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William Greene Roelker MP (1854 - 1911)

WILLIAM GREENE ROELKER William Greene Roelker was born in Cincinnati, O., June 12, 1854, and died in New York city, January 24, 1911. He was the son of Dr. Frederick Roelker and Katherine Ray (Greene...

2/7/2015 2/15/2015

Elizabeth Spencer MP (1683 - 1752)

"Sarah", "Arnold"

10. Elizabeth, born Mashantatack Jan. 9, 1684, died Providence May 5, 1752; married Providence Oct. 5, 1706 Thomas ARNOLD, born Warwick Mar. 24, 1675, died Providence Feb. 3, 1727, son of Richard and M...

6/12/2008 2/12/2015

Reverend John Browne, I MP (1627 - 1677)


Alt. d.o.d. 1706 Charles Aspinwall shared this piece of his personal genealogical research: John Brown, 2nd generation, of Providence, RI, is usually referred to as Elder except by Homer Aylsworth ...

1/26/2007 9/3/2014

Hon. Philip L. Sherman MP (1609 - 1687)

Philip L. Sherman is the 10th great grandfather of former president, George W. Bush. Philip L. Sherman is the 9th great grandfather of author and photographer, Susan E. Frost Philip Sherman joined ...

3/23/2007 9/5/2013

Christopher Holder "the Quaker" MP (1631 - 1688)

"Christopher Holder of Puddimore"

Christopher Holder (c. 1631—post-1676) was an English Quaker minister who immigrated to the Massachusetts Bay Colony, where he was persecuted for his beliefs. He was prohibited from preaching, imprison...

2/15/2007 9/5/2013

Rev. William Vaughn MP (1607 - 1677)

During the devastating events of King Phillips War (1675-1678), the Rhode Island General Assembly sought the counsel of 16 prominent citizens of the colony, one of whom was William Vaughn. from:

7/26/2008 9/5/2013

Rev. Obadiah Holmes, I MP (1607 - 1682)

"Obadian Holmes", "Rev.", "The Baptist Martyr", "Hullme"

Obadiah Holmes is an ancestor of President Abraham Lincoln. "Ancestors of American Presidents", Gary Boyd Roberts, NEHGS, 2009 Rev. Obadiah Holmes1 (M) b. circa 1606/7, d. 15 October 1682, #430 R...

1/30/2007 9/5/2013

James Barker, II MP (1617 - 1700)

1634, 24 March- Sailed with father James, Sr. and Nicholas Easton and sons on ship "Mary and John" out of Southampton, England. Father died on voyage. 1644- Corporal. 1648- Ensign. 1648- Member...

9/7/2007 9/5/2013

Rev. Dr. John Clarke, of Newport MP (c.1609 - 1676)


John Clarke Find A Grave Memorial# 53975601 John Clarke (Baptist minister) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia John Clarke (8 October 1609 – 20 April 1676) was a medical doctor, Baptist ministe...

6/22/2007 9/5/2013

Gov. William Brenton MP (c.1610 - 1674)

The Winthrop Fleet. William Brenton (c. 1610–1674) was a colonial President, Deputy Governor, and Governor of the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, and an early settler of Portsmou...

6/14/2008 9/5/2013

Rev. Gregory Dexter MP (1610 - 1700)

Rev. Gregory Dexter, the American ancestor of the branch of this family here under consideration, was born at Olney, Northampton county, England, in 1610. He early went to London, and became a printe...

4/15/2007 9/4/2013

William Wickenden MP (1614 - 1670)

from : William Wickenden (ca. 1614-1671) was an early Anglo-American Baptist minister, co-founder Providence, Rhode Island, and signer of the Providence Compact. Wickenden Street in Providence mark...

7/17/2007 9/4/2013

Rev. Chadd Browne MP (aft.1600 - 1650)

"Chad", "Chaddus", "Chaddeus"

Came to America in 1638, was minister of the Baptist Church in Rhode Island after Roger Williams. Brown University is named after him. Reverend. First Baptist Church at Providence RI, oldest Bap. ch in...

