [Baptist chapel and village], Penrith

Blaengwyddnoe[grange/farmhouse], Lampeter Velfrey

Blaenllyn [Baptist chapel in Trehael], St Edrins

Blaenpant [place], Manordeifi

Blaensawd farm, Llan-Y-Cefn

Blaenywaun [Baptist chapel and village], St Dogmaels

Bletherston, a parish

Block-House[ancient ruin], Angle

Bolton Beacon, Steynton

Bolton Hill [mansion], Steynton

Bolton Hill mill, Steynton

Boncath - Capel Colman

Bonjiston [mansion/seat], Angle

Bonville Court [seat], Tenby

Bosherston, a parish

Bosherton Meer [cavern], Bosherston

Botolphs [seat], Hubberston

Boulston, a parish

Brawdy, a parish

Brawdy farm [r%C3%A2th], Brawdy

Breudeth - Brawdy

Bridell, a parish

Bridge-End [hamlet], St Dogmaels

Brimaston Hall [place and Calvinistic Methodist chapel], Hayscastle

Broad Haven, Stackpole Elidor, Walton West

Broad Sound, Haverfordwest

Broadfield - Tenby

Broadmoor - Begelly

Broadway - Walton West

Bronwydd [residence], Nevern, Newport

Broom - Begelly

Brownslade [seat], Castlemartin

Bryn Henllan [hill, village and Calvinistic Methodist chapel], Dinas

Bryn Seion [Independent chapel], Lampeter Velfrey

Brynberian [Independent chapel and village], Nevern

Bugeli[Begelly], Begelly

Bully Bar [farm], Castlemartin

Bulston [Boulston], Boulston

Burnett's Hill [Calvinistic Methodist chapel between Lawrenny and Landshipping] ,Martletwy

Burrow Head, Talbenny

Burry [residence], Nevern

Burton, a parish and village

Burton castle[ruins], Burton

Burton Ferry, Burton

Bush estate, Pembroke

Bush St/Pembroke Dock, St Mary

Butter Hill [place], St Nicholas, Steynton

Bwlch-y-groes [village and Calvinistic Methodist chapel], Clydey


Caer [site], Bayvil

Caer-Farchell - St Davids

Caer Gawch [ancient place], St Davids

Caerau [ruins of ancient town, Fishguard


Caermeini - Mynachlogddu

Caersalem [Baptist chapel], Nevern

Caerfarchell [Calvinistic Methodist chapel and village], St Davids

Caldey [island], Manorbier, Penally, Tenby

Camp hill[site of fortress], Narberth

Camrhos House [seat], Camrose

Camrose, a parish

Camrose Castle, Camrose

Canaston river, Robeston Wathen

Canaston wood, Mounton, Narberth, Slebech

Capel Albany (The Green) [ Independent chapel in Haverfordwest town], St Thomas

Capel Colman, a parish

Capel Dogwell [Independent chapel], St Dogmaels

Capel Newydd - Manordeifi

Capel y Cwm - Whitchurch

Capel y Gwyrhyd chapel, St Davids

Capel y Pystill chapel, St Davids

Caradoc's chapel at Trevran, Roch

Carew, a parish

Carew Castle, Carew

Carew Celtic Cross, Carew

Carew Cheriton - Carew

Carew Newton [village and Independent chapel], Carew

Carfan [Independent chapel and village], Lampeter Velfrey

Carlleon [ancient town site], St Davids

Carmel [Baptist chapel], Clarbeston

Carn Ingli mountain/common, Cilgwyn, Newport

Carn Lludw [rocks], St Davids

Carnhedryn - St Davids

Carnochun [ancient fortifications], St Davids

Carreg-wen - Manordeifi

Cartlet bridge, Haverfordwest

Cartlett, Uzmaston

Cas-Fuwch (Castlebythe)

Cas-Lai (Hayscastle), a parish

Cas-Mael (Puncheston), a parish

Cas-Wis - Wiston

Casnewydd-bach(Little Newcastle), a parish

Castel Flemish [camp], Ambleston

Castel Meherin [earthworks], Lampeter Velfrey

Castell Gwalchmai (Walwyn's Castle), a parish

Castell Gwys (Wiston), a parish

Castell Henllys [castle], Meline

Castell Hen-drev[castle], Henry's Moat

Castell Henri (Henry's Moat), a parish

Castell Malgwyn [mansion], Cilgerran

Castellan [chapelry], Penrith

Castellau [tumuli], Fishguard

Castle Back [Primitive Methodist chapel in Castleback], St Mary

Castle the [mansion], Angle

Castlebythe, a parish

Castlemartin, a hundred

Castlemartin, a parish

Castlemorris - Mathry

Castle-Beith (Castlebythe)

Castle Hall [seat], Steynton

Castle Morris [place], Granston

Cas-Wis (Wiston), a parish

Ceibwr[headland], Newport

Cemais[Kemmes], a hundred

Chanter's chapel, St Davids

Chapel [Calvinistic Methodist chapel in Burton village], Burton

Chapel [Wesleyan Methodist chapel], Carew

Chapel [Wesleyan Methodist chapel], Dale

Chapel [Wesleyan Methodist chapel in Fishguard town], Fishguard

Chapel [Wesleyan Methodist chapel in Merlin's Bridge], Haroldston St Issells

Chapel [Wesleyan Methodist chapel in Haverfordwest town], St Martin

Chapel [Wesleyan Methodist chapel in South Pits], Jeffreyston

Chapel [Wesleyan Methodist], Letterston

Chapel [Independent chapel], Llandilo

Chapel [Wesleyan Methodist chapel in Llangwm village], Llangwm

Chapel [Baptist chapel], Marloes

Chapel [Wesleyan Methodist], Marloes

Chapel [Baptist chapel], Martletwy

Chapel [Calvinistic Methodist], Mounton

Chapel [Wesleyan Methodist chapel in Narberth town], Narberth

Chapel [Independent chapel in Nolton Haven], Nolton

Chapel [Baptist chapel in Pembroke town], St Mary

Chapel [Calvinistic Methodist chapel in Llanreath village], St Mary

Chapel [Wesleyan Methodist chapel in Meyrick St/Pembroke Dock], St Mary

Chapel [Wesleyan Methodist chapel in Wesley Sq/Pembroke St Michael village], St Michael

