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Thibaud V "the Good", count of Blois MP (c.1130 - 1191)

"Theobald", "le Bon", "the Good", "Thibault V of Blois & /Champagne/", "The Good"

Thibaut V de Blois Theobald V of Blois (1130 – 20 January 1191), also known as Theobald the Good (French: Thibaut le Bon), was Count of Blois from 1151 to 1191. He was son of Theobald II of Champagne...

1/29/2007 5/21/2016

Not noted for his holiness in life or learning, historians have judged him one of the most outstanding ministers in English history. Links

5/2/2008 1/16/2016

Ranulf de Glanvill (sometimes written Glanvil or Glanville) (died 1190) was chief justiciar of England during the reign of King Henry II and reputed author of a book on English law. He was born at ...

3/17/2007 1/16/2016

Robert de Beaumont, Third Earl of Leicester MP (c.1120 - 1190)

"Robert de Harcourt", "Robert 'Blanchemains' de Beaumont", "Knight", "3rd Earl", "Robert (Sir) "The Crusader" de BEAUMONT", "Robert III 3rd Earl of Leicester BEAUMONT", "3rd Earl of Leicester Beaumont Robert III DE Beaumont"

Robert de Beaumont, 3rd Earl of Leicester From Wikipedia: Robert de Beaumont, 3rd Earl of Leicester (died 1190) was an English nobleman, one of the principal followers of Henry the Young King i...

6/9/2007 1/16/2016

William de Ferrers, 3rd Earl of Derby MP (c.1136 - 1189)

"WakeField", "3rd Earl William I de Ferrieres of /Derby/", "Walkelin de Derby", "Walkelin de Ferrieres", "Knight", "Templar", "Sir", "Earl", "Walkelin", "3rd Earl Derby"

William de Ferrers, 3rd Earl of Derby Marriage Sybil De Braose b: 1146-1150 in Bramber, Sussex, England * Married: 1173-1174 in of Sussex, England Children 1. William II De Ferrers b: Abt 1162-...

6/10/2007 1/16/2016

Otto I, count of Guelders MP (c.1150 - 1207)

Otto van Gelre, Otto von Geldern, Otto de Gueldres, Otto of Guelders Geboren/geburt/nee/born: 00-00-1150 Overleden/gestorben/mort/death: 00-05-1207 Begraven1207 te Klooster Kamp Ouders/eltern...

6/9/2007 7/31/2015

Osmond de Stuteville MP (c.1116 - c.1192)

"de Estuteville", "Osmond "3rd Crusade" de Stuteville"

from the book A Genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of the Peerage and Baronetage of the British Empire, By John Bernard Burke, published 1852 Starting with p.908. His son, Robert de Estoteville II,...

12/21/2007 7/28/2015

Hugh III, duke of Burgundy MP (c.1148 - 1192)

"Hughes III", "duke of Burgundy"

Hugh III, Duke of Burgundy From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Hugh III of Burgundy (1142 – August 25, 1192, in Acre) was duke of Burgundy between 1162 and 1192. Hugh was the eldest son of duke Eudes...

10/30/2007 6/22/2015

He was an active soldier, an ally in the field of Philip Augustus, the French king and his cousin, making him an opponent in campaigns in France and elsewhere of Richard I of England. He was in also ...

8/19/2007 6/22/2015

Robert II, count of Dreux and Braine MP (c.1154 - 1218)

"comte de Dreux", "Robert II", "Robert II de Dreux", "comte de Dreux & de Braine (Geni Tree Match) Too Many Ancestors"

Robert II of Dreux (1154 – 28 December 1218), Count of Dreux and Braine, was the eldest surviving son of Robert I, Count of Dreux, and Agnes de Baudemont, countess of Braine, and a grandson of King Lou...

2/5/2007 6/22/2015

Roger de Lacy, Lord Pontefract, Baron of Halton MP (1171 - 1211)

"Roger 'Helle' de Lacy /Baron Halton/", "Roger /de Lacy/", "Roger FitzJohn (son of John)", "7th Baron of Halta"

Roger de Lacy (1172-1212) was commander at Château-Gaillard. Roger de Lacy served John of England the younger brother of Richard I of England and defended the Château against Philip II of France. Amo...

