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  • Botanists and Plant Collectors

    Botanists and Plant Collectors A project featuring Botanists , including those who researched and collected plants from around the world, linking to as many GENi profiles as possible. Getting Involved Free to follow, request to collaborate To join the project use the request link under "actions" at the top right of the page. Visit Geni's Project Plaza Working with Projects W...

  • Apostles of Linnaeus

    Apostles of Linnaeus where: Christopher Tärnström 1711–1746 Peter Kalm 1716–1779 Olof Torén 1718–1753 Carl Fredrik* Adler 1720–1761 Fredrik Hasselquist 1722–1752 Pehr Osbeck 1723–1805 Anders Philip Tidström 1723–1779 Eric Gustaf Liedbeck 1724–1803 Daniel Rolander 1725–1793 Pehr Löfling 1729–1756