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Rabbi Moshê ben Abraham Boino, HaCohen (aft.1420 - 1497)

"Rabi Moussem Boyno"

Rabbi Moshê ben Abraham Boino, aliás bisavô do Dr. Antonio Homem. MOÍSES BOINO , mercador e físico judeu ; Em 1446, o Regente Infante D.Pedro, concedeu- lhe o direito de andar de mula, o que era proi...

10/15/2015 10/15/2015

Don Francisco Mendes Benveniste MP (c.1500 - bef.1538)

"Benveniste", "Francisco Mendes"

Wealthy Spanish banker and husband of the famous Donna Gracia Mendes . In 1528, Beatriz de Luna Gracia Nasi married the very rich black pepper trader Francisco Mendes Benveniste, who belonged to the ...

11/8/2008 7/29/2014

Shem Tob Benveniste HaLevi of Tortosa (1170 - 1230)

"BenB'nashti Ha'Levi"

Berdichevsky-Sokolka Families Tree - HaLevi, Benvenisti

6/8/2007 7/29/2014

Perfet Nasi (c.1200 - 1268)

Vidal Benveniste de Porta (Catalan: Vidal Benvenist ça Porta; died 1268) was the Jewish batlle of Barcelona, Girona and Leida and a brother of Nahmanides.[1] Benveniste was an important capitalist of...

12/29/2010 7/29/2014

Meshullam ben Yakob "Sheshet Perfet" (c.1125 - c.1195)

"Rabbeinu Meshullam hagodol", "Sheshet (2nd)", "Perfet (3rd)", "Perfet Almoxarife", "Bailiff Sheshet"

Rabbeinu Meshullam son of Jacob (Meshullam ben Ya'akov) also known as Rabbeinu Meshullam hagodol (Rabbi Meshullem the great) was a Franco-Jewish Talmudist of the twelfth century CE. He had a Talmudic Y...

11/23/2011 7/29/2014

Sheshet Benveniste Perfet Nasi MP (c.1130 - c.1209)

"Kalonymus "HaParnasa"", "Solomon Barbur HaKatzin", "Sheshet ben Isaac ben Josef Benveniste", "Yakob ben Yitzhak Benveniste"

Sheshet ben Isaac ben Joseph Benveniste (lived in the latter half of the twelfth century) was a French Jewish physician and writer. Like Isaac Benveniste, who is supposed to have been his father, he wa...

11/23/2011 7/29/2014

Ramban Nahmanides MP (c.1194 - 1270)

"Ramban", ""Bonastruc ça Porta""

  Nahmanides [Nah-man-nid-ez (רבי משה בן נחמן), also known as Rabbi Moses ben Naḥman Girondi, Bonastruc ça (de) Porta and by his acronym Ramban (1194 – 1270), was a leading medieval Jewish scholar, Cat...

7/13/2012 7/29/2014

Ramón Tossas Escalera, alcalde de Juana Díaz (1870 - 1960)

"!st democratically elected Mayor of Juana Diaz", "Puerto Rico"

Ramón Mateo Tossas Escalera, alcalde de Juana Díaz, 1903 - 1905 The First Democratically Elected Mayor of Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico. Was a Rabbi. Name: Ramon Tossas Escalera Birth Date: 21 Sep 1870 ...

2/19/2013 1/8/2014

Avraham bar Hiyya HaNasi al-Bargeloni MP (c.1065 - c.1136)

"Savasorda", "Abraham Judaeus"

Abraham Bar Hiyya -the man and his work between two worlds Abraham bar Ḥiyya ha-Nasi (1070 Barcelona, Spain – 1136 or 1145 Narbonne, France) was a Jewish mathematician, astronomer and philosopher, ...

12/1/2011 4/5/2013

Maimonides "Rambam" MP (c.1138 - 1204)

"The Great Eagle", "Rambam", "Moshe ben Maimon", "Abū ʿImrān Mūsā bin ʿUbaidallāh Maimūn al-Qurṭubī"

From Moshe (of the Torah) to Moshe (Maimonides) there was none like Moshe R' Moshe ben Maimon , Moses Maimonides the Rambam , [ca. 1138 (or 1135?) - 1204] was the preeminent medieval Jewish philosoph...

1/7/2010 11/28/2012

Don Judah de la Cavallería, the bailiff of the city, became involved in a dispute with Solomon *Alconstantini. Don Judah remained in office until 1276 and died a short while later. Moses Alconstantini,...

7/8/2008 11/9/2011

Yehuda Alharizi MP (1165 - 1225)

Yehuda Alharizi , also Judah ben Solomon Harizi or al-Harizi (Hebrew: יהודה בן שלמה אלחריזי‎, Yehudah ben Shelomo al-Harizi, Arabic: يحيا بن سليمان بن شاؤل أبو زكريا الحريزي اليهودي من أهل طليطلة‎, Yah...

10/31/2011 10/31/2011

Judah ben Samuel ha-Levi MP (1075 - 1141)

"יהודה בן שמואל הלוי", "Judah HaLevi", "Yehuda Ha Levi", "יהודה הלוי", "Judah HaLevi Abulafia"

Judah Halevi (also Yehuda Halevi; Hebrew: יהודה הלוי; Arabic: يهوذا هاليفي; c. 1075–1141) was a Spanish Jewish physician, poet and philosopher. He was born in Spain, either in Toledo or Tudela, in 1075...

10/31/2011 10/31/2011

Solomon ibn Gabirol MP (1021 - 1058)

Solomon ibn Gabirol Solomon ben Judah שלמה בן יהודה אבן גבירול‎, أبوأيوب سليمان بن يحيى بن جبيرول‎, Abu Ayyūb Suleiman ibn Yahya ibn Jabirūl; Avicebron, was an Andalusian Hebrew poet and Jewish philoso...

10/31/2011 10/31/2011

Don Fernão Perez Coronel MP (1412 - 1493)

"Fernando Perez Coronel", "Fernão Perez Coronel", "Abraham Senior"

The Senior Coronel & Saraiva Family Segovia Castilla y Leon Spain, c. 1386 - See Complete Family Tree and Biography Together with I saac Abravanel, wrote the letter of objection to Isabella and Ferdi...

5/1/2008 10/17/2011

Amato Lusitano - João Rodrigues de Castelo Branco, MP (1511 - 1568)

"João Rodrigues de Castelo Branco", "Amatus Lusitanus", "Ḥaviv ha-Sephardi", "Habib HaSephardi", "Amato Lusitano", "Abraham ben Solomon Usque"

João Rodrigues de Castelo Branco, (Amato Lusitano) - Amatus Lusitanus (Castelo Branco, 1511 – Thessaloniki, 1568), was a notable Portuguese Jewish physician of the 16th century. Like Herophilus, Galen,...

4/13/2011 4/13/2011