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  • Sir John Baker (c.1330 - c.1372)
    The next information of that time frame is for a John Baker. He is the John Baker to whom King Edward III granted our heraldic coat of arms during his reign from 1327-1377. John had taken as his bride ...
  • Thomas Baker (1384 - 1420)
    R1a > R-M459 > R-M198/M512/M17 > R-M417 > R-CTS4385 > R-L664 > R-S2894 > R-YP285 > R-YP282 > R-YP441 > R-YP4535
  • Thomas Baker Sr. (1418 - 1497)
    R1a > R-M459 > R-M198/M512/M17 > R-M417 > R-CTS4385 > R-L664 > R-S2894 > R-YP285 > R-YP282 > R-YP441 > R-YP4535
  • John Emil Anderson (1892 - 1972)
    Muhos > syntyneet, 1886-1896 > 82: 4.9.1892 Muokkaa Great grandson Norman Anderson tested for Y-DNA Results for Y-DNA Haplogroup R-M198 also known as R1a1a
  • Roland Henry Baker, Jr (1923 - 1994)
    29 Mar 1945 U.S. Navy Hellcat fighter pilot Roland Henry Baker (left) aboard the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Hancock recounts a rescue mission of a bailed-out helldiver pilot, Somerville (2nd right), savin...

The purpose of this project is to document the paternal lineage of all people with the genetic marker R-M17, R-M512 or R-M198 This haplogroup is called R-M17, R-M512 and R-M198. This marker defines the Y DNA Haplogroup currently designated R1a1a. The haplogroup name R-M512 is now preferred by ISOGG while R-M198 is the preferred name of on the YFull Tree. This haplogroup formed 14400 ybp and TMRCA was 8500 ybp.

The full path on the current Y Tree is:

R1a > R-M459 > R-M198/R-M512/R-M17

Subgroups of R-M17/R-M512/R-M198

Defining Mutations

  • M17 (21733168 4G->3G),
  • M198/PF6238 (15030752 C->T),
  • M512/PF6239
  • L168 (16202177 A->G),
  • L449/PF6223 (22966756 C->T),
  • M514/PF6240,
  • M515 (19375294 C->T)


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Famous Members

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How to Participate

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To participate in this project, join or follow the project, then add your oldest known ancestor who belonged to this haplogroup. The profile must be public in order to add it.