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  • Bukharian Families (Avlot)

    The purpose of this project is to aggregate links to founders of families, the oldest known ancestors of particular family. If last names are not unique, you can add nicknames,places of origin, or other to differentiate it from others. It should save time on searches. A Abramov(Dahbedi) Abramov (Kabuli) Abramov (Hamomi) Akilov Alishaev/Alishayev Aminov/Aminoff(Faizi Namati)

  • Bukharian Jewish Surnames

    An index of Bukharian Surnames with meaning Where available, the Cohen, Levi or Israel castes are indicated in parenthesis. (click on links to search) A Abayev / Abaev - son of Abo Abdiyev - "(definition needed)" Abidov - "(definition needed)" Abjierov - "(definition needed)" Abramov - son of Abram (Avraham). See Abokhiyaev- the son of Abo Hiyo Aharonov - son of Aharon

  • Finding Nison Gavrielov's Burial Ground

    This project is dedicated to Nison Gavrielov זצ״ל , who was killed in combat during WWII, while fighting for the Russian army against the Germans. The search was conducted by both Gavriel and Nisan Gavrielov – who are great-grandchildren of the fallen hero. Their goal was to systematically search for the location of their great-grandfather burial ground, and they were determined to do so during...