Chapel [Primitive Methodist chapel in Prendergast parish but town of Haverfordwest], Prendergast

Chapel [Wesleyan Methodist chapel], Prendergast

Chapel [Wesleyan Methodist chapel in Redberth village], Redberth

Chapel [Independent chapel in Reynalton village], Reynoldston

Chapel [Wesleyan Methodist chapel], Roch

Chapel [Wesleyan Methodist chapel in Milford Haven], Steynton

Chapel [Baptist chapel in Tenby town], Tenby

Chapel [Calvinistic Methodist chapel in Lower Frog St/Tenby town], Tenby

Chapel [Wesleyan Methodist chapel in Tenby town], Tenby

Chapel [Wesleyan Methodist chapel], Walton West

Chapel [Baptist chapel], Warren

Chapel [Calvinistic Methodist chapel in Solva village], Whitchurch

Chapel [Wesleyan Methodist chapel in Solva village], Whitchurch

Chapel Hill [place], Wiston

Charles St/Milford Haven town, Steynton

Cheriton [place/school], St Petrox

Cheriton - Stackpole Elidor

Church Hill - Uzmaston

Churchton - St Issells

Cil-Garon - Cilgerran

Cilau - Llanwnda

Cilfawr [former chapel of ease], Manordeifi

Cilfowyr [Baptist chapel and village], Manordeifi

Cilgerran [Kilgerran], a hundred

Cilgerran, a parish and village

Cilgerran Castle, Cilgerran

Cilgetty[seat], Tenby

Cilgwyn, a parish and chapelry

Cilsant [place], Slebech

Cilwendeg - Capel Colman

Cil-Garron (Cilgerran)

Cil-rhiw [place], Crinow

Cippin [village], St Dogmaels

Cippin [Independent chapel near Trecwn], St Dogmaels

Clarbeston, a parish

Clarebeston Road [place], Wiston

Clareston [mansion], Freystrop

Clawdd y Milwyr [ancient ramparts], St Davids

Clydey(Clydai), a parish

Clynview [seat], Manordeifi

Coedcanlas, a parish

Colby Lodge [mansion], Amroth

Cold Blow - Narberth

Cold Inn - Begelly

College Green[Independent chapel], Bayvil

Colston - Little Newcastle

Congarth Vechan [castle site], Pembroke

Cors the[land], Castlemartin

Corston [residence], Castlemartin

Cosheston, a parish

Court House [seat], Llanllawer

Cow and Calf Point, Fishguard

Cresselly [seat], Jeffreyston

Cresselly [Prmitive Methodist chapel and village], Jeffreyston

Cresswell Quay [village], Carew, Jeffreyston

Creswell Bay, Lawrenny

Crinow, a parish

Croes-goch - Llanrhian

Cronwere (Crunwear )

Cross Hands - Newton North

Crosswell - Meline

Crow Pool, Pembroke

Cruglas [common], St Davids

Crundale [Independent chapel and village], Rudbaxton

Crunwear , a parish

Crymych [village], Llanfyrnach

Cuffern - Roch

Cuttybridge - Camrose

Cwm [place], Steynton

Cwm Gwaun - Llanychlwydog

Cwm Plysgog - Cilgerran

Cwmgloyn [residence], Nevern

Cwmwdig Water - St Davids

Cwm-yr-eglwys - Dinas

Cych [vale], Manordeifi, Narberth

Cyfern [seat], Roch

Cyfern mountain, Roch

Cylch-Bychan [hamlet], St Davids

Cylch-Gwaelod [hamlet], St Davids

Cylch-Mawr [hamlet], St Davids

Cylch y Drev [Town hamlet], St Davids


Dale, a parish

Dale blockhouse, Steynton

Dale Castle[mansion], Dale

Dale Meadow, Dale

Dale Roads[anchorage], Dale

Deadman's Lake [place], Steynton

Deerland - Llangwm

Dewisland, a hundred

Dinas, a parish

Dinas Cross - Dinas

Dinas Head, Dinas, Newport

Dinbynch-y-Pysgod (Tenby), a parish and town

Doc Penfro - Pembroke, St Mary

Dreen Hill [Calvinistic Methodist chapel and village], Steynton

Drewson [former chapel of ease and village], Nolton

Druidston - Nolton

Drun Hill - Steynton

Dry Burrows [tumuli], Monkton

Dudwells - Camrose

Dumpledale [seat], Llangwm

Dungleddy, a hundred

Dyffryn - Llanwnda


Eare Weare, Amroth

East Hook - Lambston

East Haroldston (Haroldston St Issells)

East Trewent - Stackpole Elidor

Ebenezer [Baptist chapel in Fishguard town], Fishguard

Ebenezer [Calvinistic Methodist chapel in Northgate/Haverfordwest town], St Mary

Ebenezer [Baptist chapel], Llanfair Nant Gwyn

Ebenezer [Independent chapel in Longstone], Ludchurch

Ebenezer [Independent chapel], Monkton

Ebenezer [Independent chapel in Newport town], Newport

Ebenezer[Independent chapel in St David's town], St Davids

Eglwys Wen (Whitechurch), a parish

Eglwyswrw, a parish and village

Eglwys Wythwr (Monington), a parish

Elim [Independent chapel], Amroth

Elim [Baptist chapel in Eglwyswrw village], Eglwyswrw

Estington [place], Rhoscrowther


Felindre [village], Bayvil

Felindre Farchog - Nevern

Felinganol(Middlemill) [village], Whitchurch

Fern Hill [seat], Haroldston St Issells

Ffynnon [Baptist chapel and village], Llandewi Velfrey

Ffynnon Gron - St Lawrence

Fish-Garth (Fishguard)

