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  • Anglo-Boer War ( 1899 - 1902 ) Cape and Natal

    All those from the Cape Colony and Natal Colony wiho fought and died on the Anglo side during the war British expeditionary efforts were aided significantly by local colonial forces from the Cape Colony, the Natal Colony, Rhodesia During the war, the British army also included substantial contingents from South Africa itself. There were large communities of English-speaking immigrants and set...

  • The Diary of Iris Vaughan

    Henrietta Emily Iris Vaughan is the author of the South African classic 'Diary of Iris Vaughan' , written when she was between 7 & 16 years old (1897 -1906). >> " Every one should have a diery. Becos life is too hard with the things one must say to be perlite and the things one must not say to lie ".=Aim of the Project:=To create, for posterity, an accurate genealogical record of her family and...

  • Governors of the Cape Colony

    Governors=====Dutch Cape Colony (1652-1797)===* 1652-1662 : Jan van Riebeeck (1619-1677)* 1662-1666 : Zacharias Wagener (1614-1668)* 1666-1668 : Cornelis van Qualbergen (1623-1686)* 1668-1670 : Jacob van Borghorst (c1640- )* 1670-1671 : Pieter Hackius (-1671)* 1672-1672 : Albert van Breugel (-1686)* 1672-1676 : IJsbrand Godske* 1676-1678 : Johan Bax van Herenthals (1637-1678)