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  • Kashmiri Pandits (KP)

    About Kashmiri Pandits==The inhabitants of Kashmir were followers of the Proto-Indo-Iranian religion before the formalization of Rigvedic Hinduism in the period 1700–1100 BC. Therefore, the region has been associated with Hinduism since even before the origin of the religion. The name Kashmir is said to be derived from Kashyapa, one of the seven Rishis in Hindu mythology. Kashmiri Pandit (Kashm...

  • Pakistani Politicians

    The Politicians of Pakistan These are made so we know more about them, and can learn more about their origins, and who are they connected to, and how we can better empower them with better knowledge from around the world. * Fatima Jinnah* Asif Ali Zardari* Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto* Shahryar Khan* Dr. Farooq Sattar Pirwani* Farooq Leghari* Qazi Hussain Ahmed* Rehman Malki* Imran Niazi* Pervez Musharr...

  • Kashmir, Home of "The Great Temple of Learning": Sharada Peeth

    Notable Kashmiri People Kashmir is widely regarded as the place where Vedas were first written down. Kashmir , the incubator of intellectuals and thinkers in the realm of philosophy, art, poetry, mathematics, astronomy, architecture and a pivotal centre of Sanskrit learning. >> If there is a paradise on earth, it is definitely here and only here The Kashmir Valley! Mughal Emperor Jehangir >> At...

  • NATO Non-Article 5 Medal for Pakistan

    The purpose of this project is to collect all of the profiles of those who went to Pakistan under the direction of NATO in response to t he 2005 Kashmir earthquake .