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Theunis Dirksz van Schalkwyk, SV/PROG MP (c.1639 - c.1717)

"Theunis Dirkse van Schalkwyk", "van Schalkwijk"

Theunis Dirks van Schalkwyk arrived in the Cape 13-04-1664 as "busskieter". He got his burgher rights shortly after arrival and in 1675 he achieved the sole rights to supply the Cape Market of fish.Bet...

1/23/2007 1/8/2013

Maria Lozee, SM MP (c.1662 - 1724)

"Maria Lozee", "Lozee", "Logee", "Losee", "Losëe", "Lozie", "Lozier", "Lotzie", "Steijn", "Steyn", "Heijns", "Heyns", "Maria van de Kaap"

... Paul Heyns & Maria Losle 7 k. =========================================== First Name: Maria. Alternate spelling for her first name: Marytie / Marritie. 'Maiden Name / Birth Name: ' Unknown....

2/6/2007 8/10/2011

Jacobus Steyn, b1 MP (bef.1683 - 1752)

"Jacob", "Steijn", "Stein", "Stijn"

Jacobus Steyn b1 About version 20140708 Brief summary: Parents: Unknown father X Maria Losëe. Two theories about his father. First: Probably Douwe Gerbrandt Steyn SV. Second and possible: Some othe...

2/6/2007 8/10/2011

Douwe Gerbens, later known as Douwe Gerbrandt Steyn, MP (c.1631 - 1700)

"Douwe Gerbens", "Douwe", "Douwen", "Douw", "Gerbens", "Gerbrants", "Gerbrantz", "Gerbrandse", "Gerrebrandtze", "Gerbrant", "Gerbrandze", "Gerbrantsze", "Gerb:", "Stein", "Stijn", "Steijn"

Douwe is the legal ancestor of many of the Steyns in South Africa. His adopted son Jacobus is the definite biological ancestor. The assumption made in authoritative genealogical publications is that Do...

2/6/2007 8/10/2011