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William Stewart Kent MP (1847 - 1923)


Obituary from: William S. Kent William S. Kent was born in Ravenna August 24, 1847, the son of Marvin and Maria (Stewart) Kent. He came to Kent with his family when a child and attended the publi...

5/27/2017 5/31/2017

Marvin Kent Curtis MP (1890 - 1957)

Marvin Kent Curtis , From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Marvin Kent Curtis (October 10, 1890 – December 24, 1957) was an American novelist, illustrator, composer, yachtsman, and teacher. Curtis se...

5/27/2017 5/29/2017

Clarence L. Tinker From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Major General Clarence Leonard Tinker (1887–1942) was an airman who lost his life during World War II while on a combat mission during the J...

4/11/2010 2/18/2017

Dr. Zabdiel Boylston MP (1679 - 1766)

Zabdiel Boylston FRS was a physician in the Boston area. He apprenticed with his father, an English surgeon named Thomas Boylston. He also studied under the Boston physician Dr. Cutler, never attending...

3/5/2009 2/3/2017

Obituary: Los Angeles Times December 09, 1991 Copyright 2017 Los Angeles Times Sylvester J. Tinker ; Former Chief of Osage Tribe Sylvester J. Tinker, 88, American Indian who was chief o...

1/3/2017 1/8/2017

Rev. Hiram Price Collier MP (1860 - 1913)

"Price Collier"

COLLIER, Price , author and historian, was born in Davenport, la., May 25, 1860, son of Robert Laird and Mary (Price) Collier, and a descendant of Robert Collier, a native of England, who emigrated in ...

3/19/2012 7/1/2015

Margaret White Bush-Brown MP (1857 - 1944)

BROWN, Margaret Lesley Bush , 1729 G St., Washington, D.C. Artist painter; b. Philadelphia 1857; dau. Peter and Susan I. (Lyman) Lesley; ed. Pa. Acad, of Fine Arts, Ateliers of Carolus Duran and Ju...

10/7/2009 6/21/2015

Henry Kirke Bush-Brown MP (1857 - 1935)


Henry Kirke Bush-Brown From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Henry Kirke Bush-Brown (1857–1935) was an American sculptor and the adopted nephew of sculptor Henry Kirke Brown. He was raised in Newburg...

6/14/2015 6/21/2015

Alfred Tredway White MP (1846 - 1921)

Alfred Tredway White , C.E., A.M., of Brooklyn.-N. Y., elected a resident member in 1897 and made a life, member in 1898, was born in Brooklyn 28 May 1846, the son of Alexander Moss and Elizabeth Hart ...

6/11/2015 6/12/2015

John Lawrence Bogert MP (1858 - 1956)


John Lawrence Bogert . Born in Flushing, Long Island, October 27, 1858. Son of Henry Augustine and Mary Bowne (Lawrence) Bogert and brother of Henry L. Bogert, also of the Class of '78. Educated at Flu...

5/9/2015 5/9/2015

Edward Dean Adams MP (1846 - 1931)

EDWARD DEAN ADAMS , M. S., A. M., LL. D. Edward D. Adams, son of Adoniram Judson and Harriet Lincoln (Norton) Adams, was born in Boston, Mass., April 9, 1846. His first military experience was in con...

4/25/2015 4/25/2015

Captain William Yates (1870 - 1906)

WILLIAM YATES . No. 3537. Class Of 1893. Died, July 18, 1906, at Boise Barracks, Idaho, aged 36. William Yates was born near Charleston, South Carolina, September 27th, 1870, and was appointed to the...

3/31/2015 4/1/2015

James Lord Pierpont, (CSA) MP (1822 - 1893)

James Pierpont (musician) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia James Lord Pierpont (April 25, 1822 - August 5, 1893) was an American songwriter, arranger, organist, and composer, best known for writ...

