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  • Annie Flannery Weber (1857 - 1935)
  • Lisa Mattsdotter (1688 - 1770)
    HISKI_LOIMAA Syntynyt Kastettu Kylä Talo Isä Äiti Lapsi 1688 24.10.1688 Mäenpä Matz Larsson Lijsbeta Syntynyt Kastettu Kylä Talo Isä Äiti Lapsi 1.7.1721 2.7.1721 Wessi...
  • Gjertrud Styrkårsdotter Staup (1710 - d.)
    Knut Olavson d. y. f. 1699, g. m. Gjertrud Styrkårsdr. fekk garden i 1740, og døydde 1752. Sju born: Eirik f. 1731, Olav f. 1740, g. 1761 med Borghild Mattisdr. Lekve, Styrkår f. 1746, Brita f. 1735, g...
  • Brita Abrahamsdotter (c.1630 - d.)
    Jag har testat mig på Family tree DNA och Brita Abrahamsdotter är min äldsta kända anmoder i rakt nedstigande led. Haplogrupp X2c1 Även jag har nu testat mig på Family Tree DNA. Brita Abrahamsdotter ...
  • Marte Jensdotter 'af Wanelven' (c.1705 - 1769)
    Marte Jensdotter Født ca. 1706, Vanylven, usikkert opphav, kanskje Midt Tunheim bruk 1 i Vanylven, som eldste datter av Jens Knudsson og Vendele Knudsdotter (se skifte 1727 etter Jens Knudsson Tunh...

For people who have tested and are assigned the maternal haplogroup X or who are believed to have had that maternal haplogroup based on descendants tested.

Defining Mutations

  • Coding mutations 6221, 6371, 13966, 14470
  • HVR mutations 153, 16189, 16278


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mt-haplogroup X is quite rare but found in populations almost all over the globe.

Overall haplogroup X accounts for about 2% of the population of Europe, the Near East and North Africa.

Sub-group X1 is much less numerous, and restricted to North and East Africa, and also the Near East.

Sub-group X2 appears to have undergone extensive population expansion and dispersal around or soon after the last glacial maximum, about 21,000 years ago. It is more strongly present in the Near East, the Caucasus, and Mediterranean Europe; and somewhat less strongly present in the rest of Europe. Particular concentrations appear in Georgia (8%), the Orkney Islands (in Scotland) (7%) and amongst the Israeli Druze community (27%). Subclades X2a and X2g are found in North America, but are not present in native Latin Americans.

Subclades of X


  • X1
    • X1a
      • X1a1
    • X1b
  • X2
    • X2a
      • X2a1
        • X2a1a
        • X2a1b
      • X2a2
    • X2b
      • X2b1
      • X2b2
      • X2b3
      • X2b4
    • X2c
      • X2c1
        • X2c1b
      • X2c2
      • X2d
      • X2e
        • X2e1
          • X2e1a
            • X2e1a1
              • X2e1a1a
        • X2e2
          • X2e2a
    • X2f
    • X2g
    • X2h

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