4/15/2007 9/4/2013

Richard Scott MP (1607 - bef.1679)

notes Bad Sources for Richard have created much confusion of the years as Richard also had a cousin named Richard causing people to get them mixed up the Richard who married Katherine Marbury was bor...

2/15/2007 9/4/2013

John Greene MP (1594 - 1658)

John Greene (c. 1594 - 1658) was an early settler of the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, one of the 12 original proprietors of Providence, and a co-founder of the town of Warwick in ...

7/3/2008 9/4/2013

John Throckmorton, I MP (1601 - 1683)

1621, March 20- Apprenticed to his Uncle, Robert Debney, alderman of Norwich, England for 7 1/2 years from Christmas 1620 to the mystery and art of a scrivner. 1630, December 1- Embarked at Bristol, ...

3/1/2007 9/4/2013

Rev. Thomas Olney MP (1600 - 1682)

Will & biography Event: Citizenship English, arrived on the "Planter, 1635 1 Event: Life's Work Shoemaker 1 Note: One of the founders of Providence, Rhode Island First treasurer of the Co...

9/13/2007 9/4/2013

Thomas Hopkins, Sr. MP (c.1616 - c.1684)

Cutter New England Families, Genealogical and Memorial: A Record of the ..., Volume 1 "Genealogy of one line of the Hopkins family, descended from Thomas Hopkins, in Providence, from 1641 to 1692"

6/18/2007 9/3/2013

William Mann of Providence, RI William and his wife, Francis Hopkins, were early settlers of Providence, Rhode Island. from: Disambiguation This is the profile of William Mann - one of the firs...

7/2/2007 9/3/2013

Frances Mann MP (c.1614 - 1700)

Frances and her husband, William Mann, were early settlers of Providence, Rhode Island. from:

7/2/2007 9/3/2013

Elizabeth Arnold, of Pawtucket MP (1611 - 1685)

"Elizabeth Peake Arnold"

Elizabeth Arnold Carpenter Find A Grave Memorial# 6804645 Elizabeth Arnold , born at Ilchester, Somerset, England, on 23 November 1611 and died 7 September 1685, Pawtuxet, Kent County, Rhode Island...

6/18/2007 9/3/2013

William Carpenter, of Providence MP (1605 - 1685)

"William "Trevillan" Carpenter", "William "of Pawtucket" Carpenter"

All Providence Early Town Records results for William Carpenter Bee it knowne unto all people by these, that I William Carpenter of pautuxett within the Towneshipp of providence in the Colloney of Ro...

10/27/2009 9/3/2013

Gov. Benedict Arnold MP (1615 - 1678)

"Governor Benedict Arnold", "Rhode Island's first governor under the Royal Charter of 1663."

Oldest son of William Arnold ____________________________________________________________________________________ Arnold Family History ) there is evidence that in 1635 he and his family accompanied ...

1/24/2007 9/3/2013

Stephen Arnold MP (1622 - 1699)

Stephen Arnold Find A Grave Memorial# 24291426 Stephen Arnold was baptised in Ilchester, England in Somerset. Bob and Claudia visited here in 2002 on their trip to England and stayed at the Northov...

1/21/2007 9/3/2013

Christian Arnold MP (c.1583 - 1659)

"Christiana Peak"

Christian Peake Arnold Find A Grave Memorial# 34348566 Original Source had first name Christian, but found geni,com reference with Christiana. I found that a more believable woman's name. It also h...

1/21/2007 9/3/2013

William Arnold MP (1587 - c.1677)

William Arnold recorded his immediate family. This was published in Genealogy of The Family Arnold _____________________________________________________________________________________

1/21/2007 9/3/2013

Andrew Harris MP (1635 - 1686)

Andrew Harris was an early settler of Rhode Island, along with his parents William and Susannah Harris. from:

9/3/2013 9/3/2013

Susan Harris (Hyde) MP (1614 - 1682)

"Susannah", "Susan Harris", "Susannah Harris"

Susan Harris was an early settler of Rhode Island, along with her husband William and son Andrew. Source: U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900, Yates Publishing, Operations...