Fishguard (Abergwaun), a parish

Fishguard Bay, Dinas

Fishguard Fort, Fishguard

Flimston [ancient chapel ruin], Castlemartin

Fobeston [place], St Brides

Folly - Camrose

Ford, a chapelry and parish

Forehill [place], LlysyFran

Fort Point, Fishguard

Fountain Head, Haverfordwest

Friar's Preachers [priory and house], Haverfordwest

Freestone Hall [mansion], Carew

Freshwater East - Lamphey

Freshwater West, Castlemartin

Freystrop, a parish

Fynnon Druidion [remains], Llanwnda

Fynnonau [place], Cilgerran

Fynonau [mansion], Manordeifi


Galilee Baptist church in Llangwm, Burton

Garn vawr rock, Llanwnda

Garregonnen bay, Llanwnda

Gateholm [island], Marloes

Gelly chapel, Llawhaden

Gerazim [Baptist chapel near Cippin], St Dogmaels

Gershom [Calvinistic Methodist chapel in Pembroke Dock], St Mary

Gethsemane [Calvinistic Methodist chapel], Nevern

Gideon [Independent chapel], Dinas

Gignog - Hayscastle

Gilead [Calvinistic Methodist chapel in Maidenwells], Monkton

Glanafon - Prendergast

Glandovan [mansion], Cilgerran

Glandwr [Independent chapel and village], Llanfyrnach

Glanrhyd [Baptist chapel and village], Lampeter Velfrey

Glanrhyd [Calvinistic Methodist chapel], Nevern

Glanrhyd - Llantood

Glenowen - Llanstadwell

Glogue - Clydey

Goat St in St David's town, St Davids

Golden Hill - Pembroke, St Mary

Golden Hill - Spittal

Golden Well [spring], Little Newcastle

Goldtop Road [anchorage], Talbenny

Goodwick [place], Fishguard

Goodwick [place], Llanwnda

Goshen [Calvinistic Methodist chapel near Potterslade], Llawhaden

Granston, a parish

Great Nash [ruined residence], Llangwm

Great Trefgarn - Treffgarne

Green - Pembroke, St Mary

Greenhill Ochre Mine, Haverfordwest

Greenway - Morfil

Gribyn the[ridge], Whitchurch

Groesgoch [Baptist chapel and village], Llanrhian

Grove [residence], Narberth

Grove - Pembroke, St Michae

Grove colliery, St Issells

Guilford - Llangwm

Gumfreston, a parish

Gwastad - LlysyFran

Gwayn river, Fishguard, Llanfairnantygof, Llanllawer, Llanychaer, Llanychlwydog, Pontfaen


Hafod Grove - Moylegrove

Hakin [Wesleyan Methodist chapel near Milford Haven], Hubberston

Haking [village], Hubberston, Steynton

Hall Chapel [Wesleyan Methodist chapel at Middle Hall], Talbenny

Hall the [seat], Angle

Harbour Village - Llanwnda

Harmony [Baptist chapel in Strumble Head], Llanwnda

Haroldston St Issells (East Haroldston), a parish

Haroldston West, a parish

Hasguard, a parish

Haverfordwest (Hwlffordd), general[see also below]

Haverfordwest, St Martin, a parish

Haverfordwest, St Mary, a parish

Haverfordwest, St Thomas , a parish

Haverfordwest Castle, Haverfordwest

Haverfordwest priory, Haverfordwest

Hays Castle Motte, Hayscastle

Hayscastle (Cas-Lai), a parish

Haysford - Camrose

Hayston [residence], Llanstadwell

Hazelbeach [place], Llanstadwell

Hean Castle, St Issells

Hearson Mountain [Wesleyan Methodist chapel], Burton

Heathfield Lodge [residence], Letterston

Hen Gapel - Maenclochog

Henfeddau [fair site], Clydey

Henllan [seat], Llandewi Velfrey

Henllys [residence], Nevern

Henry's Moat (Castell Henri), a parish

Hen Castle[seat], Tenby

Herbrandston, a parish

Hermon [Baptist chapel in High St/Fishguard town], Fishguard

Hermon [Baptist chapel], Llanfyrnach

Hill [mansion], St Brides

Hill Mountain[Hearson Mountain], Burton, Llangwm

Hillblock - Boulston

Hilton [ancient chapel of ease], Roch

Hiog river, Prendergast

Hobb's Point, Pembroke, Steynton

Hodgeston, a parish

Hog river, Jordanston

Hogan [cavern], Pembroke

Holyland Estate, Pembroke

Holy Martyrs Church [parish church], Mathry

Honeyborough [Baptist chapel and village], Llanstadwell

Hook Quay, Freystrop, Llangwm

Hope Hill [place], Johnston

Horeb [Baptist chapel in Skerry Hill], Henry's Moat

Horeb [Baptist chapel near Hope Hill], Johnston

Horeb [Baptist chapel], Maenclochog

Horeb [Independent chapel], Martletwy

Houghton - Burton

Hubberston, a parish

Hubberston Pill [inlet], Steynton

Hubberston priory, Hubberston, Roch

Hundleton [Calvinistic Methodist chapel and village], Monkton

Hwlffordd (Haverfordwest)


In Liberty, Tenby

Ismiston (Uzmaston), a parish

Istington [place], Pwllcrochan


Jabez [Baptist chapel], Llanychlwydog

Jack Sound, Haverfordwest, St Martin

Jameston[Jamestown], Manorbier

Jameston [Primitive Methodist chapel and village], Manorbier

Jamestown [village], Manorbier

Jeffreyston, a parish

Johnston, a parish

Johnston Hall [ancient mansion], Johnston

Jordanston (Trefwrdan), a parish

Jordanston [seat], Jordanston

Jordanston [residence], Llanstadwell


Keeston, see Keystone

Kemmes[Cemais], a hundred

Kete - Dale

Keystone(Keeston)(Tregetin) [Independent chapel and village], Camrose

Kilbarth [residence], Rudbaxton

Kilgerran [Cilgerran], a hundred


Kilgerran royal weir, Cilgerran

Kilgetty [mansion], St Issells

Kilgetty[Stepaside/Ironworks], St Issells

Kilgwin [hamlet], Nevern

Kilgwyn (Cilgwyn)

