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Tor Guttormsson Ovri MP (c.1618 - 1684)

Tor Guttormsson Ovri var brukar på Ovri 1667. Tor og kona må ha vore mektige personar i bygdesamfunnet, for dei oppnådde å få plassert borna som bønder p�...

4/18/2009 1/14/2014

Louis XVI, roi de France MP (1754 - 1793)

"King Louis XVI", "King Louis XVI of France", "d'Bourbon", "Navarre", "Louis 16th", "King of France", "Louis Capet"

The Peerage Wikipedia: English Francais King of the French Reign 1 October 1791 – 21 September 1792 Predecessor Louis XV Successor: Monarchy abolished Next reigning monarch in Fran...

5/11/2007 10/17/2013

Henry IV, King of France MP (1553 - 1610)

"Henry IV "Le Grand" De Bourbon", "крал Анри IV", "Henri IV "The Great" King Of /France/", "Henry Of /France/", "King of France", "Good King Henry", ""Le Vert Galant""

Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia Henry IV (French: Henri IV) (13 December 1553 – 14 May 1610), ruled as King of France from 1589 to 1610 and, as Henry III, King of Navarre from 1...

4/29/2007 10/17/2013

Robert IV "the Strong", Margrave of Neustria MP (c.815 - c.866)

"Robert", "Rupert", "Fortis", "le Fort", "the Strong", "Robert IV "The Strong"", "Count of Anjou and Margrave of Neustria", "Rutpert", ""The Strong"", "Robert de Marvois", "Robertians", "Robert IV", "King of France", "Rutbert", "Robert IV of Worms", "Robert The Strong", "Rupert The St..."

He is commonly called a son of Robert III , count in the Wormsgau, but the relationship is conjectural. Robert 'le Fort' unknown origin, unknown wife. Sources and Resources Wikipedia The Foun...

1/25/2007 10/17/2013

William Hewitt MP (c.1828 - d.)

8/13/2011 6/10/2012

William Edward Hewitt MP (c.1861 - d.)

11/8/2008 6/10/2012

Ernest Hewitt (1901 - 1945)

10/28/2008 6/10/2012

Lewis Henry Hewitt (1932 - 2014)

10/28/2008 6/10/2012