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  • Canada's Sports Hall of Fame

    Canada's Sports Hall of Fame is a hall of fame established in 1955 to "preserve the record of Canadian sports achievements and to promote a greater awareness of Canada's heritage of sport." It is located at Canada Olympic Park in Calgary, Alberta. There are 604 honoured members of the hall.==History==The Hall, first known as the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame, was founded in 1955 through the effo...

  • Canadian Football Hall of Fame

    The Canadian Football Hall of Fame is a not-for-profit corporation, located in Hamilton, Ontario, that celebrates great achievements in Canadian football. It is an open to the public institution. It includes displays about the Canadian Football League, Canadian university football and Canadian junior football history. It includes a gift shop and the Hall recently opened a website. The main feat...

  • National Aviation Hall of Fame

    National Aviation Hall of Fame The National Aviation Hall of Fame was founded in 1962 as an Ohio non-profit corporation in Dayton, Ohio, the home of the Wright Brothers and the “birthplace of aviation.” The five founders of this organization were James W. Jacobs, Gregory C. Karas, John A. Lombard, Larry E. O’Neil, and Gerald E. Weller. On July 14, 1964 the National Aviation Hall of Fame was...

  • Michigan Women's Hall of Fame

    Michigan Women's Hall of Fame The Michigan Women's Hall of Fame (MWHOF) honors distinguished women, both historical and contemporary, who have been associated with the U.S. state of Michigan. The hall of fame was founded in 1973 by Gladys Beckwith and is sponsored by the Michigan Women's Studies Association. The formation of the Association and the Hall was prompted by five professors fro...

  • Connecticut Women's Hall of Fame

    Connecticut Women's Hall of Fame=The Connecticut Women's Hall of Fame (CWHF) recognizes women natives or residents of the U.S. state of Connecticut for their significant achievements or statewide contributions.The CWHF had its beginnings in 1993 when a group of volunteers partnered with Hartford College for Women to establish an organization to honor distinguished contributions by female role m...

  • Mustache Hall of Fame

    The International Mustache Hall of Fame is an endeavor of the American Mustache Institute, in partnership with Wahl Grooming, to canonize the superior attractiveness of people of facial hair and celebrate the long-standing rugged attractiveness of the global people of mustache, while working to combat the discrimination of those who adopt and embrace the lifestyle of facial hair. March 2015...

  • Mississippi Hall of Fame

    The many portraits that hang in the Old Capitol Museum constitute the Mississippi Hall of Fame, which honors individuals who have made significant contributions to the state.===Inductees===

  • Hall of Fame portal

    Hall of Fame portal This project is designed to provide a link to designated Hall of Fame projects as well as other like projects that include profiles that are selected by a sanctioned body or group based on notable contributions in a specified area. List of prizes, medals and awards

  • Oklahoma Hall of Fame

    Oklahoma Hall of Fame from Oklahoma Hall of Fame : Being inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame is the highest honor an Oklahoman can receive from the state. Since the Oklahoma Hall of Fame’s inception in 1927, 677 accomplished individuals have received this commendation. The names of the Hall of Fame members, as well as busts and portraits of these individuals, can be seen at the Gaylor...

  • Colorado Women's Hall of Fame

    Inductees 2014 Elizabeth Morley Cowles 1925–2009 Julia Archibald Holmes 1838–1887 Elizabeth Wright Ingraham 1922–2013 2012 Laura Gilpin 1891–1979 Temple Grandin 2010 Madeleine Albright Hattie McDaniel 1895–1952 Alice Bemis Taylor 1877–1942

  • Hall of Fame of Delaware Women

    The Hall of Fame of Delaware Women was established in 1981 by the Delaware Commission for Women, a division of the Secretary of State of Delaware. The hall of fame recognizes the achievements and contributions of Delaware women in a variety of fields and includes activists, artists, athletes, military personnel and scientists.The Delaware Commission for Women is a state agency with members appo...