Kilrhue [mansion], Llanfihangel Penbedw

Kingsmoor [Primitive Methodist chapel and village], St Issells

King's Moor, Begelly


Lambston, a parish

Lampeter House[seat], Lampeter Velfrey

Lampeter Velfrey (Llanbedr Felffre), a parish

Lamphey (Llandyfai), a parish

Lamphey Court [mansion], Lamphey

Lamphey Park [mansion], Lamphey

Lancych [place], Clydey

Landshipping [harbour], Martletwy

Lane Head - Cosheston

Lanesend - Jeffreyston

Langridge [estate], Bletherston

Lawrenny Hall [seat], Lawrenny

Lawrenny, a parish

Lawrenny Quay - Lawrenny

Lebanon [Baptist chapel in Camrose village], Camrose

Lenny [village], Warren

Lenny Head, Warren

Leonardston - Llanstadwell

Letterston, (Treletert) a parish

Leweston - Camrose

Leweston mountain, Treffgarne

Liddeston - Hubberston

Little Haven [inlet], Talbenny

Little Haven - Walton West

Little Honeyborough - Llanstadwell

Little Milford - Freystrop

Little Newcastle(Casnewydd-bach), a parish

Little Trefgarn [place], St Dogwells

Little Trefgarn [part of parish], Treffgarne

Llanbedr Felffre (Lampeter Velfrey), a parish

Llandeloy, (Llan-lwy), a parish

Llandewi Velfrey, a parish

Llandilo, a parish

Llandruidion - St Davids

Llandudoch - St Dogmaels

Llandyfai (Lamphey), a parish

Llaneilfyw (St Elvis), a parish

Llanerch-Llwyd-Og - Llanychlwydog

Llanfair Nant Gwyn, a parish

Llanfairnantygof, a parish

Llanfihangel Penbedw, a parish

Llanfydd (Lamphey), a parish

Llanfyrnach, a parish

Llanfyrnach Mine, Llanfyrnach

Llangloffan [Baptist chapel near Castle Morris], Granston

Llangolman, a parish

Llangwaren [seat], Jordanston

Llangwm [village], Burton

Llangwm, a parish and village

Llanhowel, a parish

Llanhuadain (Llawhaden), a parish

Llanhyvor castle, Nevern

Llanion - Pembroke, St Mary

Llanisan-yn-Rhos (St Ishmaels), a parish

Llanllawer, a parish

Llanllawer mountain, Llanllawer

Llanon - Llanrhian

Llanreath [village], St Mary

Llanreithan (Llan-Rhidian) a parish

Llanrhian, a parish

Llan-Rhidian - Llanreithan

Llanstadwell, a parish

Llanstinan, a parish

Llanteg - Crunwear

Llantood (Llantyd)(Llan-Illtyd), a parish

Llantyd (Llantood), a parish

Llantydewi (St Dogwells), a parish

Llanusycht - St Issells

Llanvair chapel, Letterston

Llanvair-Nant-y-Gove [curacy], Letterston

Llanwnda, a parish

Llanychaer (Llanerch-Aur), a parish

Llanychlwydog, a parish

Llan-Druidion [remains], Llanwnda, St Davids

Llan Golman [Capel Colman], a parish

Llan-Illtyd (Llantood), a parish

Llan-Ist [ancient chapel], Fishguard

Llan-lwy (Llandeloy), a parish

Llan-mill - Lampeter Velfrey

Llan Pedrog (St Petrox), a parish

Llan-Rhidian (Llanreithan) , a parish

Llan-Vartin [ancient chapel], Fishguard

Llan-Vihangel [ancient chapel], Fishguard

Llan-Vrynach - Llanfyrnach

Llan-Wyndav - Llanwnda

Llan-Y-Cefn, a parish

Llanerch-Aur (Llanychaer), a parish

Llawhaden (Llanhuadain), a parish

Llawhaden Castle, Llawhaden

Llechryd bridge, Cilgerran, Manordeifi

Llewhaden (Llawhaden), a parish

Llwyngwair [seat], Nevern, Newport

Llwyn-yr-hwrdd [village and Independent chapel], Clydey

LlysyFran, a parish

Llys Prawst (Newton North), a parish

Long House [manor house in Trevin village], Mathry

Long Stone [ancient remains], Steynton

Longstone [village], Ludchurch

Longstone field, St Ishmaels

Loveston, a parish

Lower Freystrop - Freystrop

Lower Frog St/Tenby town, Tenby

Lower Solva - Whitchurch

Lower Town, Fishguard

Ludchurch, (Yr Eglwys Lwyd), a parish

Lydstep [haven], Manorbier

Lydstep House[mansion], Manorbier


MacPelah [Baptist chapel], Haverfordwest, St Thomas

Maddox Moor - Freystrop

Maen Sigl (Logan Stone), St Davids

Maenclochog (St Mary's), a parish and hamlet

Maenor Pyrr (Manorbier)

Maiden's Breat [rocky point], Llanllawer

Maidenwells [village], Monkton

Main St/Pembroke Dock, St Mary

Mamre [Calvinistic Methodist chapel in Trecwm village], Llanstinan

Man of War Roads, Steynton

Manorbeer Newton [village], Manorbier

Manorbier, a parish

Manorbier Castle, Manorbier

Manordeifi, a parish

Manorowen, a parish

Man's Hill [Moravian chapel in Tenby town], Tenby

Marlais Mere, Marloes

Marlais river, Lampeter Velfrey

Marloes, a parish

Martel [seat], Little Newcastle

Martin Castle [ruin], Castlemartin

Martin's Haven, Marloes

Martletwy, a parish

Mascle Bridge - Llanstadwell

Mathry (Merthyr), a parish and village

Mathry Dyke, Mathry

Mayeston - Cosheston

Meline, a parish

Menapia [site of Roman station], St Davids

Menevia (St Davids)

