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  • Radio Actors and Actresses

    The purpose of this project is to collect all of the Geni profiles of those who acted on Radio and don't fit into any of the other Radio related projects.

  • Radio Portal

    This is the central listing for all radio-related projects on Geni. Please add profiles to relevant sub-projects.

  • Eesti „Raadiohääled“ ja „Telenäod“

    Tere Genilane Mulle on kogu aeg tundunud, et Genis pole veel kohta, kuhu koguda kokku kõik need tuntud isikud keda teame enamasti vaid seetõttu, et me kuuleme nende häält raadist või keda me õhtust-õhtusse kohtame teleriekraanil. Siin on nüüd nende kodu!

  • Newscasters

    Newscasters A news presenter (also known as newsreader, newscaster, anchorman or anchorwoman, news anchor or simply anchor) is a person who presents news during a news program in the format of a television show, on the radio or the Internet. News presenters can work in a radio studio, television studio and from remote broadcasts in the field especially weather forecasters. List of news ...

  • Norge 1940-1942: Theta gruppen

    Theta gruppen ble dannet med blant annet den unge Studenten Jan Dahm fra og med April 1940 i Bergen. Jan Dahm bygget radiomottagere og radiosendere for motstandsarbeidet, såvel for å kunne ta imot allierte sendere etter at alle radio-mottagere ble konfiskert, som også for å kunne sende videre meldinger om tropper, skip, våpen etc. til England. Dette betreffer militær etteretning og tilrettelegg...