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Antonio Baca MP (c.1706 - d.)

Links The Missions of New Mexico, 1776 A Description by Fray Francisco Atanasio Domínguez

6/29/2008 4/22/2016

10/25/2008 11/22/2014

Ana Baca MP (c.1631 - 1680)

Ana Baca, a sister of Antonio Jorge's wife, lived in her "estancia del Álamo" about four leagues from Santa Fé. A daughter, Juana, married to Sebastián de Herrera Corrales, was massacred at Taos, togth...

2/19/2008 11/22/2014

* BIRTH: 1677, Sandia District, New Mexico * DEATH: 7 DEC 1735, Albuquerque, New Mexico * EVENT: Military: 7 FEB 1706, Albuquerque, New Mexico [5029] * EVENT: Military: BET 1713 AND 1716, Albuque...

3/23/2008 3/17/2013

Bernardo Durán y Chávez MP (1675 - 1705)

6/29/2008 3/17/2013

Nicolás Durán y Chávez MP (c.1686 - 1768)

3/28/2008 3/17/2013

Diego Antonio Durán y Chávez MP (1677 - 1738)

"Antonio Rosalido Durán y Chávez"

6/29/2008 3/17/2013

6/29/2008 3/17/2013

Clara Chaves MP (1678 - d.)

6/29/2008 3/17/2013

Lucia Hurtado de Salazar MP (c.1659 - 1729)

Sometimes listed as Luisa Duran y Chavez.

3/23/2008 3/17/2013

Fernando Durán y Chávez MP (c.1651 - 1715)

Don Fernando Duran y Chávez, II born c. 1651 died c. 1715 Don Fernando's wife, Elena Ruiz Caceres and children, except for one son, Cristobal, were killed by Indians during the Pueblo Revolt of 1680....

3/23/2008 3/17/2013

Juana de Mondragón MP (c.1635 - 1680)

10/25/2008 3/16/2013

Juan Alonso de Mondragón MP (1603 - 1682)


10/25/2008 3/16/2013

María Juana Ortiz y Baca MP (1648 - 1693)

Juana Ortiz Baca born in New Mexico about 1648 Juana Ortiz Baca, was the daughter of Diego Montoya [1589-1661] and María Ortiz de Vera [abt. 1616-after 1680]. Juana and Andrés Gómez Robledo married a...

1/25/2008 3/13/2013

Andres Gómez Robledo MP (c.1643 - 1680)

Andrés Gómez Robledo born about 1643 in Santa Fe, New Mexico The son of the Portugese-born Francisco Gómez, who arrived in San Gabriel, New Mexico, about 1604. There Francisco met and married Andres’...

1/25/2008 3/13/2013

Alonso García, I MP (1627 - 1700)

Search: New Mexico Roots-New England Roots Alonso Garcia (1627 - 1700)

3/19/2008 5/28/2012

Juana Fresqui MP (1652 - 1680)

"Fresqui De López Olguin", "De Leyba Y Nevares"

Her killers, likely the Tanos of Galisteo during the Pueblo Revolt of 1680 took her two daughters captive. They were found by Juan Olguin at San Juan. The older sister was the Angela de Leyva who marri...

1/22/2008 4/8/2012

José de Leyva Navares MP (1649 - c.1693)

* BIRTH: 1649, New Mexico * DEATH: AFT 1693 * EVENT: Otermin Campaign as a Capitan Member of the: 1681 [3418] [3419] [3418] He served as a Tigua interpreter. [3419] [S2200] ORIGINS OF NM FAMI...

1/22/2008 4/8/2012

Pedro de Leyva MP (1614 - c.1692)

"de Leyba", "de Leiva"

* BIRTH: ABT 1577, Nueva España * DEATH: AFT 1636 * EVENT: soldier reenfor: 24 DEC 1600 [113446] [S2200] ORIGINS OF NM FAMILIES * PAGE: pg. 32--------------------Pedro de Leyva first appears in...

1/22/2008 4/8/2012

Mateo de Torres MP (1678 - d.)

8/27/2009 4/7/2012

Capitán Cristóbal de Torres MP (c.1668 - 1726)

Communication to governor asking for removal of escort from Pueblo of Zuni Fact: 15 NOV 1706 Cristóbal Tórres, a native of New México, gave his age as thirty in 1698, and forty-four or forty-five in ...

