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  • Nobreza de Portugal

    Este projeto tem por objetivo reunir todos os nobre portugueses existentes no Geni, das mais diferentes hierarquias, concedidos pelo Reino de Portugal, bem como aqueles ainda existentes na atualidade.Fiquem à vontade para contribuir.A nobreza portuguesa era o estamento privilegiado do Reino de Portugal (1139-1910) até 5 de outubro de 1910, quando foi implantada a república em Portugal, em decor...

  • Suevian Kingdom

    Wikipedia: English - German Ermenrich (409-438) Rechila (438-448) Rechiar (448-456) Aiulf (456-457) Maldras (456-460) Framta (457) Rechimund (460-464) Frumar (460-464) Remismund (464-469)

  • Sephardic Luminaries

    The aim of this project is to explore and capture the glorious culture, great and rich heritage of Sephardic Jewry vis-a-vis prominent leaders and famous personalities from the the Babylonian Exile to our times.>>>>] Project Photo =Articles, Videos, Websites*see video * articles * Sephardic Studies * Genealogy Index >>>>= Noteworthy Sephardim ===] List of Geni Profiles>==Hasdei Ibn Sh...

  • Crypto Jews, Conversos, Marranos & Anusim

    Crypto Judaism >>> The Sephardi Odyssey Exquisite pictorial video.== Vatican Library Resource * The Inquisition Index * Introduction to inquisition trial transcripts and records * PBS Secret Files of The Inquisition * Family names from the Inquisition Archives of Portugal's Torre do Tombe

  • Jews of Puerto Rico

    History of the Jews in Puerto Rico The Jewish immigration to Puerto Rico began in the 15th century with the arrival of Crypto-Jews , or Secret Jews who accompanied Christopher Columbus on his second voyage. An open Jewish community did not flourish in Puerto Rico because Judaism was prohibited by the Spanish Inquisition , however many migrated to mountainous parts of the island, far from the ce...