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  • Bukharian Surnames

    An index of Bukharian Surnames with meaning (click on links to search) A Abayev / Abaev - son of Abo Abramov - son of Abram (Avraham). See Aharonov - son of Aharon Akilov - from "oq Il", which means clear mind, wise Akbashev / Akgbashoff - from "oq boshi", which means white head Aksakalov - from "oq soqol", which means white beard - a nickname for elders

  • Finding Nison Gavrielov's Burial Ground

    This project is dedicated to Nison Gavrielov זצ״ל , who was killed in combat during WWII, while fighting for the Russian army against the Germans. The search was conducted by both Gavriel and Nisan Gavrielov – who are great-grandchildren of the fallen hero. Their goal was to systematically search for the location of their great-grandfather burial ground, and they were determined to do so during...