1/22/2008 4/7/2012

1/22/2008 4/7/2012

Cristobal (De) De Torres, I MP (1641 - 1726)

11 August 2006 A Genealogy of a New Mexico Torres Family Presented at the Torres / Baca Family and Friend Reunion, 13 August 2006 by Robert J. C. Baca Copyright (c) 2006. Permission is granted ...

1/22/2008 4/7/2012

Luis Pérez Granillo MP (1641 - d.)

Luis was second in command of the Vargas expedition of the reconquest of New Mexico. EVENT: passed muster: 29 SEP 1680, La Salineta, a place opposite of, Province of New Mexico. Passed muster with ...

6/27/2011 3/21/2012

Petronila de Vera MP (1622 - 1680)

"Petronila de Salas"

Petronila's husband was already dead by August of 1680 when Petronila de Salas and her children were killed at Pojoaque by Pueblo Indians, during the first Pueblo Revolt. It was estimated that eight to...

6/29/2008 2/9/2012

Bartolomé Romero de Pedraza MP (c.1641 - c.1693)

Family Background Information: Strong evidence from archives of the Inquisition show that the Romeros who came to NM were Jewish conversos, and who continued to live under church suspicions of Jewish p...

6/29/2008 2/8/2012

Maria Ana Ortiz de Vera MP (c.1623 - c.1680)

María Ortiz de Vera aka María de Baca born c. 1623 died after 1680 María married Diego de Montoya, son of Bartolomé de Montoya and María de Zamora, about 1636. (Diego de Montoya was born in 1589 in T...

1/25/2008 9/24/2011

Capitán Roque Madrid MP (c.1644 - 1723)

Madrid, Roque (1644-1723) A native of the Spanish province of New Mexico, Roque Madrid was born in 1644, probably near Santa Fe. His grandfather on the Madrid side, Francisco, had come to New Mexico ...

1/30/2010 9/21/2011

Juana Gómez Robledo MP (deceased)

Juana Gómez Robledo was born in Santa Fe She married Domingo Santiago Roybal y Torrado, who died 3 May 1729 in San Ildefonso.

9/17/2011 9/20/2011

Rosa Gómez Robledo MP (deceased)

Rosa Gómez Robledo was born in Santa Fe

9/17/2011 9/20/2011

Lucía Gómez Robledo MP (c.1675 - 1758)

Doña Lucía Gómez Robledo was born about 1675 in Santa Fe, New Mexico She married Miguel de Diós Sandoval.

1/25/2008 9/20/2011

María Gómez Robledo MP (1674 - d.)

María Gómez Robledo born about 1674 in Santa Fe, New Mexico Maria married first Alonso Romero. After his death she married Diego Arias de Quiróz on 28 July 1714 in San Ildefonso, Santa Fe County, New...

6/30/2011 9/20/2011

Francisca Gómez Robledo MP (1664 - 1763)

Doña Francisca Gómez Robledo , was born about 1678 in Santa Fe She married Ignacio Roybal y Torrado. They lived in Santa Fe and had a rancho in the Jacona area. Francisca’s sister, Juana Gómez Robled...

3/17/2010 9/20/2011

Margarita Gómez Robledo MP (c.1677 - 1715)

Margarita Gómez Robledo born about 1677 in Santa Fe, New Mexico Margarita married Jacinto Peláez [1670-] on 13 June 1691 in Guadalupe del Paso. He was a native of Villanueva, Asturias. A land grant w...

10/4/2008 9/17/2011

Cristobal Baca ll MP (c.1635 - 1697)

Cristóbal Baca born c. 1635, Bernallilo, Nuevo Méjico, Nuevo España, died 11 Apr 1697, Bernallilo, Nuevo Méjico, Nuevo España. He died at about the age 62. He was part of troops assembled on October ...

1/22/2008 9/14/2011

Tomé Domínguez MP (1653 - 1680)

Tomé III died in battle during the Pueblo Revolt of 1680.

6/29/2008 9/9/2011

Juan and his brother Diego, were seriously wounded by poison arrows during the Pueblo Revolt of 1680,

6/29/2008 9/9/2011

Francisco Domínguez MP (1645 - d.)

Francisco fought in the Indian conflicts during the Pueblo Revolt of 1680.

6/29/2008 9/9/2011

Diego Domínguez MP (1647 - d.)

