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Barnett Capcan MP (c.1868 - 1956)

"Ber Wolf"


10/27/2009 3/12/2018

Harris Weissman MP (1907 - d.)

5/23/2014 1/6/2018

Wolf (Velvel) Vaysman MP (1872 - 1949)

VELVEL VAYSMAN was born in Bendery to Eliyahu and Rukhl VAYSMAN. He emigrated from Kishinev to England and later to South Africa where he died in 1949. He had a daughter and a son.

4/20/2012 11/14/2017

Chaim Berelowitz MP (1876 - 1947)

8/23/2007 10/15/2017

Olga Jochevit Berelowitz MP (1885 - 1942)

10/3/2007 10/15/2017

Samuel Berelowitz MP (1874 - 1965)


8/23/2007 10/15/2017

Zlata Charlotte Sieff MP (1870 - 1930)


10/3/2007 10/15/2017

Sora Yaine Glike Berelowitz MP (1846 - 1933)

"Hinde", "Sarah"

10/3/2007 10/15/2017

Berelowitz family updates courtesy of Peter Arnold in Oz. -jb

10/3/2007 10/15/2017

Harris Abraham Behrmann MP (1846 - 1930)

Hilda Behr's memories During this period our grandfather, Harris Behrmann (Harris Abraham Behrmann) my mothers father, became blind and Uncle Abe, Louis and David (Abraham, Louis Harris and David Leo...

10/1/2008 9/21/2017

Barney Joffe MP (1889 - 1962)

Barney arrived in Witbank as a young man in 1912 and set up business on his own as a photographer; he carried on this business until his retirement in 1957. The 45 years which he spent in Witbank saw t...

12/26/2008 8/31/2017

(Amelia) Manja Hilson MP (c.1882 - c.1963)

The most gorgeous blue-eyed blonde. After leaving school Manja studied dentistry. It was a miserable time in her life. She had a step-mother and felt unwanted and very insecure. She had a wonderful s...

5/25/2008 8/9/2017

Aaron Hilson MP (deceased)


6/5/2008 8/9/2017

Annie Hilson MP (1885 - 1968)

7/19/2017 8/9/2017

Simon Hilson MP (1872 - 1932)

Emigration: 1891 Came from Latvia via the USA where he acquired citizenship (Pretoria, Transvaal, South Africa) Naturalisation: 23 jun 1897 South Africa In 1886, Sam, was an early arrival to the bust...

6/5/2008 8/9/2017

Solomon Goldblatt MP (c.1860 - 1910)


12/19/2016 1/3/2017

Rachel Hannah Goldblatt MP (c.1860 - bef.1942)

12/19/2016 1/3/2017

Solomon Yechezkel Zalman Zurnamer MP (c.1848 - 1927)

"Yechezkel Zalman"

11/9/2007 1/3/2017

Rachel (Colitz) Zurnamer MP (c.1859 - 1939)

Sarah Rivka Colitz and Rachel Colitz Zurnamer may be the daughters of Sarah Rubin Colitz (mother of Isaac Colitz) or of Rose ? Colitz (mother of Stella Stiera Colitz Sandler). Based on naming conventio...

11/9/2007 1/3/2017

Golda Milner, SM MP (deceased)

8/19/2007 7/28/2016

Jack Milner, SV/PROG MP (1903 - 1958)

8/26/2007 7/28/2016

Bernhard Hammerschlag MP (1847 - 1893)

12/21/2012 7/27/2016

Esther Barsel MP (deceased)

9/2/2008 6/14/2016

Dr Lily Harrison, SM/PROG MP (b. - aft.2005)

"Zimerman", "Zimmermann", "Zimermann"

4/6/2015 6/6/2016

Departed from Southampton on 14/08/1909 on the ship Dover Castle bound for Cape Town, with his mother. DEPOT TAB SOURCE MHG TYPE LEER

4/6/2015 6/6/2016

Golda (Goldie) Lieberfreund MP (1909 - 1981)

(zuni lan:) My Mom and Dan married without telling his parents. They got married and returned to their houses (Mom in Wizo still) (zuni lan:) My mother's (Golda (Rubin) Lan) brothers' were all brough...

3/9/2007 11/20/2015

Max (Moise Yerucham) Rubin MP (1911 - 1989)

(zuni lan:) My mother's (Golda (Rubin) Lan) brothers' were all brought out to South Africa before the War: Sam, Barney, Golda, Max, Jack (except for Sam who was cut off while visiting France and landed...

7/12/2007 11/20/2015

Barney (Ber) Rubin MP (1907 - 1992)

(becky sacks:) Barney was the oldest of the kids. When their parents died, all the kids had to go ophanages except Max and Barney. Barney worked hard to get all the kids out. He had received some inher...

7/12/2007 11/20/2015

Louis (Leiba Leizer) Rubin MP (1913 - 1973)

(zuni lan:) My mother's (Golda (Rubin) Lan) brothers' were all brought out to South Africa before the War: Sam, Barney, Golda, Max, Jack (except for Sam who was cut off while visiting France and landed...