6/10/2007 6/22/2015

William des Roches or Guillaume des Roches (1165–1222), seneschal of Anjou, was a knight in the service of the Angevin Kings of England, and King Philip II of France after 1202. Guillaume was born some...

7/28/2007 6/22/2015

Roger DE MOWBRAY Note from Curator: Through a circuitous route of inheritances, Roger (born d'Aubigny) became a Mowbray by name though not by blood. His father's first wife (Matilda de l'Aigle) had...

7/21/2007 6/19/2015

Jacques d'Avesnes (Crusader) MP (1155 - 1191)

Died in the Battle of Arsouf in Palestine during one of the Crusades. James (also Jacques or Jacob; 1152 – 7 September 1191) was a son of Nicholas d'Oisy, lord of Avesnes and Matilda de la Roche. He wa...

8/31/2007 1/6/2015

Robert de Sablé, 11th Templar Grand Master MP (c.1150 - 1193)

"Robertus de Sabloloi"

Robert de Sablé was the Grand Master of the Knights Templar from 1191 to 1193 and Lord of Cyprus from 1191 to 1192. Contents [hide] 1 Personal life 2 Military record 2.1 Angevin Civil War 2.2...

5/21/2008 10/27/2012

Ralph "the Crusader" St. Leger, Lord of Ulcombe MP (c.1170 - 1220)

"Ralph "the Crusader" de St. Leger", "Lord of Ulcombe"

accompanied Richard I to Palestine for the third Crusade, taking a distinguished part in the siege of Acre in 1187. He had been in the Holy Land for 15 years.He returned to England around 1201. As his ...

7/27/2007 9/1/2012

Philippe d'Alsace, graaf van Vlaanderen MP (c.1136 - 1191)

"Pilip", "Philips", "Filip", "Filipe", "van Vlaanderen", "de Flandres", "of Flanders", "von Flandern"

PHILIPPE de Flandre From Medlands: (-Acre 1 Jul 1191, bur Acre St Nicholas, transferred to Abbaye de Clairvaux, Jura). The Genealogica Comitum Flandriæ Bertiniana names (in order) "Philippum, M...

3/5/2007 6/23/2012

Josceline III (IV) de Courtenay MP (c.1133 - 1187)

Joscelin III of Edessa (died 1190s) was the titular Count of Edessa 1159 – after 1190. He was the son of Joscelin II of Edessa and his wife Beatrice. He inherited the title of "Count of Edessa" from ...

11/3/2010 6/23/2012

Ralph of Coucy, (c. 1134 – † 1191), lord of Coucy, lord of Marle, La Fère, Crécy (sur-Serre), Vervins, Pinon, Landouzy (la-Ville), and Fontaine (lès-Vervins). He was the son of Enguerrand II, Lord ...

2/5/2007 6/23/2012

Othon II de Trazegnies MP (c.1151 - 1192)

Source Blason: Wikimedia, Jmh2o

5/10/2009 1/8/2012

Margaritus of Brindisi (also Margarito; Italian Margaritone or Greek Megareites or Margaritoni [Μαργαριτώνη]: c. 1149 – 1197), called the new Neptune, was the last great ammiratus ammiratorum (Grand ...

12/19/2011 12/19/2011

Richard "the Lionheart", king of England MP (1157 - 1199)

"Richard I "the Lion Hearted" King of England", "Ricardo I "Corazón de León"", "Richard d'Angleterre", "Richard the Lionheart", "Coeur De Lion", "Malek-Ric", "Malek al-Inkitar (King of England)", "Coeur de Lion or Richard the Lionheart", "King Richard I", "The Lion Heart..."

from Wikipedia , the free encyclopedia. Richard I (8 September 1157 – 6 April 1199) was King of England from 6 July 1189 until his death. He also ruled as Duke of Normandy (as Richard IV), Duke of Aq...

