Genealogy Projects tagged with natural disasters on the Geni Family Tree

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  • Unnatural death causes

    =Unnatural death= is a category used by coroners or Medical Examiners and vital statistics specialists for classifying all human deaths not properly describable as death by natural causes. Hence it would include events such as:* accident * Drug Overdose * attacked by an animal * killed by a mob * execution * homicide * medical error * misadventure* State-sponsored mass murder

  • Died in a storm

    ==Died in a storm== This is an umbrella project for Geni profiles and storm event projects that resulted in loss of life. *If you know the "type" of storm, and there's a project -- add the profile to that project.*If the storm is a well known historic event, such as Hurricane Katrina (2009), please consider making a project for it, and listing it in this umbrella.*If all you know is "died in a ...

  • Key Eye-Witnesses

    Every human is a living epistle i.e. has a story. Unfortunately, many stories are untold due to the sudden unexpected death as result of horrific circumstances. (e.g. natural disasters, homicides, and war). Hopefully, this project will encourage family historians to fully accept circumstances of family members' death. In so doing, there's a move towards healing, knowing 'you are not alone'.In s...

  • Floods

    Floods are the most common natural disaster and the leading cause of natural disaster fatalities worldwide . Risk of catastrophic losses due to flooding is significant given deforestation and the increasing proximity of large populations to coastal areas, river basins and lake shores. ===Main causes of Morbidity and Mortality===* Direct impact ** Drowning is the leading cause of death in case o...