9/17/2008 3/15/2015

Francis Drexel Smith MP (1874 - 1956)


From Francis Drexel Smith (1874 - 1956) (1874 Chicago, IL-1956 Colorado Springs, CO) Came to Colorado Springs in 1901. Studied: Art Institute of Chicago with John Vanderpool; Broadmoor Art Academy ...

2/22/2015 2/22/2015

Joseph Lyman Silsbee MP (1848 - 1913)

Joseph Lyman Silsbee From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Joseph Lyman Silsbee (1848–1913) was a significant American architect during the 19th and 20th centuries. He was well known for his facility...

3/27/2012 2/22/2015

Lt. Gov. William Greene MP (1797 - 1883)


William Greene (lieutenant governor) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia William Greene (January 1, 1797 - March 24, 1883) was a lieutenant governor of the state of Rhode Island, serving for two ...

2/1/2015 2/7/2015

Major Joseph Hawley MP (1723 - 1788)

Major Joseph Hawley was a Patriot who served in the American Revolution. From: Historic Northampton, Museum and Education Center, 46 Bridge Street Northampton, MA 01060 Joseph Hawley 1723-1788....

1/31/2015 2/1/2015

Anne Elizabeth Porter MP (1911 - 2011)

Obituary: Anne Porter , Poet When asked in 1996 what she would like to be remembered for, Anne Porter said she didn’t really know. “Because the thing I might like to be remembered for is something ...

1/24/2015 1/24/2015

Fairfield Wadsworth Porter MP (1907 - 1975)

Fairfield Porter From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Fairfield Porter (June 10, 1907 – September 18, 1975) was an American painter and art critic.[1] He was the fourth of five children of James Por...

1/23/2015 1/24/2015

Julia Porter MP (1846 - 1936)

Genealogy of Julia Foster: Page 712 William Smith, born , 1723, son of Robert Smith, of Moneymore, county Londonderry, Ireland, came to New England, 1750, settled at Peterboro, N. H., and married D...

1/19/2015 1/24/2015

Ernest Harold Cluett, U.S. Representative MP (1874 - 1954)


E. Harold Cluett From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Ernest Harold Cluett (July 13, 1874 – February 4, 1954) was a United States Representative from New York. Biography Born in Troy, he attended ...

1/11/2015 1/17/2015

Dr. John Parmenter, M.D. MP (1862 - 1932)

Dr. Parmenter was one of the surgeons who operated on President McKinley following the shooting of the president. Here follows an account of the operation: THE PRESIDENT'S CASE. The physicians of t...

1/4/2015 1/10/2015

Eugenie Mary "May" Davie MP (1895 - 1975)

Eugenie Mary "May" Ladenburg Davie (1895–September 19, 1975) was a noted Republican activist in New York and a director of the controversial Pioneer Fund at the end of her life. She was second wife t...

5/30/2011 8/21/2014

Preston Davie MP (1881 - 1967)

Preston Davie (31 January 1881 – 21 May 1967) was an American lawyer and colonel during World War I. Davie won a Distinguished Service Medal for his efforts. Upon completing military service, he grad...

5/30/2011 8/21/2014

Samuel Eliot, III MP (1821 - 1898)

Samuel Eliot (December 22, 1821 – September 14, 1898) was a historian, educator, and public-minded citizen of Boston, Massachusetts and Hartford, Connecticut. Biography Eliot was born in Boston, th...

6/19/2008 8/19/2014

Samuel Eliot Morison , Rear Admiral, United States Naval Reserve (July 9, 1887 – May 15, 1976) was an American historian noted for his works of maritime history that were both authoritative and highl...

11/24/2008 8/19/2014

William Foster Otis MP (1801 - 1858)

Title The hundred Boston orators appointed by the municipal authorities and other public bodies, from 1770 to 1852: comprising historical gleanings illustrating the principles and progress of our repub...

9/26/2010 8/17/2014

Emily Otis MP (1807 - 1836)

Title: Famous American Belles of the Nineteenth Century Author: Virginia Tatnall Peacock Release Date: June 17, 2014 [eBook #46013] Language: English Character set encoding: UTF-8 Copyright, ...

