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  • Pythagorean Philosophers & Kabbalists

    This project is to showcase the dynamic exchange of ideas between the Pythagorean brotherhood and early Kabbalists. Pythagoras and Mystic Science Dr. Daniel Farhey Pythagoras , born on the Greek island of Samos, was initiated for the first time into the "Ancient Mysteries" of the Phoenicians and studied for about 3 years in the temples of Tyre, Sidon, and Byblos. From there, he navigated to Egy...

  • Plato, Flato, Flatow Family from Prosnitz /Przasnysz, Poland

    The Plato/Flato family from Przasnysz, Poland>> "In remembrance of those who lived among us".
 * PRZASNYSZ – CMENTARZ ŻYDOWSKI W PRZASNYSZU video* Przasnysz / Prosnitz Yiskor Book Memoirs & Stories (* Jewish Records Indexing - Przasnysz * History of Jews in Przasnysz Przasnysz [%CB%88p%CA%82asn%C9%A8%CA%82] is a town in Poland. Located about 110 km north of Warsaw, was one of the ...