  • Tennessee Women's Hall of Fame

    The Tennessee Women's Hall of Fame is a non-profit, volunteer organization that recognizes women who have contributed to history of the U.S. state of Tennessee. The organization was founded and incorporated as a non-profit organization in 2010 to recognize accomplished women who have impacted the development of the state of Tennessee and improved the status of other women. It is the brainchil...

  • Alley «Days of military glory of Russia» in Victory Park in Saratov

    Данный проект посвещён серии памятников в аллеи «Дни воинской славы России», которая находится в Парке Победы в Саратове. Родительские проекты International Projects Index Russian History & Cultural Heritage Саратовская область Саратов

  • Hall of Fame of Municipality of city-resort of Anapa

    Доска Почёта Муниципального образования город-курорт Анапа находится на площади возле Анапской администрации. Она разделена на две части. В этом проекте будут перечислены люди на обоих сторонах. Местонахождения Координаты: 44 deg 53' 42.06" N, 37 deg 19' 0.83" E Список Восточная доска Надежда Васильевна Меркулова Сергей Николаевич Ананин Елена Александровна Науменко Валентин...

  • Gallery of Achievements "From school success – to success in life"

    Галерея достижений «От успехов в школе – к успехам в жизни» надодится в Октябрьском районе города Саратова. Каждый год размещаются разные школьники и школьницы добившиеся успехов. Местоположения ? Список 2015 Денис Егоров 1 Илья Чилингири 1 Мария Буренкова 1 Алексей Зарьков 1

  • Gallery of Fame at the Park of Culture and Rest 'Lipki' in Saratov

    Галерея Почёта в Парке культуры и отдыха 'Липки' в Саратове запечетлевает в себе людей разных возрастов и профессий. Местоположение Координаты: 51 deg 31' 40.06" N, 46 deg 2' 11.95" E (51.5277944°, 46.0366528°) Список Артём Андреевич Филлипов Карина Каныбековна Ахметова Софья Сергеевна Селезнёва Владимир Нариманович Рустанов Георгий Алексеевич Яхонтов Ольга Константиновна Ще...

  • Hall of Fame of Octyabrskiy district of the city of Saratov

    Доска Почёта Октябрьского района находится на Второй Садовой улице, на входе в Парке Культуры и Отдыха имени Горького.==Родительские проекты==* International Projects Index ** Russian History & Cultural Heritage *** Саратовская область **** Саратов * Hall of Fame portal

  • City Hall of Fame of Saratov on Theatralnaya square

    Городская доска почёта Саратова находится на Театральной площади со стороны улицы Радищева. Этот проект предназначен для перечисления людей представленых там. Список Инна Вячеславовна Зубова Вера Алексеевна Кузнецова Вячеслав Петрович Авдеев Игорь Александрович Перепёлкин Виктория Николаевна Австриевская Лаврентий Дмитриевич Рубцов Михаил Леонтьевич Барабаш Елена Олеговна Ру...

  • Hall of Fame of Education Workers in the Square of the First Teacher (Saratov)

    The Hall of Fame of Education Workers of Saratovskaya Oblast is located in the Square of the First Teacher in Saratov. This project is dedicated to listing the individuals in displayed there. Parent projects International Projects Index Russian History & Cultural Heritage Saratovskaya oblast Saratov Education Portal

  • Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame

    The Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame is an honour roll of the top Canadian Olympic athletes, teams, coaches, and builders (officials, administrators, and volunteers). It was established in 1949. Selections are made by a committee appointed by the Canadian Olympic Committee. Inductees must have held Canadian citizenship or Canadian residency over the course of their careers.

  • Vocal Group Hall of Fame

    Vocal Group Hall of Fame (VGHF) was organized to honor outstanding vocal groups throughout the world by Tony Butala, also the founder (and now only surviving original member) of The Lettermen. Headquartered in Sharon, Pennsylvania, United States, it includes a theater and a museum.The VGHF typically inducts sixteen artists annually. Unlike the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, artists are inducted wi...