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SS Waratah --A passenger and cargo steamship built in 1908 for the Blue Anchor Line to operate between Europe and Australia.

Project to honor those that perished in disaster July 1909 . In July 1909, on only her second voyage, the ship, en route from Durban to Cape Town, disappeared with 211 passengers and crew aboard.

Please add owners of Blue Anchor Line , crew , passengers and their families to project .

Passenger List:


Mrs Adamson

Mrs Allen and infant
Miss Rose Allen

Mrs Ashe born Ethel Viola Mary Robertson daughter of Mrs. Sillery

Mr Neil Walter Black

Mr T. Blackburn

Mr Thomas George Bowden 30
Mrs Lillie Susannah Bowden 30

infant Kathleen  Bowden 6 Master Harry  Bowden 11 Miss G bowden 25 Mrs Bowden 55

Mr E.A. Bradley

Col. P.J. Browne

Mr Patrick John Calder 24 - AKA Patrick William Calder , " Jack "

Miss M. Campbell

Dr J.T. Carrick

Mr A. Clark

Miss P. Connolly Miss Connolly

Miss L. Cooke

Mr Wm. Coote

Mr William Cumming

Mrs Dawes and child

Mr Donaldson

Mrs Dunn
Miss D. Dunn (7 years old)
Miss B. Dunn (2 years old)

Mr John Ebsworth

Father Fadle

Mr M.J. Govendo

Mrs Govett

Master Harvey
Mrs Harvey

Mrs J. Harwood

Miss Helen .G. Hay
Mrs Agnes Grant Hay

Miss Henderson

Miss M. Hesketh-Jones

Mr R.E. Hugo

Mr J. Hunter

Mrs Ibbett

Mrs Lascelles

Miss K. Lees ( relative of Col. Browne )

Mr R. Lowenthal

Mrs A. Lyon and infant (1)

Mr J. McCausland

Miss Miller

Miss B. Murphy Mr E.A. Murphy

Mr C.B. Nicholson

Mr P. O'Connor

Mr E.B. Page Mrs Page

Mrs Petrie Master Petrie

Mrs A.E. Press

Miss Dora Schaumann
Miss Leona Schaumann

Mrs Sillery - born Laura Luois Carter mother of Mrs. Ashe

Miss Starke Mrs Starke

Mr William Stocken Mrs Stocken Stocken child (5 years old) Stocken child (2 years old)

Mr J.G. Stokoe

Miss Taylor Mr Charles Taylor Mrs Taylor Miss M. Taylor Master C.G Taylor Mr J.F.J. Taylor Miss Taylor

Mr G.H. Tickell

Mr David Turner Mrs Turner Turner child (14 years old) Turner child (12 years old) Turner child (7 years old) Turner child (6 years old) Turner child (3 years old)

Mrs Wilson Mrs Wilson Miss L. Wilson Miss Wilson (8 years old)

Mr Wright Mrs Wright

Miss Young

Crew List:


J.E. Ilbery - Master and Commander

C. Owen - chief officer
H.F. Hemy - second officer
J.P. Morgan - third officer G. Thruston - fourth officer J. Jewers - officer

P. Skailes - purser and chief steward

H.C. Fulford - surgeon

G. W. Hodder - chief engineer A. Hunter - second engineer T. Humphreys - senior third engineer J.H. Jamieson - senior fourth engineer F. Monk - fifth engineer F.T. Hunt - junior engineer J. Hamilton - junior engineer R.A. Hamelton - refrigerating engineer


A. Georgeson - boatswain

E. Stace - boatswain's mate E.J. Schafer - boatswain's mate and lamp trimmer S. Pearson - donkeyman H.A. Gibbs - apprentice N. Clarke - apprentice R. Walker - carpenter H. Barr- carpenter's mate

S. Templeton - chief cook C.W. Southwell - cook A. Sach - cook F. Sale - cook P. Oxford - barman and storekeeper K. Papinean - pantryman S.E. Gorham - pantryman F. Shasal - assistant pantryman A.E. Phillips - baker and confectioner J. Jones - second baker O.E. Haysom - butcher F. Poland - assistant butcher P. Murray - sculleryman

W. Smith - storekeeper and refrigerating greaser W. Walters - greaser

J. Costello - able seaman W. Harding - - able seaman C. Allen - able seaman G.W. Ambrose - able seaman M. McIlver - able seaman J.Shea - able seaman H.G. Smith - able seaman W. Rackliff - able seaman A.P. Moore - able seaman T. Newman - able seaman A. Martin - able seaman W. Belshaw - able seaman C. Turkle - able seaman W. Waite - able seaman R. Robinson - ordinary seaman

A. Cumming - greaser and fireman B. Steiner - greaser and fireman W. Comper - greaser and fireman J. Conn - greaser and fireman

A. Brown - fireman and trimmer C. Butcher - fireman and trimmer R. Bocker - fireman and trimmer J. Clarke - fireman and trimmer F. Dorander - fireman and trimmer C. French - fireman and trimmer J. Immelmann - fireman and trimmer J. Jacobson - fireman and trimmer K. Lindross - fireman and trimmer J. Lydiard - fireman and trimmer J. Nelson - fireman and trimmer W. Reinsch - fireman and trimmer O. Schelier - fireman and trimmer H. Seiffort - fireman and trimmer H. Tanner - fireman and trimmer C. Samuelson - fireman and trimmer A. Sandon - trimmer H. Taylor - trimmer W. Thornton - trimmer J. Steel - trimmer W. McKierian - trimmer G. Meek - trimmer H. McCrone - trimmer J. Kelly - trimmer T. Coulson - trimmer H. Dance - trimmer G. Dixon - trimmer A. Bellringer - trimmer F. Benson - trimmer

A. Nicholls - forecabin steward J.C. Clark - assistant steward S. Whitehorn - stewardess E. Swan - stewardess

W.M. Campbell - general servant A. Blake - general servant C. Baxter - general servant P. Bonham - general servant L. Burgess - general servant A. Dennison - general servant P.R. Alexander - general servant W.R. Allen - general servant C. Hammond - general servant H.W. Harding - general servant T. Ings - general servant P. Isaacs - general servant W. Edwards - general servant A.R. Francis - general servant W. McPhee - general servant P.F. Monaghan - general servant W.B. Rogers - general servant E. Rumbold - general servant W. Smith - general servant E. Sterne - general servant G. Sudbury - general servant W. Thomas - general servant F. Trott - general servant E.J. Walters - general servant F.M. Wellington - general servant W.G. White - general servant A. Woodcock - general servant G. Wyborn - general servant


Thanks to Andrew van Rensburg - Waratah revisited Blog

Thanks to Pauline Conolly for her hard work ; now we have more correct information