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  • Silverbrook Cemetery, Niles, Michigan

    This project is for those who are buried in Silverbrook Cemetery, Niles, Berrien County, Michigan. The cemetery occupies approximately 70 acres of land. The oldest burial is that of Isaac Gray, who was buried in September of 1830. The cemetery is also known as Niles City Cemetery and Silver Brook Cemetery . Notable Interments Thomas Fitzgerald (1796-1855) - US Senate William Leroy "B...

  • Berrien County, Michigan

    Please add profiles of those who were born, lived or died in Berrien County, Michigan.= Official Website = History As one of the Cabinet counties, Berrien County was named for John M. Berrien of Georgia, US Attorney General (1829–1831) under US President Andrew Jackson. The county was founded in 1829, and was organized in 1831, before Michigan was accepted into the Union as a state.When Michiga...

  • Berrien County, Georgia

    Wikipedia =The county is named for Sen. John M. Barrien

  • Portage Prairie Cemetery, Buchanan, Michigan

    This project is for those who are buried in Portage Prairie Cemetery, Buchanan/Niles, Berrien County, Michigan. The cemetery is located on 2450 Orange Road and is also known as Evangelical Cemetery . This was an Evangelical Church and Cemetery, the Cemetery becoming known as the Portage Prairie Cemetery and was located in Section 13 on what was the David Rough property. The cemetery is adjacen...