11/16/2007 9/3/2013

THOMAS ANGELL: b.1618, d.1694. Came with Roger Williams and settled Providence; deeded land which Roger Williams bought from the Narragansett sachems, Canonicus and Miantonomi. Signer of the Providence...

10/2/2007 9/3/2013

William Harris MP (1610 - 1682)

William Harris (1610-1681) was one of the four men who accompanied Roger Williams at Seekonk in the Plymouth Colony during the winter early in 1636. He then joined Williams and several families in esta...

7/2/2008 9/3/2013

Capt. John Whipple MP (1617 - 1685)

John Whipple (settler) John Whipple (c. 1617 - 1685)[2] was an early settler of Dorchester in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, who later settled in Providence in the Colony of Rhode Island and Providenc...

4/15/2007 3/10/2013

Mary Johnson Mowry Kingsley, daughter of Capt John Johnson and Mary Heath Source: Gerald Garth Johnson The Biography and Genealogy of Captain John Johnson, Heritage Books, 2008, page 102. Baptized ...

4/30/2007 3/10/2013

Roger Mowrey, Sr. MP (1610 - 1665)

"Mowry", "Mowrey"

Roger left Bristol, England Dec, 1630 Shown in the index to the Winthrop Fleet of 1630 Registered in Boston, Mass. on May 18, 1631. Lived in Salem, Mass from about 1635 to 1649. Was made freeman 1635 i...

4/30/2007 3/10/2013

William Blackstone/Blaxton MP (1595 - 1675)

"William Blaxton"

Rev William Blackstone was the first white settler of Boston. REVEREND WILLIAM BLACKSTONE 1595 — 1675 Boston's first white resident, also first European settler of present day Rhode Island. I...

3/8/2008 12/2/2012

Samuel Cranston (1659–1727) was a governor of the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations during the first quarter of the 18th century. He held office from 1698 to 1727, being elected to offi...

11/9/2007 9/11/2012

John Cranston, Governor of Rhode Island MP (1625 - 1680)

"Governor John Cranston"

John Cranston (1625–1680) was a colonial physician, military leader, legislator, Deputy Governor and Governor of the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations during the 17th century. Being sen...

11/9/2007 9/11/2012

Stukely Westcott MP (c.1592 - 1676)

"Stukeley Wescott", "Stukely Westcott"

Stukeley Westcott Stukeley Westcott (1592 – 12 January 1677)[1] was one of the founding settlers of the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations and one of the original members of the first ...

2/4/2007 3/15/2012

Rev. Roger Williams, Founder of Rhode Island MP (1603 - 1683)

"Founder of Rhode Island", "Rev. Roger Williams"

Roger Williams was the founder of the colony of Rhode Island. Rhode Island's first permanent settlement (Providence Plantations) was established at Providence in 1636 by English clergyman Roger Willi...

2/19/2007 10/19/2011

John "the Surgeon" Greene MP (1591 - 1659)

"Surgeon John", "The Surgeon"

John "the Surgeon" Greene Sailed from Southampton (England) on April 16, 1635, on the ship JAMES and landed in Boston, Massachusetts on June 3, 1635. They settled in Salem but were driven out by reli...

3/15/2007 10/19/2011

James Greene, of Potowomut MP (1626 - 1698)

"James "of Potowomat""

James Greene "of Potowomut" (1626-1698) James Greene, "of Potowomut," was baptized June 21, 1626, and came to New England with his parents. He married (first) about 1658 Deliverance, born in 1637, da...

3/15/2007 10/19/2011

Jabez Greene MP (1673 - 1741)

James Greene married (2nd) Elizabeth Anthony at Portsmouth, Rhode Island. Children, born at Warwick, Rhode Island 4) Jabez; born May 17, 1673 Jabez Greene of Potowomut, Rhode Island, 1673-1741 Ja...

2/23/2008 10/19/2011

Jabez Greene MP (c.1737 - c.1776)

10/17/2011 10/19/2011