Merlin's Bridge [village], Haroldston St Issells

Merlin's Cross - Pembroke, St Michae

Merrion - Warren

Merrixton [seat], Tenby

Merthyr (Mathry), a parish

Merthyr - Mathry

Mesur-y-dorth - Llanrhian

Meyrick St. [Independent chapel in Pembroke Dock], St Mary

Middlemill (Felinganol) [Baptist chapel near Felinganol], Whitchurch

Middle Hall [village], Talbenny

Middle Hill [village], Freystrop

Midland Isle, Haverfordwest, St Martin, Marloes

Milford Haven, Hubberston

Milford Haven (Aberdaugleddau) a parish

Milford Quay, Steynton

Mill Haven [inlet], Talbenny

Millin Cross [Calvinistic Methodist chapel and village], Slebech and Boulston

Milton - Carew

Milton House [mansion], Carew

Minwear (Mynwar), a parish

Moleston [Baptist chapel in Moleston-west of Templeton], Narberth

Monington (Eglwys Wythwr), a parish

Monks [tenement], St Ishmaels

Monkton (St Nicholas), a parish and village

Monkton (Mounton), a parish

Monkton Priory Church, Monkton

Moravian [Moravian chapel], Haverfordwest, St Thomas

Moreton [Wesleyan Methodist chapel], Begelly

Morfil, a parish

Morris' Grave [stone], Newport

Morva [Independent chapel and village], Nevern

Mount Pleasant, Cosheston

Mount Zion, Solva - Whitchurch

Mountain [village and Independent chapel], Crunwear

Mounton(Monkton), a parish

Moylegrove (Trewyddei), a parish and village

Muggleswick bay, Marloes

Musselwick - St Ishmaels

Mynachlogddu, a parish

Mynwar (Minwear), a parish

Mynyw (St Davids), a parish


Nangle[Angle], Angle

Nangle Bay, Rhoscrowther

Nangle blockhouse, Steynton

Nanhyfer (Nevern), a parish

Narberth, a hundred

Narberth (Arberth), a parish and village

Narberth Castle, Narberth

Nash, a parish

Nayland, see Neyland

Nebo [Indpendent chapel near Mount Pleasant], Cosheston

Nebo [Calvinistic Methodist chapel in Narberth village], Narberth

Nevern (Nanhyfer), a parish

Nevin [village], Mathry

New Chapel (Capel Newydd) [ Calvinistic Methodist chapel in Capel Newydd], Manordeifi

New Hedges - Tenby

New Inn - Morfil

New Moat (Y Mot), a parish

New St/St David's town, St Davids

Newgale - Brawdy

Newport (Trefdraeth), a parish

Newport Castle, Newport

Newton - Carew

Newton [old house], Llanstadwell

Newton [Independent chapel and village], Manorbier

Newton Cross - St Lawrence

Newton Mountain - Burton

Newton North (Llys Prawst), a parish

Newton Pants [village], Rudbaxton

Newton Weare, Angle

Neyland [village], Llanstadwell

Neyland [Independent chapel and village], Llanstadwell

Neyland [Wesleyan Methodist chapel and village], Llanstadwell

Nine Wells - Whitchurch

Nolton, a parish

Nolton Haven [village], Nolton

North Down [mansion], Lamphey

North Johnston - Johnston


Octopitarum[ancient name for headland], St Davids

Old castle [rhath], Steynton

Old Chapel[ Independent chapel in Maenclochog village], Maenclochog

Old Meeting House [Independent chapel in Solva village], Whitchurch

Old Milford (Haking), Hubberston

Oldcastle Point, Manorbier

Orielton [ancient mansion], Monkton

Orlandon - St Brides

Out-Liberty, Tenby


Pantteg [Independent chapel], Jordanston

Paran [Independent chapel next to Trefgarn church], Whitchurch

Park Glas [mansion], Crinow

Parrog - Newport

Pelcomb - Camrose

Pelcomb Bridge - Camrose

Pelcomb Cross - Camrose

Pembrey Iron Co, St Issells

Pembroke (Penfro) general, see also below

Pembroke, St Mary, a parish

Pembroke, St Michael, a parish

Pembroke Castle, Pembroke

Pembroke Ferry - Pembroke, St Mary

Pembroke St Nicholas - Monkton

Pen-bedw - Llanfihangel Penbedw

Penbryn [village and Baptist chapel], Bridell

Pencaer [village], Llanwnda

Pencaer - St Nicholas

Penfro (Pembroke)