Diego and his brother Juan, were seriously wounded by poison arrows during the Pueblo Revolt of 1680,

6/29/2008 9/9/2011

Felipe Antonio de Cisneros MP (c.1660 - 1706)

Antonio de Cisneros born c. 1660, died August 9, 1706, killed by Apaches and buried beneath the church on the epistle side of the sanctuary, Zuñi , Nuevo México, Nueva España Born likely in 1660 or 1...

6/11/2007 9/8/2011

Juana López de Aragón MP (c.1642 - 1680)

Killed by Indians during the Pueblo Revolt of 1680. ray Francisco Munos was assigned to Nueva Mexico from 1660 to 1680. It has been determined that he had three children by Juana Lopez de Aragon. The...

6/29/2008 9/8/2011

María Durán y Chávez de Luján MP (1673 - c.1765)

"María Luján"

Note: Maria was the daughter of Fernando Duran y Chávez, II and she was adopted by her stepfather, Miguel Luján, who married her mother, Elena Ruiz Caceras. Maria Duran y Chávez de Lujan born 1673 at...

3/19/2008 9/8/2011

Josefa Duran y Chávez MP (1671 - d.)

Her mother died during the Pueblo Revolt of 1680. Maria and her sister escaped the massacre of 1680; possibly they were captured by the Taos Indians and were rescued in 1692, or else they were with the...

10/25/2008 9/8/2011

Elena Ruíz Cáceres MP (1649 - 1680)

Died during the Pueblo Revolt of 1680. Her two daughters escaped the massacre of 1680; possibly they were captured by the Taos Indians and were rescued in 1692, or else they were with their mother's re...

10/25/2008 9/8/2011

Juana Apolonia de Arguello MP (c.1648 - 1697)

She appeared on the Diego de Vargas El Paso Area Muster census from Jan 1692 to Jan 1693 in Pueblo de Socorro, El Paso del Norte, Nuevo Juana de Argüello, widow, with five children named Antonio, eig...

2/19/2008 9/7/2011

María Bernardina de Salas y Trujillo MP (c.1635 - c.1728)

"de Trujillo y Marquez"

AKA Bernardina de Salas y Orosco and Bernardina Trujillo. It is no wonder that Bernardina de Salas Orozco y Trujillo and her family are listed as the first family of Alburquerque in New Mexico Geneal...

2/19/2008 9/4/2011

Captain Andres Hurtado born January 1, 1620 at Puebla de Zaragoza, Nueva España, died c. 1649 at Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza, Nueva España Biography Settlers of 17th Century New Mexico 1601-1680. ...

2/19/2008 9/4/2011

Juana Hurtado de Salas MP (1664 - c.1710)

Juana Hurtado de Salas born c. 1664 at Bernalillo, Nuevo México, Nueva España, died c. 1710 Nuevo México, Nueva España Married: Bartolomé Naranjo Zuñi man (relationship while in captivity, not ...

6/29/2008 9/4/2011

Lucas Naranjo MP (b. - c.1696)

Lucas Naranjo died July 24, 1696, shot at El Embudo, Nuevo México, Nueva España Son of Domingo Naranjo who may have instigated the Pueblo Revolt of 1680 in New Mexico. In 1696 Lucas was behind a new ...

9/2/2011 9/3/2011

José López Naranjo MP (c.1662 - 1720)

"el Mulato", "el Negro"

Jose Naranjo born c. 1662 died August 13, 1720 Pueblo Indian/mulatto, the grandson of a black onetime slave and an Indian woman, and son of Domingo Naranjo whom historian Fray Angelico Chavez suspect...

1/29/2011 9/2/2011

Domingo Naranjo MP (c.1644 - c.1696)

Domingo Naranjo born c. 1644 at Taos, New Mexico, New Spain, died before 1696 at Taos, New Mexico, New Spain Domingo was the son of a freed black slave and an Indian woman. He is believed to have bee...

12/8/2010 9/2/2011

Links Descendants of Hernan Martin Serrano by Jose Antonio Esquibel

9/10/2008 8/16/2011

Tomasa Martín Serrano MP (1690 - 1727)

9/30/2008 8/16/2011

María Josefa de la Ascensión Gonzales MP (1675 - d.)

"Josefa de la Asención", "Josefa Ascension", "Gonzalez"

10/25/2008 8/15/2011

Hernan Martín Serrano MP (1607 - 1685)

""el Mozo"", "Hernando"

From the Hispanic Genealogical Research Center of New Mexico's Great New Mexico Pedigree Database: Hernan MARTIN SERRANO [347] [348] BET 1606 AND 1607 - AFT OCT 1685 PROPERTY: a manufacturing...