7/12/2007 11/20/2015

Jack (Yankel) Rubin MP (1914 - 1993)

(zuni lan:) Professional wrestler. Almost went to the Maccabi games... (hymie rubin, July 2010:) One of them (I think Rivka) died on the train back of Cholera, and the other (Chaim?) died three month...

5/29/2007 11/20/2015

"Emperor" Joshua Norton MP (1819 - 1880)

1820 British Settler John Norton 25, Farmer, together with his wife Sarah Norden 25, and their 2 sons, were members of Thomas Willson's Party of 307 Settlers on the La Belle Alliance . Party orig...

10/17/2009 5/17/2015

Hyman Abraham Behr MP (1878 - 1965)

Served in the Pretoria Commando under General Erasmus & Kommandant Piet Uys in the Boer War. Appointed Veld Kornet in charge of P.O.W. camp at Waterval. Rejoined Commando and with most of Commando, cap...

10/1/2007 2/14/2015

Hazel Dakers' Family History at Written by Hazel Dakers: Joshua Davis Norden is reputed to be the only Jew to whom there is a monument in an Anglican cathedral. As Captain of ...

7/11/2011 5/30/2014

Marcus Norden is described as a storekeeper but, like his brothers, was also an auctioneer and regularly advertised as such in the Grahamstown Journal. He was a keen whist player and apparently conside...

8/6/2008 5/30/2014

Jakob Langermann MP (1866 - 1898)

"Jacob Langermann"

The Hebrew inscription in his father's prayerbook lists his birth date as the 6th of Kisslev 5627. He went to Johannesberg, South Africa. Although perhaps he was in Salisbury, Rhodesia first The fa...

9/24/2012 12/24/2012

Max Langermann MP (1859 - 1919)

His Hebrew birthdate is listed as 7th of Adar II 5619 in his father's prayerbook (see that image in the sources here) and was circumcised on the feast of Purim (15th of Adar II that year). He went to...

9/3/2012 12/24/2012

Sir Otto John Beit, 1st Baronet, KCMG, FRS[1] (7 December 1865 – 7 December 1930) was a German-born British financier, philanthropist and art connoisseur. Life history and career Beit was born in...

9/9/2009 1/17/2012

Michael Welensky, SV/PROG MP (c.1843 - d.)

Michael Welensky was trhe first President of the Gwelo (Gweru in Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) Hebrew Congregation around 1897. He was drawn to the Kimberley diamonds of South Africa where he made and l...

6/17/2009 1/17/2012

Heinz Wallach, a middle child with two sisters, was born in Soest, Westphalia, Germany, on 24 January 1916 to Ernst and Clara Wallach. His father was a grain merchant. As conditions in Germany worsen...

2/7/2009 1/15/2012

Solomon Meyerowitz MP (deceased)


12/29/2008 1/15/2012

Gustav Imroth MP (1862 - 1946)

Gustav Imroth (29 June 1862 – 10 October 1946) Gustav was a minor Randlord who played a role in the development of the South African diamond-mining industry and sports. He was born in Friedberg, Ge...

10/10/2011 1/15/2012

Rabbi Dr Joseph Herman Hertz MP (1872 - 1946)

Rabbi Joseph Herman Hertz, CH (September 25, 1872- January 14, 1946) was a Jewish Hungarian-born Rabbi and Bible scholar. He is most notable for holding the position of Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdo...

8/8/2007 1/12/2012

Nadine Gordimer (20 November 1923 - 13 July 2014) was a South African writer and political activist. She was awarded the 1991 Nobel Prize in Literature when she was recognised as a woman "who through h...

12/26/2008 1/12/2012

Abba Kushlick MP (1842 - 1915)

5/10/2009 1/12/2012

Max (Menachem Mendel) Kaplan MP (1876 - 1923)

3/23/2008 1/12/2012

Joe Slovo MP (1926 - 1995)

"Yossel Mashal"

Yossel Mashel Slovo was born in Lithuiania in 1926 to a Jewish family who emigrated to South Africa when he was eight. His father worked as a truck driver in Johannesburg. Slovo left school in 1941 and...

8/1/2010 1/11/2012

Barney Barnato MP (1851 - 1897)

"Barnato", "Barnet Isaacs (birth name)"

Died at sea at 31.8 N; 17.13 W BARNEY BARNATO (21 February 1851 – 14 June 1897) Barnett Isaacs grew up in Whitechapel, the very poor East End of London in an area that was predominantly a Jewis...

8/26/2007 1/11/2012

describes re Ernest: "His first wife, May Pollack, with whom he had two sons, died in 1934, and his son Frank died after a swimming accident in Madeira in 1935. He underwent a spiritual crisi...

10/8/2011 1/11/2012

Harry Frederick Oppenheimer MP (1908 - 2000)


Harry Oppenheimer (1908–2000) Born 28 October 1908 and died at age 91 on 19 August 2000, Harry Oppenheimer was a leading South African businessman and one of the richest men in the world. His father ...

10/8/2011 1/11/2012