9/26/2010 8/17/2014

John Richard Suydam, Jr. MP (1886 - 1971)


8/15/2014 8/16/2014

Harvard graduate, successful businessman, volunteered for the British Navy in June of 1941: From: From Americans at War in Foreign Forces : Among the 22 Americans who initially joined the Royal N...

8/7/2014 8/8/2014

Sen. Harrison Gray Otis, Sr. MP (1765 - 1848)

) Harrison Gray Otis (October 8, 1765 – October 28, 1848), was a businessman, lawyer, and politician, becoming one of the most important leaders of the United States' first political party, the Feder...

11/2/2008 7/21/2014

Dr. Alfred Stengel, M.D. MP (1868 - 1939)

From Penn Biographies Copyright © 1995-2013 , University of Pennsylvania University Archives and Records Center Contact us by e-mail • Phone: (215) 898-7024 University Archives • 3401 Market Street, ...

7/20/2014 7/21/2014

Frank Duveneck MP (1848 - 1919)

The following article is quite comprehensive and truly shows why Elizabeth Boott Duveneck and her husband, Frank Duveneck, and father, Francis Boott were used as models for the novel Portrait of a Lady...

8/25/2008 7/11/2014

Elizabeth Boott MP (1846 - 1888)


Biography Elizabeth Boott Duveneck (American/Boston 1846-1888) Elizabeth Boott Duveneck's life reads like a Jamesian novel. She was, in fact, along with her widowed father, a model for characters...

8/20/2008 7/11/2014

Francis Boott MP (1813 - 1904)

Title: Francis Boott Author: William James [More Titles by James] FRANCIS BOOTT[1] How often does it happen here in New England that we come away from a funeral with a feeling that the service ha...

12/4/2013 7/11/2014

Elizabeth Otis MP (1749 - 1779)

Gray genealogy : being a genealogical record and history of the descendants of John Gray, of Beverly, Mass., and also including sketches of other Gray families (1887) Author: Raymond, Marcius Denison...

3/26/2009 7/10/2014

Hon. Harrison Gray MP (1711 - 1794)

Harrison Gray (Treasurer) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Harrison Gray (1711–1794) was a wealthy merchant, as well as Treasurer and Receiver-General for the Province of Massachusetts Bay, a ...

3/26/2009 7/10/2014

Samuel Allyne Otis was an early Patriot.He was the first Secretary of the US Senate from 1789 to his death in 1814. He is buried in the Congressional Cemetary. ---------------------------------------...

10/12/2007 7/10/2014

Raymond Donald Hurlbert (1902 - 1996)


From: Raymond D. Hurlbert Papers, Special Collections, University of Maryland Libraries, Historical Note Raymond D. Hurlbert was born on March 21, 1902 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to Ernest Sanfor...

6/12/2014 6/13/2014

Jeremiah Gridley MP (1701 - 1767)


Jeremiah Gridley From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jeremiah Gridley or Jeremy Gridley (1702–1767) was a lawyer, editor, colonial legislator, and attorney general in Boston, Massachusetts, in the ...

9/26/2010 12/23/2013

Elizabeth Porter Gould MP (1848 - 1906)

Title Representative Women of New England New England library of popular biographies Editors Julia Ward Howe, Mary Hannah Graves Compiled by Mary Elvira Elliott, Mary A. Stimpson, Martha Seavey Hoyt Pu...

12/8/2013 12/8/2013

Captain Benjamin Leach MP (1785 - 1859)

(VII) Captain Benjamin Leach , of Manchester, was born there December 11. 1785, died October 10, 1859, son of Captain Benjamin and Sarah (Knowlton) Leach. From the age of fourteen to forty-five he foll...

9/25/2010 12/1/2013

Captain Benjamin Leach MP (1749 - 1838)



12/1/2013 12/1/2013

Bertha Wright (1876 - 1971)

Bertha Wright (June 17, 1876–May 6, 1971) was a pioneering public health nurse who was one of the two original founders of the Baby Hospital, which later became Children's Hospital Oakland. Her uncle...