9/30/2008 8/15/2011

Lucía Varela Jaramillo MP (c.1664 - 1707)

6/29/2008 8/10/2011

María Varela Jaramillo MP (c.1675 - c.1728)

6/29/2008 8/10/2011

Pedro Varela de Losada MP (1608 - 1661)

6/29/2008 8/10/2011

Catalina Varela Jaramillo MP (c.1669 - 1734)

6/29/2008 8/10/2011

Founder of the Villa de Alburquerque.

2/5/2008 8/10/2011

Juan Varela Jaramillo MP (c.1671 - 1745)

6/29/2008 8/10/2011

Nephew of Antonio Baca, was one of the four masked men who accompanied the assassin, Nicolas Ortiz in the murder of Governor Rosas, and for his complicity he was banished from New Mexico by Govenor Guz...

3/23/2008 8/8/2011

Melchora de los Reyes Gonzalez Bas She appeared on the Don Diego de Vargas census 22 Dec 1692 to 2 Jan 1693 in El Paso del Norte, Nuevo México, Nueva España. Twelfth household, three sons, five dau...

3/17/2008 7/24/2011

Francisco Martín Serrano MP (1673 - 1743)

Francisco Martin Serrano He appeared on the Don Diego de Vargas census 22 Dec 1692 to 2 Jan 1693 in El Paso del Norte, Nuevo México, Nueva España. Twelfth household, three sons, five daughters Ca...

10/25/2008 7/24/2011

Catalina Martín Serrano MP (c.1677 - d.)

NOTE: Luis Martin Serrano, II has two daughters named Catalina, one with Maria Antonia de Miranda (born c. 1677) and the other with Melchora de los Reyes (born c. 16840. Catalina Martin Serrano S...

10/25/2008 7/24/2011

Sebastiana Martin Serrano She appeared on the Don Diego de Vargas census 22 Dec 1692 to 2 Jan 1693 in El Paso del Norte, Nuevo México, Nueva España. Twelfth household, three sons, five daughters ...

10/25/2008 7/24/2011

Antonia Martín Serrano MP (1678 - 1709)

10/25/2008 7/24/2011

Rosa Martín Serrano MP (1659 - d.)

NOTE: The mother of Maria de la Rosa Martin Serrano is not certain, although she is likely the daughter of Melchora de los Reyes Gonzalez Bas. Maria de la Rosa Martin Serrano She appeared on the Do...

10/25/2008 7/24/2011

Hernando Martín Serrano MP (c.1661 - 1719)

10/25/2008 7/24/2011

Cristóbal Martín Serrano MP (1655 - 1736)

9/10/2008 7/24/2011

María Rosa Martín Serrano MP (1659 - 1710)

6/29/2008 7/24/2011

Bartolo Martín Serrano MP (1655 - d.)

"Bartolo Domingo Martin Serrano"

NOTE: There is no evidence that Luis Martin Serrano and Maria Antonia de Miranda had a son named Bartolo Domingo Martin Serrano .

10/25/2008 7/24/2011

Antonio Martín Serrano MP (1674 - 1728)

8/3/2009 7/24/2011

Francisca Martín de Salazar MP (1663 - 1704)

10/25/2008 7/24/2011

Juana María Martín Serrano MP (1673 - 1714)

"Maria Martin Serrano de Salazar"

10/25/2008 7/24/2011

Sebastian Martin Serrano Recipient of the Sebastian Martin Grant of 1703, north of San Juan de los Caballeros, or present Ohkay Owingeh, upward toward an area called "La Joya," or present Velarde. A ...

3/19/2008 7/24/2011

Miguel Martín Serrano MP (1663 - d.)

10/25/2008 7/24/2011

Antonio "El Tecolote" Martín Serrano MP (1657 - c.1737)

"El Tecolote"

Antonio Martin Serrano went under investigations to wed Josefa Dominguez in 1696, but he married Maria de Carvajal instead.

6/29/2008 7/24/2011

Luis Martín Serrano, III MP (c.1652 - 1701)

Notes for Luis Martin Serrano Miranda: December 22, 1692 - January 2, 1693. He and his family are listed on Don Diego de Vargas census of El Paso district. Source: To The Royal Crown Restored, The ...

