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  • Miners

    {in construction} The purpose of this project is to regroup miners of all types, all fields. See also Prospectors . Coal Mining The Coalmining History Resource Centre from Raley’s Solicitors Wikipedia: History of Coal Miners Mining Towns Chibougamau {much more to come}

  • "All That Glitters..." MINING the world

    This is intended to be the Over-Arching Site Index of Geni projects about Mining across the world and across human history. America The California Gold Rush South Africa 'Diamonds & Dust; Gold & Ganja' - Mining South Africa Pilgrim's Rest History and Families of Kaapsehoop Oppenheimers in SA South Africa - Randlords British Isles the Bevin Boys

  • Idaho Pioneers

    Idaho Pioneers will include persons who lived in Idaho before Statehood, 3 July 1890. If you so desire, "The Idaho State Genealogical Society" issues certificates to those who can prove their descent from a Pioneer. There are 3 different certificates you can apply for: Pioneer certificates are issued to direct descendants of persons who lived in Idaho before Statehood, 3 July 1890. Applic...

  • Mining Idaho ~ The Gem State

    Gold Rush When gold in California began to peter out, miners sought gold in other places, including Colorado, Nevada, Montana … and Idaho. Idaho’s rugged mountains presented a real challenge to prospectors and travelers alike. Still, by 1860, a man named Elias Davidson Pierce asked the Nez Perce natives if he could prospect on their lands. They said no, so in true prospector tradition, Pierce...