1/28/2009 11/23/2013

John Tyler Hassam MP (1841 - 1903)

Harvard 1863, noted author of many genealogical books and articles. Title Genealogies: The Hassam Family, the Hilton Family, the Cheever Family Author John Tyler Hassam Publisher Priv. print., 1896 O...

9/25/2010 8/4/2013

Captain Jonathan Hassam MP (1784 - 1859)

Title Genealogies: The Hassam Family, the Hilton Family, the Cheever Family Author John Tyler Hassam Publisher Priv. print., 1896 Original from Harvard University Digitized Jan 18, 2008 Length 89 pages...

9/25/2010 8/3/2013

Reverend Isaac Mansfield MP (1750 - 1826)

Second of two sons named Isaac. DAR information: MANSFIELD, ISAAC Ancestor #: A073560 Service: MASSACHUSETTS Rank: CHAPLAIN Birth: 3-27-1750 MARBLEHEAD MASSACHUSETTS Death: 9- -1826 BOSTON MASSACHU...

10/19/2010 7/25/2013

Reverend Ames Cheever MP (1686 - 1756)

"Samuel Cheever"

Interesting facts: First minister of Manchester, Massachusetts and a slaveholder. Bibliographic information Title Genealogies: The Hassam Family, the Hilton Family, the Cheever Family Author J...

1/28/2009 7/25/2013

Captain William M. Horton MP (1843 - 1915)


Find a Grave CAPT. WILLIAM M. HORTON. We are pleased to present to the consideration of our readers a citizen of Handy Township, Livingston County, who stands high in the estimation of his neighbor...

7/9/2013 7/9/2013

In addition to his Revolutionary War service, Benjamin Frothingham was a noted cabinet maker.

5/25/2011 3/24/2013

Reverend John Wise MP (1652 - 1725)

"John Wise (1652-1725), American Congregational minister, effectively defended the autonomy of individual congregations. His opinions regarding religious and civil democracy foreshadowed the logic of t...

8/26/2007 3/3/2013

Chester William Inman, Sr. MP (1837 - 1894)

Bibliographic information QR code for Biographical Data and Army Record of Old Soldiers who Have Lived in O'Brien Co. Iowa Title Biographical Data and Army Record of Old Soldiers who Have Lived in O'...

2/16/2013 2/16/2013

Edward Payson Sprague, D.D., Ph.D. Son of the Rev. Daniel Greene Sprague and Caroline Wood; born at Westchester, Conn., October 18, 1843; united with the Presbyterian church, South Orange, N. J., i...

1/26/2013 1/27/2013

Daniel Sprague Parkhurst (1831 - 1907)

Daniel Sprague Parkhurst (1831-1907) Daniel Sprague Parkhurst was an engraver and landscape painter. He was born in Connecticut in 1831 and lived most of his life in Providence, Rhode Island. He ma...

1/3/2013 1/12/2013

Samuel Stearns Sprague MP (1819 - 1896)

SPRAGUE, Samuel Stearns, merchant, son of Elisha Leavens and Clarissa (Day) Sprague, was born at South Killingly, Connecticut, July 3, 1819, at the old homestead of his ancestors. Elisha Leavens Spragu...

12/27/2012 12/27/2012

of kentucky, lawyer, philanthropist and postmaster general under president jackson Amos Kendall (August 16, 1789 – November 12, 1869) was an American politician who served as U.S. Postmaster Genera...

2/22/2009 11/7/2012

Hon. Peter Chardon Brooks MP (1767 - 1849)

Bio Wikipedia Peter Chardon Brooks: (January 6, 1767 – January 1, 1849) was a wealthy Massachusetts merchant born in North Yarmouth, Maine. His father, the Rev. Edward Brooks, moved to Medford, Massa...

