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Alexios I, Eastern Roman Emperor MP (1056 - 1118)

"Alexios I Komnenos", "Alexis I Comnène", "Alexius I Comnenus", "Alexios I", "Emperor of Byzantium"

Alexios I Komnenos, or Comnenus (Greek: Αλέξιος Α' Κομνηνός) (1048 – August 15, 1118), Byzantine emperor (1081–1118), was the son of John Comnenus and Anna Dalassena and the nephew of Isaac I Com...

6/10/2007 7/9/2013

Raymond Iv, comte de Toulouse MP (b. - 1105)

"Raymond de St Gilles; Raimond", "Ramon; Guillaume IV", "William IV; Guilhèm IV;Count of Toulouse;", "Raymond de Saint-Gilles", "Count De Toulouse"

Raymond IV was the son of Pons II William of Toulouse, c.1020-1060, and Almodis de la Marche, c.1020-1071. He was married to Unknown, Matilda of Sicily and Elvira of Castile. His older brother was Will...

6/10/2007 6/25/2013


12/18/2008 6/24/2013

Adolf Hitler MP (1889 - 1945)

"Manitou", "Wolff", "Herr Wolff", "der chef", "the Fuhrer", "Adi (when he was a child)"

Adolf Hitler was an Austrian-born German politician and leader of the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, commonly known as the Nazi party. The Nazi party are known for the persecution and ...

6/5/2008 6/24/2013

Friedrich I Barbarossa, Holy Roman Emperor MP (c.1122 - 1190)

"Friederich I Barbarossa the greatest and most charismatic leaders of their age.", "Federico Barbaroja; Friedrich III. Herzog von Schwaben"

The Peerage Geneall Rootsweb Find a grave Holy Roman Emperor: Reign 1155-1190 Coronation 18 June 1155, Rome

1/29/2007 6/23/2013

Charlemagne MP (742 - 814)

"Karolus Magnus", "Karl 1 den store", "Charlemagne", "Carlos Magno", "Karl der Grosse; Charles the Great", "Charles the Great"

Charlemagne (English: Charles the Great, German: Karl der Grosse, French: Charles le Grand, Latin: Carolus Magnus, Dutch: Karel de Grote), King of Neustria (768-771), King of the Franks (771-814), King...

1/25/2007 6/22/2013

Charles Martel "the Hammer" MP (686 - 741)

"the hammer", "maior domus of austrasia", ""The Hammer"", "Duc de Antrim", "Mayor of the Palace of Austrasia", "The Hammer of God", ""Martel"", "Duke and prince of Franks"

See Youtube video Charles "The Hammer" Martel was the defacto King of the Franks from 737-741 (Officially he was Duke and Prince of the Franks). He was also known as a great general, and is most ...

1/25/2007 6/21/2013

Alaric the Goth, King of the Visigoths MP (c.370 - 410)

"Alaric", "Alarich"

Alaric Article from the 1911 Encyclopedia ALARIC (Ala-reiks, "All-ruler"), (c. 370-410), Gothic conqueror, the first Teutonic leader who stood as a conqueror in the city of Rome, was probably born ab...

1/9/2008 6/21/2013

Theodosius I "the Great", Roman Emperor MP (347 - 396)

"Theodosius the Great", "Flavius /Theodosius/", "Emp Theodosius /De Rome/", "Théodose Ier /De Rome/", "The Great", "The /Great/", "Emperor of Rome", "the Great", "Teodósio I"

Theodosius I den store (11. januar 347-17. januar 395) var romersk keiser fra 379, først kun i øst, men etter Valentinian IIs død i 392 ble han enehersker over hele riket. Han var den siste keiseren so...

6/2/2007 6/20/2013

Pope Innocent VIII MP (1432 - 1492)

Born at Genoa, 1432; elected 29 August, 1484; died at Rome, 25 July, 1492. He was the son of the Roman senator, Aran Cibò, and Teodorina de' Mari. After a licentious youth, during which he had two ille...

6/20/2007 6/20/2013

Bayezid II of the Ottoman Empire MP (1447 - 1512)

"Bajazet II"

Bayezid II (Dec 3, 1447 – May 26, 1512) (Ottoman Turkish: بايزيد ثانى Bāyezīd-i sānī, Turkish:II.Bayezid or II.Beyazıt) was the oldest son and successor of Mehmed II, ruling as Sultan of the Ottoman ...

9/12/2007 6/20/2013

Heraclius, Eastern Roman Emperor MP (c.575 - 641)

"Flavius Heraclius Augustus", "Φλάβιος Ἡράκλειος", "Heraclius", "Herakleios"

Flavius Heraclius (Greek: Φλάβιος Ἡράκλειος; known in English as Heraclius, or Herakleios; c. 575 - February 11, 641) was a Byzantine Emperor of Armenian origin, who ruled the Eastern Roman Empire or B...

9/14/2007 6/20/2013

BAUDOUIN de Courtenay, son of PIERRE Emperor of Constantinople, Seigneur de Courtenay & his second wife Yolande de Flandre Marquise de Namur (Constantinople [late 1217/early 1218]-Naples 1273 after 1...

4/20/2008 6/20/2013

Louis IX the Saint, King of France MP (1214 - 1270)

""Ludovico" "San Luis" "San Luis de Francia""

Louis IX, Roi de France1,2 , b. 25 April 1215, d. 25 August 1270 Louis IX, Roi de France was born on 25 April 1215 at Poissy, Île-de-France, France. He was the son of Louis VIII, Roi de France ...

4/8/2007 6/20/2013

Sources Wikipedia: Nicetas (cousin of Heraclius) Died after 618/9, possibly 628/9 Ethnicity Byzantine Years active 608–618/9 Known for Conquered Egypt during the revolt against Phocas and g...

9/4/2008 6/20/2013

Khosrov II, king of West Armenia MP (c.237 - 297)

"The Valiant", "Chosroes I of /Armenia/"

Son of Khosrov II of Armenia by an unnamed mother. The family of Chrosov ou Chosroes II (tg) d'ARMÉNIE and .. [128925] ARMÉNIE (d'), Chrosov ou Chosroes II (tg) (Trdat ou Tiridates (tg) II & .....

3/15/2007 6/19/2013

Saint Helena of the Cross MP (b. - 330)

"Helena of Constantinople or Helena Augusta", "Helena Auguta /Britannica/", "Of the Cross", "Elaine Britannica", "Sainte Britannica (Colchester) of the Cross", "Helena of the Cross", "Empress Elaine", ""St. Helena of The Cross"", ""of the cross"", "St. Helen", "Elaine of the"

Saint Helena (Latin: Flavia Iulia Helena Augusta ) also known as Saint Helen , Helena Augusta or Helena of Constantinople (ca. 246/50 – 18 August 330) was probably born in the city of Drepanum in Bithy...

6/6/2007 6/19/2013

Constantine I "the Great", Roman Emperor MP (272 - 337)

"Imperator", "caesar", "flauius", "Valerius", "Aurelius", "constantinus Pius Felix Inuictus Augustus", "Germanicus Maximus", "Sarmaticus Maximus", "Gothicus Maximus", "Medicus Maximus", "Britannicus Maximus", "Arabicus Maximus", "Adiabenicus Maximus", "Persicus Maximus", "Armeniac..."

Konstantin I (født 27. februar 272, død 22. mai 337), også kjent som Konstantin den store, var romersk keiser fra 25. juli 306 frem til sin død. Han er mest kjent som den første kristne keiseren i Ro...

6/6/2007 6/19/2013