Penally, a parish

Penffordd - Bletherston

Pennar Mouth Pill, Pembroke

Pennar/Pembroke Dock, St Mary

Penparc - Llanrhian

Penpedwast farm, Meline

Penrhydd - Penrith

Penrhiw - Manordeifi

Penrith, a parish

Pentlepoir - St Issells

Pentre [seat], Manordeifi

Pentre Evan [cromlech], Nevern

Pentre Galar - Llanfyrnach

Pentrisil - Nevern

Penty Park [mansion], Walton East

Penuel [Baptist chapel in Cilgerran village], Cilgerran

Penuel [Baptist chapel in Jameston], Manorbier

Penuel [Baptist chapel], Roch

Penuel[Calvinistic Methodist chapel in Clarebeston Road], Wiston

Penuel Cemmes [Baptist chapel near Rhydymaen], Nevern

Penybenglog [encampment], Meline

Penybont Ford [Independent chapel in Penybont], Hayscastle

Pen-y-Bryn - Bridell

Pen-y-cwm [village and Independent chapel], Brawdy

Penyfeidr - Brawdy

Pen-Lan-mabws - Mathry

Pen-y-groes [Independent chapel and village], Whitechurch

Penyraber - Fishguard

Percelly mountains, Eglwyswrw, Llandilo

Pickleridge common, Dale

Picton Castle, Slebech

Pill castle, Steynton

Pill priory, Hubberston, Steynton

Pisgah [Baptist chapel in Cresswell Quay], Carew

Pit St/St David's town, St Davids

Plain Dealings - Llawhaden

Pleasant Valley - St Issells

Plwyv Ty Ddewi (St Davids), a parish

Poll-Tax-Inn, Castlebythe

Pontcynon[Independent chapel and village], Meline

Pontfaen, a parish

Pontiago - Llanwnda

Pontvaen House [mansion], Pontfaen

Pontyglasier - Whitechurch

Pont-yr-hafod - Hayscastle

Pope Hill - Johnston

Portclew [mansion], Lamphey

Portfield (Poor-field) [common], Haverfordwest

Portfield Gate - Lambston

Porthgain [harbour], Llanrhian

Portheiddy - Llanrhian

Porthgain - Llanrhian

Porth Clais [haven], St Davids

Port Lion - Burton

Potterslade [place], Llawhaden

Poyston [place], Pontfaen, Rudbaxton

Poyston Cross - Rudbaxton

Prendergast, a parish

Prendergast - Whitchurch

Preseli hills, Clydey

Preswylva[Precelly mountain], Maenclochog

Princes Gate - Lampeter Velfrey

Prior's Hill, Haverfordwest

Priory - Steynton

Priory Pill, Steynton

Priskilly, Granston

Priskilly Forest, Letterston, Mathry

Prix Pill, Steynton

Puncheston (Cas-Mael), a parish and village

Pwlhgwttic [ancient battle ground ], Llanwnda

Pwll Dyfrig [place], Fishguard

Pwllcrochan, a parish


Ramoth [Baptist chapel in Cilfowyr], Manordeifi

Ramsey Island, St Davids

Red Hill - Camrose

Red Water [spring], Freystrop

Redberth, a parish and village

Rehoboth [Calvinistic Methodist chapel in Milford Haven], Hubberston

Rehoboth [Independent chapel], Mathry

Reynalton (Reynoldston), a parish

Reynoldston (Reynalton), a parish and village

Rhodiad [Independent chapel and village], St Davids

Rhos, a hundred

Rhos, The - Slebech

Rhos y Gilwen [mansion],Cilgerran

Rhos y Moeliaid [farm], St Dogmaels

Rhoscrowther, a parish

Rhosfarced (Rosemarket), a parish

Rhosfach - Llangolman

Rhosson - St Davids

Rhosybayvil [house], Bayvil

Rhosycaerau [Independent chapel and village], St Nicholas

Rhosycaerau - Llanwnda

Rhosygilwen - Cilgerran

Rhyd-y-Brown - New Moat

Rhydegele [village and Calvinistic Methodist chapel], Brawdy

Rhydymaen [village], Nevern

Rickeston - Robeston West

Ridgeway [mansion], Llawhaden

Ridgeway - St Issells

Rinaston [chapel of ease], Ambleston

Robeston Back - Robeston Wathen

Robeston East - Robeston Wathen

Robeston Hall [mansion], New Moat, Robeston West

Robeston Wathen (Robeston East), a parish

Robeston West, a parish

Roch (Y Garn) a parish

Roch Gate - Roch

Rose Valley - Pembroke, St Michae

Rosebush - Maenclochog

Rosehill - Haroldston West

Rosemarket, (Rhosfarced), a parish

Ruchacre [place], Narberth

Rudbaxton, a parish

Rydberth - Redberth


St Aiden's Church [parish church], Llawhaden

St Andrew's chapel, St Davids

St Andrew's Church[parish church], Bayvil

St Andrew's Church [parish church], Moylegrove

St Andrew's Church [parish church], Narberth

St Anne's [lighthouse], Dale

St Anne's Point, Whitchurch

St Bernard's Church [parish church], Henry's Moat

St Bernard's Church [parish church], Pontfaen

St Botolph's [seat], Steynton

St Brides, a parish

St Bride's [former mansion], St Brides

St Bride's Bay, Haroldston West, Hasguard, Roch

St Bride's haven, St Brides

St Brynach's Church [ parish church], Dinas

St Brynach's Church [parish church], Llanfyrnach

St Brynach's Church [parish church], Nevern

St Caradoc [hermitage/well], Haroldston St Issells

St Caradoc's Church [parish church], Lawrenny

St Catherine [former chapel of ease], Rudbaxton

St Catherine Island, Tenby

St Catherine's Church [parish church], Granston

St Catherine's [former chapel], Steynton

St Catherine [chapel of ease], Steynton

St Clydai's Church [parish church], Clydey

St Colman's Church [parish church], Capel Colman

St Cristiolus's Church [parish church], Penrith

St Cwrda's Church [parish church], Jordanston

St Daniel [edifice], Pembroke

St Davids (Tyddewi), a parish

St David's Cathedral, St Davids

St David's Bishop's Palace, St Davids

St David's Church [parish church], Brawdy

St David's Church [parish church], Bridell

St David's Church [parish church], Hubberston

St David's Church [parish church], Llandewi Velfrey

St David's Church [parish church], Llanfair Nant Gwyn

St David's Church [parisg church], Llanychaer

St David's Church [parish church], Llanychlwydog

St David's Church [parish church], Manordeifi

St David's Church [parish church], Prendergast

St David's Church [parish church], Whitchurch

St David's Head, St Davids

St Decumanus's Church [parish church], Rhoscrowther

St Deiniol's Church [parish church], St Twynnells

St Dogmaels, a parish

St Dogmaels Abbey, St Dogmaels

St Dogmael's Church [parish church], Mynachlogddu

St Dogvael's Church [parish church], St Dogwells

St Dogwells, (Llantydewi), a parish

St Edrins, a parish

St Eirw's Church [parish church], Eglwyswrw

St Elidur's Church [parish church], Stackpole Elidor

St Elidyr's Church [parish church], Amroth

St Elidyr's Church [parish church], Crunwear

St Elidyr's Church [parish church], Ludchurch

St Elvis (Llaneilfyw), a parish

St Faith's Church [parish church], Lamphey

St Florence, a parish and village