4/21/2009 10/31/2012

Daniel Henry Sprague (1840 - 1899)

(IX) Daniel Henry, son of James Lyric •Sprague, was born June 6, 1840, at Colchester, Connecticut. After preparing for the medical profession, he gave up the intention and became assistant principa...

10/26/2012 10/28/2012

Ernest LeGrand Sprague (1876 - 1944)

(X) Ernest Le Grand, son of Daniel Henry Sprague, was born at "Woodward Villa," East Providence, Rhode Island, December 22, 1876. He received a common school education, graduating from the Bridgh...

10/28/2012 10/28/2012

Mary Parker MP (1655 - 1694)

Daughter of Abraham Parker and Rose Whitlock. Married her first cousin James Parker. Among those killed at Groton during the Oyster River Raid July 27, 1694. Find A Grave Memorial# 83917961 ; Mrs M...

7/4/2007 10/7/2012

Elizabeth Howe (c.1661 - 1735)

"Carley", "Elizabeth How"

Notes for ELIZABETH KERLEY: She also was a victim of the Indian Raid at Lancaster on 10 Feb 1676, during which her mother and two brothers were killed in addition to other syblings being taken ...

10/31/2008 10/7/2012

He went from a private to, in June, 1865 was brevetted Brigadier General for "meritorious services during the war. That is Notable. Obituary

9/23/2012 9/23/2012

Elton Sterling Thayer (1927 - 1954)

Parents: Elton Verne and Dorothy Mae (Case) Thayer. Husband of Bernice (Luthro) Thayer - married September 20, 1953. Perished in The South Buttress Expedition of Denali in 1954. Elton was a Ranag...

7/23/2012 7/23/2012

Rev. Selah Hibbard Barrett MP (1822 - 1883)

Autobiography of Selah Hibbard Barrett, the self-educated clergymen: containing the story of his education, his experience and conversion, his public and ministerial labors, together with an inte...

7/12/2012 7/14/2012

Judge James Barrett, LL.D. MP (1814 - 1900)

"James Barrett (Vermont) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search James Barrett (May 31, 1814 – April 21, 1900) was a Vermont lawyer, politician and judge who served as...

7/8/2012 7/8/2012

Lyman Pliny Alden (1831 - 1904)

Descendants of John Alden made Rose Orphan Home nationally known On Jan. 1, 1884, Lyman P. Alden and his family moved to Terre Haute to become superintendent of the Rose Orphan Home. The buildi...

7/3/2012 7/4/2012

Timothy Dexter (c.1746 - 1806)

Timothy Dexter (January 22, 1748 – October 26, 1806) was an eccentric American businessman noted for a series of lucky transactions and his writing. Brief Biography from People jokingly told ...

5/30/2011 7/2/2012

Willard Kidder (1833 - 1925)

In 1875 an ad publicizing the sale of a small Wabash River flour mill caught Willard Kidder’s attention. After he inspected the facility and secured financial assistance, he acquired the property at ...

11/8/2011 6/28/2012

L. Sprague de Camp MP (1907 - 2000)

"Lyon S De Camp"

Lyon Sprague de Camp (November 27, 1907 – November 6, 2000) was an American author of science fiction and fantasy books, non-fiction and biography. In a writing career spanning 60 years, he wrote ove...

1/6/2012 6/24/2012

Charles Ezra Sprague (October 9, 1842 – March 21, 1912) was an American accountant, born in Nassau, Rensselaer County, New York. He was known as a Civil War hero, and as a proponent of the constructe...

1/6/2012 6/24/2012

Florence Smith (1888 - 1971)

The Stone City Art Colony and School 1932-1933 Florence Sprague Smith Florence Sprague Smith (1889-1971) - faculty Born in the tiny town of Paullina, Iowa, Florence Sprague received her pri...

6/15/2012 6/15/2012

Adam Hawkes (1743 - 1778)

Daughters of American Revolution Ancestor #: A053573 Service: MASSACHUSETTS Rank(s): MINUTE MAN, SEAMAN Birth: 12-8-1743 LYNN MASSACHUSETTS Death: 10-20-1778 Service Description: 1) MINUTEMAN &...

