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  • Quebec Liberal Party

    The Quebec Liberal Party (French: Parti libéral du Québec , PLQ) is a federalist provincial political party in Quebec, Canada. It has been independent of the federal Liberal Party of Canada since 1955.The party has traditionally supported a form of Quebec federalism that supports Quebec remaining within the Canadian federation while also supporting reforms that would allow Quebec substantial au...

  • Parti conservateur du Québec (Historical)

    The historical Parti conservateur du Québec (in English: Conservative Party of Quebec ) was a political party in Quebec, Canada from the 19th century until 1936 when it merged with members of the Action libérale nationale to form the Union Nationale.

  • Union Nationale

    The Union Nationale (French pronunciation: ​[ynj%C9%94%CC%83 nasjɔnal]) was a conservative and nationalist provincial political party in Quebec, Canada, that identified with Québécois autonomism. It was created during the Great Depression and held power in Quebec from 1936 to 1939, and from 1944 to 1960 and from 1966 to 1970. The party was founded by Maurice Duplessis, who led it until his deat...

  • Action libérale nationale

    The Action libérale nationale (ALN, in English: National Liberal Action ) was a short-lived provincial political party in Quebec, Canada. It was founded during the Great Depression and led by Paul Gouin. The ALN played an important role in the foundation of the Union Nationale.