2/27/2007 12/14/2011

Gaucher III de Châtillon, comte de Saint Pol MP (c.1166 - c.1219)

"Gaucher de Châtillon", "comte de Saint-Pol and Elisabeth de Saint-Pol", "comtesse de Châtillon (Geni Tree Match) Too Many Ancestors"

7/10/2008 10/8/2011

Chronicle of William of Puylaurens: the Albigensian Crusade The family of Guy de MONTFORT and Helvise d'YBELIN

5/21/2008 2/26/2011

Conrad I de Montferrat, King of Jerusalem MP (1146 - 1192)

"(Piedmontese: Conrà ëd Monfrà; Italian: Corrado del Monferrato", "Conrad I of Jerusalem"

Conrad of Montferrat, or Conrad I of Jerusalem (Piedmontese: Conrà ëd Monfrà; Italian: Corrado del Monferrato; mid-1140s – 28 April 1192) was one of the major participants in the Third Crusade. He was ...

5/6/2008 2/23/2011

Österreich) Leopold V., der Tugendhafte (* 1157; † 31. Dezember 1194 in Graz) war Herzog von Österreich (1177–1194) und der Steiermark (1192–1194) aus dem Geschlecht der Babenberger. Leopold wa...

8/23/2007 11/24/2010

Descrição: Conde de Champagne (1181-1197) Rei de Jerusalém(1192 a 1197).Participou da Terceira Cruzada. Seus tios eram: Philippe Auguste e Richard Heart of Lion. Participou da Batalha de Arsouf em 07/0...

7/1/2007 11/23/2010

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Al-Adil I (Arabic: العادل‎, in full al-Malik al-Adil Sayf al-Din Abu-Bakr ibn Ayyub, Arabic: الملك العادل سيف الدين أبو بكر بن أيوب‎; 1145–1218) was an Ayyubid-E...

11/23/2010 11/23/2010

Geoffroy de Lusignan Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Aller à : Navigation , rechercher Jump to: navigation , search Geoffroy de Lusignan ( 11...

7/4/2008 11/23/2010

Frederick V, Duke of Swabia MP (1164 - 1191)

Frederick VI of Hohenstaufen (1167 – 20 January 1191) was duke of Swabia from 1170 to his death at the siege of Acre. He was the third son of Frederick I Barbarossa) and Beatrice I, Countess of Burgund...

5/30/2007 11/23/2010

Guy I de Lusignan, King of Jerusalem, Lord of Cyprus MP (c.1159 - 1194)

"Guy of Lusignan", "Guy of Jerusalem or Guy of Cyprus"

of Lusignan From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Guy of Lusignan, Guy of Jerusalem or Guy of Cyprus (c. 1150 or 1159/1160 – Nicosia, July 18, 1194) was a French Knight who, through marriage, becam...

5/26/2008 11/23/2010

Philip II Augustus, king of France MP (1165 - 1223)

"Philippe II of France", "a Dádiva de Deus", "'Dieu-donne' Given by God Capet Augustus", "Philippe // II", "Augustus", "Филип II Огюст", "Philippe II Auguste", "Auguste", "Philippe //", "Philippe II Auguste Capétiens", "Philippe II Auguste roi de France", "Philippe // (Geni .."

PHILIP II OF FRANCE From Wikipedia, And in French: Philip II Augustus (French: Philippe Auguste) (21 August 1165 – 14 July 1223) was the King of France from 1180 until his death. A member of th...

5/10/2007 11/23/2010

Friedrich I Barbarossa, Holy Roman Emperor MP (c.1122 - 1190)

"Friederich I Barbarossa the greatest and most charismatic leaders of their age.", "Federico Barbaroja; Friedrich III. Herzog von Schwaben"

The Peerage Geneall Rootsweb Find a grave Holy Roman Emperor: Reign 1155-1190 Coronation 18 June 1155, Rome

1/29/2007 11/23/2010

Saladin Yusuf ibn Ayyub MP (c.1138 - 1193)

"al-Malik al-Nāṣir Salāḥ al-Dīn Yūsuf I", "Kurdish: سه لاحه دین ئه یوبی Selah'edînê Eyubî; Arabic: صلاح الدين يوسف بن أيوب‎"

Ṣalāḥ ad-Dīn Yūsuf ibn Ayyūb (Arabic: صلاح الدين يوسف بن أيوب‎, Ṣalāḥ ad-Dīn Yūsuf ibn Ayyūb, Kurdish: سه‌لاحه‌دین ئه‌یوبی, Selah'edînê Eyubî) (c. 1138 – March 4, 1193), better known in the Western w...

3/10/2009 11/23/2010