12/3/2008 6/10/2012

Luther Dickinson Gunn MP (1814 - d.)

John Spencer Burt. Past and present of Marshall and Putnam Counties, Illinois . (page 30 of 68)

4/14/2012 5/24/2012

George Brush/Bruce of Woburn MP (c.1633 - 1692)

"George Bruce"

Probably not the son of Robert 'Rot.' Bruce, of Kennet IMPORTANT UPDATE! (April 2019) I once again hired Ancestry ProGenealogists to research my lineage and gave instructions to either prove or d...

5/28/2008 5/15/2012

Amos Dewey Gunn MP (1843 - 1907)

ID: I9700 Name: Amos Dewey Gunn Given Name: Amos Dewey Surname: Gunn Sex: M _UID: 1E19C143E4F9DA48912B860ECD485D726E12 Change Date: 20 Nov 2008 Note: The Illustrated History of Skagit and Snohomish C...

4/22/2012 4/28/2012

Deacon Daniel Green MP (1680 - 1759)

From: "Genealogical Sketch of the Descendants of Thomas Green(e) of Malden, Mass.", by Samuel S. Greene, page 16. Deacon Daniel Green lived in Malden until about 1719, and his children's births until...

7/31/2008 4/8/2012

Col. Samuel Coit MP (1708 - 1792)


6/8/2008 3/25/2012

Calvin Galusha Coolidge MP (1815 - 1878)

Calvin Galusha Coolidge was for twenty years justice of the peace; for 10 years agent for the town; for six years, constable; for three years selectman; and in 1860 and 1861 he was representative in th...

6/5/2007 2/13/2012

DAR Information: SMITH, WILLIAM Ancestor #: A106172 Service: NEW YORK Rank(s): LIEUTENANT COLONEL, AIDE-DE-CAMP Birth: 11-8-1755 NEW YORK NEW YORK Death: 6-10-1816 WESTCHESTER -PROB NEW YORK Servic...

4/29/2007 1/30/2012

Col. William Taylor MP (1714 - 1789)

s/o John & Ann (Winslow) Taylor and a descendant of Pilgrim James Chilton. Loyalist who went to Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1776 and was proscribed and banished in 1778. William Taylor (1714-1789), a...

6/13/2008 1/16/2012

Civil War Heroism: Full text of "The Whitney family of Connecticut, and its affiliations; being an attempt to trace the descendants, as well in the female as the male lines, of Henry Whitney, fro...

1/6/2012 1/6/2012

Mary Beaman (1751 - 1813)

brought to her marriage, 100 Spanish dollars and much land holdings including the present site of the Bunker Hill monument

12/13/2010 12/21/2011

Samuel Cheever (1719 - d.)

William Richard Cutter. Genealogical and personal memoirs relating to the families of the state of Massachusetts; P2289 (TV) Sanuiel (2), son of Samuel ( i ) Cheever, was born April 30, 17 19, and ...

10/2/2010 11/21/2011

Listing of titles authored by Dr. George Lincoln Walton, M.D. United States Census, 1930 for George L Walton Name: George L Walton Event: Census Event Date: 1930 Event Place: Boston (District...

11/20/2011 11/20/2011

Henry Barzillai Wellman (1840 - 1863)

Descendants of Thomas Wellman of Lynn, Massachusetts By Joshua Wyman Wellman, George Walter Chamberlain, Arthur Holbrook Wellman ii. Henry Barz1lla1, b. 29 Oct. 1840; enlisted in Co. E., 50th Mas...

11/19/2011 11/20/2011

Sgt. John Plimpton MP (1618 - 1677)

"John Plympton"

John Plympton was born in 1620 in Cambridge, England. He died on 19 May 1677 in Canada. He married Jane Dammin on 13 Mar 1642/1643 in Dedham, MA. THE FIRST GENERATION IN AMERICA BEARING THE NAME OF P...

