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The Smith Family Tree Analysis

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This project focuses purely on those who carried on the Smith last name.

Three sets of information will be provided here;

1. A closer look at the dates of parents and their children, possible errors, and any relation according to the generation in which the children were born. (INCOMPLETE)

2. A list of the last names of all those who married into the Smith family, for example the Van Deventer, Van Zyl, etc. families. (COMPLETE)

3. A look at all those Smiths whose information I could not find on Geni but who might have carried on the Smith name. These will be referred to as the Unknowns. (COMPLETE)

Note: The Stamvader is currently Unknown so Generation 1 is listed here as myself, my mother is Generation 2, my grand-parents are Generation 3, etc. Also dates are listed as month/day/year and the short hand terms X = married, b. = born, c. = circa, and d. = died, will be used below.

A. Dates

Generation 2;

1. Philippus (/Tersh) Tertius Pienaar b. 1/1/1951 X Dorothy (/Dot) Marthina (Smith) Pienaar b. 4/14/1959 Dorothy Marthina Pienaar

Parents b. c. 1951 & 1959 (Had 1 Kid): Kid b. after c. 1959 Kid Listed as b. c. 1995

Analysis; 1959 + 18/20 = 1977/1979 + 1 Kid = 1978/1980 1959 + 10 = 1969

[Parents b. c. 1951 – d. c. 1995] [Kids b. c. 1969 - b. c. 1995]

1959 is the latest year one of the parents was born, adding to that year 18 or 20 years to account for the years the parents would have been married and most likely able to have children, comes to 1977 or 1979. Adding 1 year to account for the 1 child born between the year the Parents were able to have children and the year they are thought to have passed away, comes to 1978 or 1980. 1959 + 10 allows for some discrepancy in years between when the parents and their children were born. Thus, according to the dates given, the child listed should be born between the years 1969 up to 1650. The years listed as the child's birth year falls within that parameter. Also, since no death is given for the parent, one can assume the year of death for the parents would be sometime after the year the eldest child was born, such as c. 1995.

2. Frans Le Grange b. 11/4/1958 X Suzette (Smith) Le Grange Oberholster b. 2/7/1961 Private User

Parents b. c. 1958 & 1961 (Had 1 Kid): Kid b. after c. 1961 Kid Listed as b. c. 1988

Analysis; 1961 + 18/20 = 1979/1981 + 1 Kid = 1980/1982 1961 + 10 = 1971

[Parents b. c. 1958 – d. c. 1988] [Kids b. c. 1971 - b. c. 1988]

Generation 2 Results; [All Listed Parents b. c. 1951/1958 – d. c. 1988/1995] [All Listed Kids b. c. 1969/1971 - b. c. 1988/1995]

B. Other Families

VAN DER WALT Connection A : Generation 3 & 4

Willian John Barnard X Theo Sophia (Van Der Walt) Barnard Their Child > Adriana Josina (Barnard) Smith b. 9/26/1966 Private

Johan Lodewikus Van Deventer b. 1/2/1878 – d. 11/23/1956 X Jacoba (/Kosie) Johanna (Slabbert) Van Deventer b. 3/22/1891 – d/ 4/6/1974 Their Children > Sara Susanna (Van Deventer) Smith b. 5/4/1914 – d. 9/30/1974 Bessa (Van Deventer) Steynberg Van Der Walt d. c. 1988

Hennie Van Der Walt X Bessa (Van Deventer) Steynberg Van Der Walt d. c. 1988 Private

- Unknown Connection between Theo Sophia (Van Der Walt) Barnard & Henni Van Der Walt

VISSER Connection B : Generation 4, 5 & 6

Petrus Albertus Johannes Poole X Neeltje Margaretha Maria (Visser) Poole b. 1/28/1922 Their Child > Neelthe Margaretha (Poole) Smith b. 11/15/1942

Jasper Johannes Visser X Neeltjie Margaretha (Visser) Visser Their Child > Coenraad Hendrik Erasmus Visser Private

Coenraad Hendrik Erasmus Visser X Johanna Hendriena (?) Visser Their Child > Neeltjie Margaretha (Visser) Visser

-Unknown Connection between Jasper Johannes Visser and Coenraad Hendrik Erasmus Visser. Also, Unknown Connection between supposed Grandfather and Grandson, both called Coenraad Hendrik Erasmus Visser.

C. The Unknowns

Generation 1; Johnny William Smith b. 1/4/1991 Walter-John Smith b. 11/11/1991 Jean Pierre Smith, son of Pierre Smith b. 6/18/1965 Damien Smith, son of Pierre Smith b. 6/18/1965

Generation 2; Johannes Petrus Smith b. 6/10/1962 Vicus William Smith b. 9/15/1965 – d. 7/25/1975

Generation 5 William Walter Charles Smith b. April 1870 – d. 10/31/1936