St Florence's Church [parish church], St Florence

St Gawen [hermitage], Bosherston

St Giles's Church [parish church], Letterston

St Giles's chapel, Upton

St Golman's Church [parish church], Llangolman

St Gwyndav's Church [parish church], Llanwnda

St Hierom's Church [parish church], Llangwm

St Hoel's Church [parish church], Llanhowel

St Illtyd's Church [parish church], Llantood

St Ishmael's Church [parish church], Haroldston St Issells

St Ishmael's Church [parish church], Rosemarket

St Ishmaels (Llanisan-yn-Rhos), a parish and village

St Ismael's Church [parish church], Camrose

St Ismael's Church [parish church], Uzmaston

St Issells, a parish

St James's Church [parish church], Dale

St James's Church [parish church], Manorbier

St James's Church [parish church disputed name], Stackpole Elidor

St James's Church [parish church], Walwyn's Castle

SS Jeffry and Oswald's Church [parish church], Jeffreyston

St John the Baptist Church [parish church], Carew

St John the Baptist Church [parish church], Morfil

St Julian [oratory in Roman times], Tenby

St Justinian's chapel, St Davids

St Justinian's Church [parish church], Llanstinan

St Kewel's Church [disputed name for parish church], Steynton

St Lawrence, a parish

St Lawrence's Church [parish church], St Lawrence

St Lawrence's Church [parish church], Yerbeston

St Leonard [former chapel], Spittal

St Llawddog's Church [parish church], Cilgerran

St Madoc's Church [parish church], Haroldston West

St Madoc's Church [parish church], Nolton

St Marcellus's Church [parish church], Martletwy

St Margaret [former chapel of ease], Rudbaxton

St Martin's Church [parish church], Clarbeston

St Martin's Church [parish church], Haverfordwest, St Martin

St Mary Magdalene Hospital, Tenby

St Mary the Virgin chapel, St Davids

St Mary's (Maenclochog), a parish

St Mary's [chapel of ease in Kilgwin hamlet], Nevern

St Mary's Church [parish church], Ambleston

St Mary's Church [parish church], Angle

St Mary's Church [parish church], Cilgwyn

St Mary's Church [parish church], Fishguard

St Mary's Church [parish church], Haverfordwest, St Mary

St Mary's Church [parish church], Hayscastle

St Mary's Church [parish church], Herbrandston

St Mary's Church [parish church], Llanfairnantygof

St Mary's Church [parish church], Maenclochog

St Mary's Church [parish church], Manorowen

St Mary's Church [former church], Marloes

St Mary's Church [parish church], Newport

St Mary's Church [parish church], Pembroke, St Mary

St Mary's Church [parish church], Puncheston

St Mary's Church [parish church], Pwllcrochan

St Mary's Church [parish church], Roch

St Mary's Church [parish church], Spittal

St Mary's Church [parish church], Talbenny

St Mary's Church [parish church], Tenby

St Mary's Church [parish church], Walton East

St Mary's Church [parish church], Warren

St Mary's Church [parish church], Wiston

St Mary's College, St Davids

St Mary's Well, Maenclochog

St Meilyr's Church [parish church], LlysyFran

St Michael's Church [parish church], Bosherston

St Michael's Church [parish church], Castlebythe,

St Michael's Church [parish church], Castlemartin

St Michael's Church [parish church], Cosheston

St Michael's Church [parish church], Llanfihangel Penbedw

St Michael's Church [parish church], St Michael

St Michael's Church [parish church], Rudbaxton

St Michael's Church [parish church], Whitechurch

St Nicholas (Monkton), a parish

St Nicholas's Church [parish church], Monington

St Nicholas's Church [parish church], Monkton

St Nicholas's Church [parish church], New Moat

St Nicholas's Church [parish church], St Nicholas

St Nicholas (Tremarchog), a parish

St Non's Chapel and Holy Well, St Davids

St Nun's St/St David's town, St Davids

St Patrick's Church [Pennar/Pembroke Dock], St Mary

St Pedrog's Church [parish church], St Petrox

St Peter's Church [parish church], Hasguard

St Peter's Church [parish church], Lampeter Velfrey

St Peter's Church [parish church], Little Newcastle

St Peter's Church [parish church], Marloes

St Peter's Church [parish church], Steynton

St Petrox (Sain Pedrog), a parish

St Rheanus's Church [parish church], Llanrhian

St Teilaw's Church [parish church], Llandeloy

St Teilaw's Church [parish church], St Elvis

St Teilo's Church [parish church], Llandilo

St Thomas's Church [parish church], Haverfordwest, St Thomas

St Thomas's Church [parish church], St Dogmaels

St Tudwal's Church [parish church], Llanstadwell

St Twynnells, a parish

St Wonan's Church [parish church], Minwear

Sageston - Carew

Sain Ffred - St Brides

Sain Pedrog (St Petrox), a parish

Salem [Independent chapel in Westhook village], Llangwm

Salem [Independent chapel in Pencaer], Llanwnda

Salem [Baptist chapel in Treffagrne Bridge], Spittal

Sandy Haven, St Ishmaels

Sardis - Rosemarket

Sardis [Baptist chapel near Southland], Burton

Sardis [Independent chapel], St Issells

Saron [Baptist chapel], Letterston

Saundersfoot [village], St Issells

Scleddau - Fishguard

Scolton - Spittal

Sealy [stream], St Dogwells

Sealy Ham [mansion], St Dogwells

Seion [Baptist chapel in New St/St David's town], St Davids

Ship St/St David's town, St Davids

Shipping - Begelly

Short Lane [Baptist chapel in Milford haven], Steynton

Siloh [Independent chapel in Tufton], Henry's Moat

Simpson - Roch

Simpson Cross - Roch

Sion [Calvinistic Methodist chapel in St Dogmaels village], St Dogmaels

Sion [Baptist chapel in Solva village], Whitchurch

Skerry Hill[village], Henry's Moat

Skerryford - Steynton

Skokholm [island], Dale

Skomar [island], Haverfordwest, St Martin, Marloes

Skyfog - St Davids

Slade - Haverfordwest, St Martin

Slebech, a parish and village

Slebech Hall [mansion], Slebech

Smalls [lighthouse], Whitchurch

Smyrna [Baptist chapel in Puncheston village], Puncheston

Soar[Baptist chapel in Star village], Clydey

Sodston [place/school], Narberth, Steynton

Solva [port/town], Whitchurch

South Dairy [village], Slebech

South Hill - Talbenny

South Pits [place], Jeffreyston

Southland [village], Burton

Spittal, a parish and village

Spittal Green [Wesleyan Methodist chapel in Spittal village], Spittal