7/21/2007 11/19/2011

Remember Maverick MP (1614 - 1655)

"Allerton", "Ollerton"

REMEMBER Allerton was born Abt 1614, Leiden, South Holland, Netherlands 660 and died before 22 Oct 1656 in Plymouth Colony. 852 Parents: Isaac Allerton, 'Mayflower ' Passenger (1586-1659) & Mary Norr...

3/16/2007 11/14/2011

Charles Otis Ellms (1830 - 1913)

Boston Biographical review publishing company. Biographical review ... containing life sketches of leading citizens of Plymouth County, Massachusetts .

11/5/2011 11/5/2011

Sally (Sarah) B. Ellms (1809 - 1893)

Boston Biographical review publishing company. Biographical review ... containing life sketches of leading citizens of Plymouth County, Massachusetts

11/5/2011 11/5/2011

Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt, 26th President of the USA MP (1858 - 1919)

"Teddy", "Teddy Bear", "Theodore /Roosevelt /", "Pres Theodore /Roosevelt/"

Theodore Roosevelt Jr. was an American statesman, author, explorer, soldier, naturalist, and reformer who served as the 26th President of the United States from 1901 to 1909. He also served as the 25th...

3/25/2007 11/2/2011

At the commencement of the last war he enlisted with Ransom Guards, of Saint Albans, at the first call for three months' men. Succeeding this he enlisted with the nine months' men in the fall of 1862, ...

5/8/2008 11/1/2011

Eleanor Roosevelt, First Lady MP (1884 - 1962)

"Anna Eleanor Roosevelt"

A shy, awkward child, starved for recognition and love, Eleanor Roosevelt grew into a woman with great sensitivity to the underprivileged of all creeds, races, and nations. Her constant work to improve...

6/16/2007 10/15/2011

DAR Ancestor # A000577 Sam Adams, founder of the Boston Tea Party. The Adams Family, a Massachusetts family of statesmen, scholars, and authors that included two Presidents of the United States. It...

4/22/2007 10/15/2011

Dr. Thomas Boylston MP (1645 - 1695)

Parents Thomas Boylston (1614 - 1653) Sarah (Unknown) Cheney (____ - 1704) Spouse Mary Gardner (1648 - 1722) Thomas Boylson married Mary Gardner Dec. 13, 1665 [Source: Early Massachus...

6/19/2008 10/15/2011

Thomas Clarke, of Newport MP (1605 - 1674)

THOMAS4 CLARKE (Thomas3, John2, John1) chr 31 Mar 1605 Westhorpe, Suffolk, Eng. He d 2 Dec 1674 Newport, Newport, RI. Res: Portsmouth & Newport, Newport, RI. Thomas Clarke prob came to Boston...

6/22/2007 10/13/2011

11 Jul 1862 - 22 Dec 1863 American Civil War (North) 3rd MA Cavalry Regt., Co.I Battles of Louisana Received a disability discharge

6/25/2011 10/2/2011

American Civil War (North) 2nd Massachusetts Inf., Co.H Battles of: Kernstown, Winchester, Cedar Mountain, Antietam, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg. Died of wounds received at Gettysburg

6/25/2011 10/2/2011

Emma F. Howe (c.1878 - d.)

Emma Burdett lived on the South Arm Road. She rode her bicycle to Black Brook on the Pond Road to teach in the one-room schoolhouse called "Blackberry Academy." One morning, Mrs. Dolly Elliot heard a...

6/28/2011 10/2/2011

George Arthur Burditt (1844 - 1914)

GEDCOM Source ===@R-948194774@ 1880 United States Federal Census and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Operations Inc 1,6742::0 === GEDCOM Source ===Year: 1880; ...

7/2/2011 10/2/2011

16 Apr 1861 - 10 Nov 1864 American Civil War (North) Enlisted as a Corporal on 16 April 1861 at the age of 24. Enlisted in Company B, 5th Infantry Regiment Massachusetts on 1 May 1861. Mustered Out Com...

6/28/2011 10/2/2011