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12/31/2007 1/10/2013

Avraham Zalman Doniach (c.1875 - 1942)

4/2/2011 5/1/2011

Yosef Shlomo Hozenfoter, Rabbi (c.1730 - c.1790)

Yoseph ben Menachem was rabbi of Aizpute (Gazenpot) from 1711 (look like an error, possibly from 1771).His daughter husband Baruch was born in 1752. If Dina, his daughter, was estimately of the same ag...

1/13/2008 3/14/2011

David Don-Yechia (1792 - 1832)

1/13/2008 1/17/2011

8/21/2007 1/15/2011

8/21/2007 1/15/2011

Avraham Ber Don-Yachya (1800 - c.1838)

2/4/2008 1/13/2011

Dina Don Yachya (deceased)

1/13/2008 1/11/2011

Baruch Don-Yachya (1755 - 1830)

The daughter of Elijah, the Wilna Gaon, was Pesche Batja, wife of Rabbi Zvi Hersh ben Yitzhak Donchin. The antecedents of Yitzhak Donchin have not as yet been discovered but every appearance of that ...

1/13/2008 1/11/2011

Hayy "Hiyya" ibn Ya'ish ben David al-Daudi, HaNasi MP (1085 - c.1154)

"Judah Ibn Da'ud", "Yehudah Hiyya ibn Yaḥyā ibn Da'ud", "Yahya ben David HaNasi", "Chiya al-Daudi", "Hiyya ben Hiyya Vital"

From 969 to 1071, the Fatimid caliphs of Egypt ruled Palestine. Most scholars are convinced that during this period the Fatimids considered the gaon of the Palestinian yeshiva to be the head of the Jew...

6/14/2008 1/11/2011

Rosa Doniach (c.1878 - 1941)

1/2/2008 1/11/2011

Shabtay Don-Yachya (1909 - 1981)

of Birth: 1909Date of Death: 19/12/1981Year of Aliyah: 1931Place of Birth: LatviaEducationStudied at the Rav Kook Yeshiva and the Hebrew University; certified as a teacherAdditional NotesResigned form ...

2/3/2008 1/11/2011

Chaya Don Yechiya (c.1873 - 1941)

Rēzekne (IPA: [ræ:zekne], is a city in the Latgale region of eastern Latvia, 242 km east of Riga. It has a population of 36,646 (2006). Built on seven hills, Rēzekne is situate...

2/2/2008 1/11/2011

Deborah Doniach (1912 - 2004)

Obituary Deborah Doniach Outstanding pioneer of auto-immunology research reddit this Jonathan Brostoff The Guardian, Thursday 15 January 2004 04.44 EST Article history Deborah Doniach, wh...

12/31/2007 1/11/2011

Eliyahu Doniach (c.1877 - 1941)

born after 1870 (he is a son of the second wife) and before 1890 (his son was born in 1910). Twin brother of Aharon-Zelig. Lived in Orechov (jewish agricultural colony of Ukraine)

12/31/2007 1/11/2011

Источник — « » " [jowbr]J_VITEBSK_2_RECNUM128" הרב הגאון &#x...

1/8/2008 1/11/2011

Nakdimon (“Naky”) Shabetai Doniach, also known as “Don” [43] was born in London in May 1907 to poor Russian Jewish immigrants and educated at Haberdashers’ Aske&#...

12/31/2007 1/11/2011

Yosef ibn Yahya HaZaken MP (1210 - 1264)


Reference: "Divrei ha-Yamim le-Bnei Yahya,( דברי הימים לבני יחייא )" , by E...

6/14/2008 1/11/2011

Reference: "Divrei ha-Yamim le-Bnei Yahya,( דברי הימים לבני יחייא )", by El...

1/28/2009 1/11/2011

Don Yahya "el Negro" MP (1150 - 1222)

"Mendes", "Iáhia Aben-Yasich", "Iáhia Aben-Yaish", "Iáhia Abenaish", "Yáhyá Aben Jaesh"

Reference: "Divrei ha-Yamim le-Bnei Yahya,( דברי הימים לבני יחייא )" , by E...

6/14/2008 1/11/2011

Álvaro Semuel Denis-Dyonis MP (c.1565 - 1650)

"Albert Dionis", "Albert Dionys", "Alberto Dinis", "Alberto Diniz", "Shmuel ibn Yahya", "Samuel ibn Yachia", "Alvaro Diniz"

Merchant, importer of sugar, salt.. from Portugal. Exporter of grain from Danzig to Lisbon. Minter of coins (his mark in is the coins) and founder of the "Portuguese" Jewish community. He lived in Port...

6/19/2007 1/11/2011