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Dagobert I, King of the Franks MP (603 - 639)

"Dagoberto da Néustria I", "Dagobert I King Of /Francec/", "King of All Franks", "King Dagobert I of the /Franks/"

DAGOBERT, son of CLOTAIRE II King of the Franks & his second wife Beretrudis [Bertrada or Berthe] ([610/11-Saint-Denis 19 Jan 639, bur église abbatiale de Saint-Denis). The Gesta Dagoberti names "Dagob...

5/9/2007 12/17/2021

Ramesses II 'The Great', Pharaoh of Egypt MP (c.-1304 - c.-1212)

"Rameses Miamun", "Usermaatre Setepenre", "Ramses", "Ozymandias"

Ramesses II (c. 1303 BC – July or August 1213 BC; Egyptian: *Riʻmīsisu, alternatively transcribed as Rameses /ˈræməsiːz/ and Ramses /ˈræmsiːz/ or /ˈræmziːz/), referred to as Ramesses the Great, was the...

12/15/2007 7/3/2018

Widukind MP (c.735 - 807)

"Witikind", "Wittikind", "Witekind", "Widukind", "Duke of Westphalia", "Widikind of /Ingern/", "Wittekind von Sachsen King of /\Saxony/", "The Great", "Wittekind of Saxony", "de Saxe", "van Saksen", "de Grote", "der Grosse", "le Magne"

Widukind or Wittekind ( 743 - 807 ) was the rumor leader of the Saxons, and the first jointly named Hartog of the Hartogdom Saksen .Hee was Kearl den den all Saaksen bi-j mekare received um as to fall ...

6/12/2007 6/10/2018

Attila the Hun, "Scourge of God", King of the Huns MP (c.395 - 453)

"Attila huneren"

Attila ( fl. c. 406–453), frequently called Attila the Hun , was the ruler of the Huns from 434 until his death in March 453. He was also the leader of a tribal empire consisting of Huns, Ostrogoth...

12/18/2007 5/16/2018

Alaric the Goth, King of the Visigoths MP (c.370 - 410)

"Аларих I", "король вестготов"

Alaric Article from the 1911 EncyclopediaALARIC (Ala-reiks, "All-ruler"), (c. 370-410), Gothic conqueror, the first Teutonic leader who stood as a conqueror in the city of Rome, was probably born about...

1/9/2008 5/15/2018

Conde Cassius (Qasi) MP (c.690 - 715)

"Casius", "Casio"

MedLands ==[ CASIUS ], son of --- (-after 714). A Visigoth from around the Ebro delta, he converted to Islam in 714, adopted the name QASI, and acquired a position of power in Tudela. The Visigothic or...

2/10/2008 5/10/2018

Haskuldr / Askold MP (c.840 - 882)

"Осколдъ", "Скалдъ", "Осколд"

Based on Writings By Yekaterina II, Russian ruler. ("Сочинения императрицы Екатерины II") She writes, that Efanda from first marriage had a son Askold, who was a ruler of Kiev in 868-883. Russian Wikip...

11/12/2015 5/3/2018

Prophet Muhammad of Islam (PBUH) MP (570 - 632)

"O Profeta Maomé"

Muhammad was the founder of the religion of Islam and is regarded by Muslims as a messenger and prophet of God, the final law-bearer in a series of Islamic prophets as taught by the Qur'an (33:40–40). ...

9/18/2007 5/2/2018

Xerxes I 'the Great', king of Persia MP (c.-519 - c.-465)

"Xerxes I", "Knig von Persien"

Xerxes I / Xerxes the Great Wikipedia Xerxes I (/ˈzɜːrksiːz/; Old Persian: 𐎧𐏁𐎹𐎠𐎼𐏁𐎠 x-š-y-a-r-š-a ( Khashayarsha (help·info) "ruling over heroes", Greek Ξέρξης ksérksɛːs; 518–465 BC), called Xerxes the...

3/27/2007 5/2/2018

King David of Israel MP (c.-1042 - c.-971)

"דוד מלך ישראל", "נעים זמירות ישראל", "דוד בן ישי"

King David (דוד, داوُود‎ ) c. 1040–970 BCE, his reign over Judah c. 1010–970 BCE. David is an important figure to members of the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic faiths. Depicted as an acclaimed courageo...

2/20/2007 5/2/2018

Cleopatra VII Philopator, Pharaoh of Egypt MP (c.-69 - -30)

"Queen of the Nile", "Cleopatra VII"

Cleopatra VII Philopator YouTube Documentary Observação: em 31/01/2022, o portal do YouTube informou que este vídeo não está mais disponível. Ivo V. Pedrosa. Wikipedia Cleopatra VII Philopator (...

4/26/2007 5/2/2018

Childéric I, King of the Franks MP (c.436 - c.481)

"Childeric", "Childerich", "Childéric I", "roi des Francs", "King of the Salian Franks"

MEROVECH (-[451/57]). m ---. The name of Merovech's wife is not known. Merovech is recorded as having one child: >1. CHILDERICH (-Tournai [481/82], bur Tournai). Gregory of Tours records that Merovech ...

3/8/2007 5/2/2018