Square and Compass - Llanrhian

Stackpole Elidor, a parish

Stackpool Court[seat], Stackpole Elidor

Stack Rock, Stackpole Elidor

Stainton (Steynton), a parish

Star [village], Clydey

Stepaside ironworks[Kilgetty], St Issells

Steynton, a parish

Stop-and-Call - Llanwnda

Strumble Head [place], Llanwnda

Summer Hill[place and Primitive Methodist chapel], Amroth

Sutton - Lambston


Tabernacle [Calvinistic Methodist chapel in Cilgerran village], Cilgerran

Tabernacle [Independent chapel], Dale

Tabernacle [Independent chapel in Fishguard town], Fishguard

Tabernacle [Independent chapel], Haverfordwest, St Martin

Tabernacle [Independent chapel in Maenclochog village], Maenclochog

Tabernacle [Independent chapel in Narberth village], Narberth

Tabernacle [Calvinistic Methodist chapel in Newport town ], Newport

Tabernacle [Independent chapel in Main St/Pembroke Dock], St Mary

Tabernacle [Independent chapel in Albion Sq/Pembroke Dock], St Mary

Tabernacle [Independent chapel], Rosemarket

Tabernacle [Calvinistic Methodist chapel in Goat St/St David's town], St Davids

Tabernacle [Independent chapel], St Ishmaels

Tabernacle [Independent chapel in Charles St/Milford Haven town], Steynton

Tabernacle [Independent chapel at Little Haven], Talbenny

Tabernacle [Independent chapel in Warren St/Tenby town], Tenby

Tabor [Baptist chapel], Dinas

Tafarn-y-bwlch - Nevern

Talbenny, a parish

Tancredston - Brawdy

Tangiers - Prendergast

Tavern spite(Taverne y spitty)[hospitium], Lampeter Velfrey

Templeton [Independent chapel and village], Narberth

Tegryn [village], Clydey

Templeton - Narberth

Tenby (Dinbynch-y-Pysgod), a parish and town

Tenby Castle[remains], Tenby

The Barrows [tumuli], St Davids

The Bitches[reef], St Davids

The Borough, Fishguard

The Burrows [sandy tract], St Davids

"the Close", St Davids

The Green, see Capel Albany in St Thomas

The Horse [rock], St Davids

Thomas Chapel - Begelly

Thorne [village], St Twynnells

Thornton House [residence], Steynton

Tidal Mill, Carew

Tiers Cross [Independent chapel and village], Steynton

Tower Gate/St David's town, St Davids

Tower Hill [Calvinistic Methodist chapel in Fishguard town], Fishguard

Townsend - Dale

Treamlod (Ambleston)

Trecwm [village], Llanstinan

Trecwn [village], St Dogmaels and Llanfairnantygof

Trefasser [place], Fishguard

Trefasser - Llanwnda

Trefdraeth (Newport), a parish

Trefelen (Bletherston)

Treffgarne, a parish

Treffgarne Bridge [village], Spittal

Treffynnon - Llandeloy

Trefgarn Hall [seat], Treffgarne

Trefgarn mountain, Treffgarne

Trefgarn Owain [village and Independent chapel], Brawdy

Trefin, see Trevine

Trefwrdan (Jordanston), a parish

Tregetin, see Keystone

Treginnis - St Davids

Treglemais - Llanhowel

Tregwynt [ancient mansion], Granston

Tregyddulan - St Nicholas

Trehael [village], St Edrins

Trehale [place], St Edrins

Treletert (Letterston), a parish

Trelethid fawr [village], St Davids

Trellwyn [seat], Manorbier, Penally

Trellys [village], St Nicholas

Tremarchog (St Nicholas), a parish

Treopert - Granston

Treteio[village], St Davids

Trevacoon [place], St Dogwells

Trevdyn [bishops' castle], St Davids

Trevin (Trevdyn) [village], Mathry

Trevine (Trefin)[Baptist chapel and village], Llanrhian

Trevine (Trefin) [Calvinistic Methodist chapel and village], Llanrhian

Trevran [ancient chapel of ease], Roch

Trewern [seat], Llandewi Velfrey

Trewyddei (Moylegrove), a parish

Tre-David [Calvinistic Methodist chapel and village], Llanychlwydog

Tre-Groes (Whitchurch), a parish

Trev Asser [tumulus], Llanwnda, St Davids

Trev Culhwch [ancient town], Llanwnda

Triffleton - Ambleston

Trooper's Inn - Llangwm

Tufton [village], Henry's Moat

Twr-y-felin[place], St Davids

Ty-rhos [Independent chapel and village], Cilgerran

Tyddewi (St Davids), a parish and city


Underwood - Llangwm

Upper Nash - Nash

Upper Solva, Whitchurch

Upper Town, Fishguard

Upton, a parish

Upton Castle, Upton

Upton chapel[St Giles], Upton

Upton Creek, Carew

Uzmaston (Ismiston), a parish


Vachelich - St Davids

Vale of Gwayn, Fishguard

Velindre Farchog - Bayvil

Via Flandrica [Flemish Way], Eglwyswrw

Vicar's Park [vicarage], Fishguard

Vorlan [hamlet], Maenclochog

Vrenni Vawr [mountain], Penrith


Wale's Town (Walton East), a parish

Wallaston [Calvinistic Methodist chapel and village], Pwllcrochan

Wallis [hamlet], Ambleston

Walton East, a parish

Walton West, a parish

Walwyn's Castle (Castell Gwalchmai), a parish

Warren, a parish

Warren [farm], Warren

Warren St/Tenby town, Tenby

Waterloo - Pembroke, St Mary

Waterson [Wesleyan Methodist chapel and village], Llanstadwell

Waterwynch, Tenby

Wdig, see Goodwick

Welsdon [village], Pembroke

Welsh Hook - St Dogwells

Wesley Sq/Pembroke St Michael's village , St Michael

West Denant - Steynton

West Williamston - Carew

Westgate, St Mary

Westhook [village], Llangwm

Weston - Martletwy

Whitchurch, (Tre-Groes), a parish

Whitechurch (Eglwys Wen], a parish

Whitland Abbey, Lampeter Velfrey

Williamston, a parish

Williamston chapelry, Begelly

Wilsdon [seat], Carew

Wind Hill - Manorbier

Wiseman's Bridge, Amroth

Wiston (Cas-Wis) a parish

Wiston [Calvinistic Methodist chapel in Chapel Hill], Wiston

Wiston Castle, Wiston

Withybush - Prendergast

Wogan [cavern], Pembroke

Wolf's Castle [village], St Dogwells

Wolfsdale [village], Camrose

Wolfsdale Hill - Camrose

Wood - Roch

Woodbarn [rath], Wiston

Wooden - Begelly

Woodsend - Walwyn's Castle

Woodstock [hamlet and Calvinistic Methodist chapel], Ambleston

Wythy Bush [seat], Rudbaxton


Y Garn (Roch), a parish

Y Gwastad [Calvinistic Methodist chapel near Forehill], LlysyFran

Y Mot (New Moat), a parish

Yerbeston, a parish

Ynys Pyr(Caldey Island), Penally

Ynys y Byry [Kite's island], St Davids

Ynys y Cantwr [Precentor's island], St Davids

Yr Eglwys Lwyd (Ludchurch), a parish


Zion [Calvinistic Methodist chapel], Begelly

Zion [Calvinistic Methodist chapel in Neyland], Llanstadwell

Zion [Primitive Methodist chapel in Pembroke Dock], St Mary

Zion [Baptist chapel near South Dairy], Slebech

Zions Hill [Independent chapel], Spittal