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  • People Connected to Norfolk

    People Connected to Norfolk Historical County of England See also Norfolk - Main Page Norfolk Genealogical Resources Historic Buildings of Norfolk Norfolk Monumental Inscriptions, Cemeteries & Graveyards

  • ENGLAND, United Kingdom - Place Projects

    ENGLAND, United Kingdom - Place Projects This is a sub-project of International Places Project Index Every person is born somewhere, marries, lives, works and dies somewhere. Places are a key component to family history research. This project aims to be the starting point in your search for a place in ENGLAND on Geni to discover more about your ancestors. If a place you are looking for in E...

  • Historical Norfolk

    Historical Norfolk History of the County of Norfolk - England Please join the project and add information if you can. Please add to and improve this project of you wish to be involved

  • Lace Makers

    Lace Makers Pictured right: Maltese Lace It seems most likely that what we now regard as lace arose in the early sixteenth century. Early references to ‘lace’ in English texts almost certainly refer to ‘ties’, as this was the primary meaning of the word lace until well into the seventeenth century. There is pictorial evidence from the late fifteenth century of simple plaited laces used on c...

  • Historic Buildings of Norfolk, England

    Historic Buildings of Norfolk England The object of this project is to provide information about historic buildings in the county of Norfolk, with links to sub-projects for specific buildings as appropriate. GENi profiles of people associated with those establishments can be linked to this project and/or to individual projects where they have been set up. Image right - Holkham Hall See Hi...