10/25/2008 7/24/2011

Geronimo Martín Serrano MP (c.1697 - 1740)

10/25/2008 7/24/2011

Domingo Martín Serrano MP (1649 - 1735)

Domingo Martín Serran was married to Josefa de Herrera. A witness in 1694, he declared he was born in Santa Fé, giving his age as forty-seven in that year, and a eighty in 1726. He died at the age of n...

1/30/2008 7/24/2011

Capitán Luis Martín Serrano MP (1628 - c.1697)

Luis Martin Serrano, II born c. 1631 at Nuevo México, Nueva España Luis Martin Serrano II, son of the Alcalde Mayor, and born sometime between 1629 and 1633, moved his family up the Santa Cruz Valley...

3/17/2008 7/24/2011

Pedro Martín Serrano de Salazar's wife, Juana de Argüello, returned to Santa Fé in 1693 to re-settle the ancestral La Cañada country (present Santa Cruz, between Española and Chimayo). He was already d...

2/19/2008 7/24/2011

From Founders of the Villa de Santa Fe : On the morning of May 4, 1662, Sargento Mayor Francisco Gómez Robledo was awakened in his house on the corner of the plaza of Santa Fe at 5 a.m. by sounds of ...

3/22/2010 7/24/2011

Alférez Bartolomé Gómez Robledo born 1640 at La Villa de la Santa Fé, Reyno de Nuevo México There is no evidence that Bartolomé was married or had any children. Bartolomé Gómez Robledo is the son o...

6/26/2011 7/23/2011

Josepha Lucero de Godoi MP (c.1642 - d.)

Josefa Lucero de Godoy aka Josepha Lucero de Godoi born c. 1642 at Nueva España There is no evidence that Josefa was married or had any children. Josefa is the daughter of Sgto. major Juan Antonio ...

7/22/2011 7/22/2011

Matias Lucero de Godoi MP (1662 - d.)

Mathias Lucero de Godoy born 1662 There is no evidence that Mathias was married or had any children. Mathias is the son of Sgto. major Juan Antonio Lucero de Godoy and Doña Juana de Carbajal Biog...

8/3/2009 7/22/2011

Juan Antonio Lucero de Godoy aka Juan Antonio Lucero de Godoi born c. 1624 died 1665, age 41 Married Doña Luisa Romero Doña Juana de Carvajal Doña Isabel Hurtado de Salazar

6/29/2008 7/22/2011

Died August 10, 1680 in Galisteo, during the Pueblo Revolt.

10/25/2008 7/21/2011

Barnabé Márquez MP (c.1640 - d.)

Los Cerrillos villagers, led by Sargento Mayor Bernabé Márquez and other Márquez family members, are the only ones to hold their attackers at bay until they are rescued by a squadron of soldiers. His...

4/20/2009 7/19/2011

Elena Domínguez de Mendoza MP (1620 - 1680)

On August 8, 1625, Tomé Domínguez de Mendoza, merchant and citizen of the City of Mexico," and his wife, Elena de la Cruz, gave power of attorney to Francisco Franco authorizing him to go to Vera Cruz ...

3/23/2008 7/19/2011

6/29/2008 7/19/2011

Damiana Domínguez de Mendoza MP (c.1630 - c.1680)

Nothing confirming her death in Santa Fe, but if she did die there during Popeh's rebellion, this was the series of events she experienced around the time of her death (all dates in Gregorian calendar)...

3/17/2008 7/19/2011

Capitán Agustín de Carvajal MP (c.1625 - 1680)

Agustin was one of the fourteen men ordered executed, for for the assassination of Governor Rosas, by New Mexico Governor Pacheco, in 1643, but escaped the sentence with his brother-in-law, Fernando Du...

6/29/2008 7/19/2011

Isabel Durán y Cháves MP (1615 - 1693)

3/28/2008 7/18/2011

Juan Bartolome (Tome) "El Mozo" Domínguez de Mendoza MP (1626 - 1670)

"El Mozo", "The Kid"

Settlers of 17th Century New Mexico 1601-1680. El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro brought wagon trains of good to trade as well as new settlers into New Mexico. The Spanish government kept strict contr...

3/31/2008 7/18/2011

Francisca Lucia Gómez Robledo Francisca Lucia is the daughter of Francisco Gómez and Ana Robledo Romero Biography She appeared on the Don Diego de Vargas census 22 Dec 1692 to 2 Jan 1693 in El Pa...

12/7/2010 7/17/2011